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Thank you Incook! I'm doing an Italian Meringue too, just wanted to check what people consider "safe". Thank you for your answer!SUBMIT
Hi, would you please recommend any good brand for frozen eggwhites? thank you so much!            
Thank you for your reply! no doubt that the French way is easier. Not sure about the texture but I will have to do a lot of trials. It seems like almost all the recipes are the same more or less. Thanks for the tips!  
thanks for your answer! I see Pier Hermes uses Italian meringue. In French class they taught us Italian for regular macarons but then French for chocolate macarons.
Scrappy- I didn't mean the buttercream- I meant the way you make the macarons. If making the macarons batter with French vs Italian meringue, aka: cooked or uncooked meringue that will be folded with almonds. Thanks!
So let me clarify:   Frencg style- not cooked: eggwhites and sugar Italian- cookes with glucose and then adding to whipped eggs.   What's better for mass production? Thank u
Dear chefs,   From your experience (if you have) making Macarons, what do you prefer, French or Italian Meringue?   French is easy -takes short amount of time, but some people prefer Italian way (cooked).   I would love to hear pro and cons in matter of taste, life shelf and also production. I'm talking about   making hundreds of Macarons for sale per day.   Thanks a lot!!!!
ha-ha! everyone is saying different thing! I know it's easy to make (belive me, I'm making puff pastry dough) but I needed to  come up with a recipes for scones to be baked the next I was trying to see some recipes and recommendations!   Thank u though!
Jelly,   Thank you so much! I never thought I could put a batter with b.soda or b.powder in the fridge overnight.......... I heard so many warning regarding doing this. I will try and put scones dough at the fridge and bake it the next morning. Thank you!!!!!
Hello   Looking for recipes you make the eve before and then toss to the oven and bake them. They should be super easy. I thought of scones but if they have any leavening -I can't.   Any suggestions besides buns? it needs to ba a easy to make bake good. Not a complicated thing.   Thanks!
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