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I used a fair bit of chocolate at college, but we were kind of restricted in what types, so I think I've only tried one type of callebaut white chocolate, and one type of valrhona ivoire. I found valrhona to be a lot less sweet, and good for different uses, but I found that the callebaut white chocolate that we used had the sweetness that most people associated with white chocolate. I guess because of the price, I've always been able to get my hands on much more...
Forget the textbook, your reply is perfect!! Thanks very much for that!   So if I just reduce the amount of cream used in a recipe and balance it with a quantity of milk to reach 3-6% fat, I should be ready to rock?   In regards to adding things, like melted chocolate, I take it that I would be factoring in the fat percentage from the chocolate and reducing the fat in the base further?   (I defo don't want to be the one to jam the machine!)   Thanks!
I've just accepted a job working in the pastry section of a restaurant. They've not really had anyone to work in the pastry for a while, and the sous chef has been managing it so far, but the menus have been getting changed to make them a bit easier for the other chefs to do. Basically, my position hasn't been made 100% clear, but from the sounds of it they're wanting chef de partie from me. When I go in, I really want to wow them with some well thought out ideas, and...
Retro defo seems to be big right now! (love sacher torte!!!)   I've just got a new job, not started yet, but I want to pitch a Pimms jelly (with a cucumber mint sorbet) to the chefs and see if that'll fly!
Please, please please, don't take this the wrong way, but could you go back and edit your post? I'm going cross-eyed trying to read it!   I think it's just a fact of life though that in this industry, there will always be people trying to cut back, and save so much money that the product suffers. It's sad but true, but it's sometimes what the customers want. I vaguely remember hearing about an experiment that proved that consumers preferred a product that was greatly...
I've had my eye on a fig and chocolate tart recipe recently... You could stuff them, they seem to get paired with goat cheese an awful lot. I've never tried it before, but I would probably make a honey mascarpone ice cream or parfait, and have that with roasted figs
maybe get someone else to bake one of these cakes for you and see how that one comes out? I doubt that it would be an extract doing that to a cake, but if nothing else, it'll put your mind at rest about it.
I know someone mentioned it already, but are you positive that it's not your oven?
I always thought it was poured fondant, but now you've got me thinking...
I always used Silica gel. Pour some into the bottom of a container, put down a couple layers of clingfilm (make sure to leave a bit of room at the edges though so that the silica has a chance to absorb the moisture! I've lost a couple containers of spirals because of that!) and then your spirals. And clingfilm the container a couple of times.   Not sure where to get it though.   Good luck!
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