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i start in october to mang i cant wait i'm looking forword to it im going to be in a new state New york should be fun
im a little lost here people i want to go to a good school but dont know of any right now im looking at California School of Culinary Arts and i have no idea if thats a good school please help me out
Jsp2786 thank for your info also what did u think of California School of Culinary Arts reason why im asking is cause that were im going to be going in august
WHAT DO U THINK ARE THE BEST culinary schhol's in california let me known please
hello my name Paul and im trying to decided on what culinary school should i got to "The Art Institute or Le cordon Bleu" i wanted to what your input on both school are can you guys please help me out and i know maybe this question been asked thousands of time and im sorry for that
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