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How does one sharpen the MAC bread knife?
Perhaps you can find something that will work at
JWS919 I'm sure you'll enjoy those two knives. Would you please give us an update after you've had a chance to put them through their paces? I have a Mac 9" Pro line chef's knife and I enjoy it quite a bit. My wife has some of the superior series rounded tip knives and I regularly use those as well. The Superior series have a small space at the front of the scales where they meet the blade to allow the thinner blade to flex. I don't know if this feature is shared with...
Mike, you might try preheating your pan on one burner then transfering it to a different one, at a lower temp. for actual cooking. Watching your pan and lifting it off the burner as needed to cool, and then lowering burner setting sometimes works. What kind of pans are you using? Are you having trouble with all recipes? Are you able to cook well using the same pans on a different electric cook top? I can understand the investment you have in your current kitchen, that's...
"I have found meat on bone cooks quicker. When braising the bone conducts the heat throughout faster. " Interesting. Would you please elaborate as to cuts of meat, size, temp and cooking time? Thanks very much.
Siduri, I'm glad I could be of some help.
Could some of them have been Rada cutlery? Check at
Three Star Chef by Gordon Ramsay
Betty, Have you checked the forum at ?
I'm a novice bread baker. I've been using an electronic scale for a couple of months now. I transitioned to using a scale so I would have less stuff to clean up when I'm making my dough. I can't get the scale to register a 1/4 tspn, but all other measurements, including liquids are easy enough. When I first got the scale I did some testing of my flour and meauring cup by scoup and level method. I tried a few different times on different days just because I was...
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