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I know you can get a vegetarian gelatin. My sister is Islamic and can not use the one derived from an animal source, this is what she uses. I don't know of a source however. Svadhisthana
I recieved a bread machine two years ago from my mother. I can only relate my experience with this one brand (Goldstar). I use it mostly for mixing doughs. It is consistent in quality and it's easy to convert recipes to be used in it. However, I prefer to bake the breads in my oven. They seem to turn out more tender. The only upside of baking in it is the fact that it wont heat up your entire kitchen- a wonderful thing in the summer months. Svadhisthana
You might be able to do it with a "boat motor" they can crush ice and are inexpensive. Svadhisthana :D
That is interesting, I never thought about the effect of smoking on a chefs ability to taste. I'm always amazed to see people in the smoking section taking a puff of thier cigarette between bites. They seem to be the people who salt thier food before tasting it. (a pet peeve of mine) Makes ya think....hmmmmmm Svadhisthana
I have an eggless pasta recipe that uses only semolina and water, I have yet to try it. Have any of you made an eggless pasta? I've only tried a few different ones, one using two eggs the other using three. Thanks in advance. Svadhisthana :rolleyes:
I like spinach, feta cheese, calamata olives, and artichoke hearts on pizza. I'll sometimes use phyllo instead of your basic pizza crust. Svadhisthana
Roberts American Gourmet: Veggie Booty Fruity Booty Pirates Booty Potato Flyers Power Puffs yummm Svadhisthana :D
Thank you all so much! What a wonderful welcome! Svadhisthana p.s. yes, you did spell it correctly. It's sanskrit for "sweetness"
Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself before I jump into the coversation(s). I found a link to this site on one of my other and thought I'd take a peek. I look forward to talking with all of you. Svadhisthana
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