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Does your Chef ever make you feel sooooooo small, anything you do is a big huge mistake, and they make it apparent that you will never be as good as them in the Kitchen? If so you have to see this, its hillarious! Every Chef or Chef in training can relate to this one!! Enjoy:beer: Stella23,
Gordon Ramsey (Hells Kitchen) is one of my favorite shows to watch i have put on my blog some of his greatest moments in the Kitchen!!
I hate to clean that thing it's really sick and nasty!! Stella,
Hello everyone, this is my first post here on Chef Talk, I love cooking!! For the last 2 years i have been bouncing around the world on a private Yatch, where i am a personal Chef for a young married couple!! It's been a great time, I've seen and tasted tons of great spices and food from all over the globe! I have decided to create my own blog where i can share with you some of the recipes i have, along with ones that i have learn't along the way through my travels! You...
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