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1% of flour weight is a good starting point. I would try it first with no adjustment to your soda/powder. I use .5% to 1.5% depending on the time of the year and the product. Best of Luck
try, they where in vegas this week and gave some really nice demos!
For an all natural product I would use vinegar; strong vinegar 200 grain. Vinegar from grocery stores etc, is typically around 50 grain. Calcium propinate I would not recommend for an all natural product. If you are using a bread slicer Oliver or something along those lines, changing the blades and keeping them clean, especially between product changes will help greatly. Hope this helps!
chef rubber has it, there item number is #630213 for super gold liquid luster. Works Great!
I fill my airbrush with water and give it a very light mist, it leaves a nice shine on the cake.
Hello to everyone, I am a 1st time poster, but do stop by to read the post often. Can someone share which team won on Tuesday. I did not get to see the awards ceramony, but watched until 2pm on Tuesday. Thanks in advance.
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