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G o to You can put in the area you will live, the number of bedrooms, furnished/unfurnished, amenities and it will come back with a selection of apartments along with the cost of rent. Good Luck. Here is an example:
"Extracted vanilla beans in alcohol" is listed on my label of Lochhead Vanilla Co. brand vanilla- to be used while my penzeys double strenght gets here. I'll get around to making my own someday.......
Check out the forums at , I think Suvir Saran posted some information that was quite in depth. ( I could be mistaken though... ) Crystal
What kind of tofu did you add? Silken tofu shouldn't be clumpy like a firm cotton type tofu. You could use Mezzaluna's yogurt cheese with soy yogurt for a non-dairy alternative. Crystal
Check out this link for reviews and also run a search on each title.
Any pictures yet?
I found a link to this on the Good Eats Fan Page awhile back-Tako is like an animated Alton Brown (My household's personal favorite FTV personality). The kids especialy like the cookie episode while DH prefers the "capon" one. Thanks for sharing the link, it was lost somewhere in my bookmarks.
Welcome to Chef Talk! You could use any chocolate chip muffin recipe you may have and then use a cream filling recipe of your choosing. Here is one of Gale Gand's chocolate chip muffin recipes. (It is for mini muffins but I think lowering your yield to increase the size would make for an esier to fill muffin) Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe courtesy Gale Gand 1 cup chunky peanut butter 1 egg 1/3 cup sugar 1/3 cup brown sugar 1 cup milk 1 1/2 cups...
You can set up an albumn at and just post the link here.
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