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looks decent YouTube - Julie & Julia - Official Trailer
i would just stack cakes and carve them out. but you pretty decaded to the cuts you make and cover it with the black fondant and add silver accents like you stated
you can also check out rRaghaven Iyer's books, he has written a few and tried a few recipes and turned out good
its horrible lol, thats my 2 cents
they will keep fabio for a long time, people like him to much
the school i go to will let me do that, but im in a longer then 9month program, i would guess they would, as long as the clases are completely full and you do it within a certain time period.
well that is good, i know a few people that completely lost it, it would be very difficult to do my day without smelling
i think this season so far has been half as good as the pervious ones, it seems like half of these people dont understand how to do simple task, break meat down decently,tie up roast, TEAMPLAYER, ect.
it was an ok show, didn't go into watching it with alot of hope. but id watch it again.
that lamb got cut up horrible!!!
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