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A couple of years ago, America's Test Kitchen posted a pie that called for precooking the apples..  I tried it and the pie was amazing. No air pockets and no mushy apples.. just a perfect pie.  
I have my own favorite recipe.. but I have tried the recipe on Pastry Joe's website and it is delicious too    He has a ton of great recipes on his blog.   Rob
Try using a seven minute type, cooked frosting.. Not too sweet tasting..
I made one last year with a method used at Americas Test Kitchens.. They suggested that pre-cooking the apples a bit before filling the shell keeps it from becoming too soggy. The pie came out deep, moist, delicious but not runny..  perfect.  
I was unaware that there was a trading post..
I made an apple pie from the Americas Test Kitchen website..  It was simple and came out perfect.. Check out their website for the crust recipe.  
Hello all   I recently used a recipe from the Americas Test Kitchen website.  It calls for pre-cooking the apple a bit.   You don't get all the juices or soggy crust.. but it was an excellent recipe and the crust was perfect..   
I thought it was Ross Perot.. but if he's 50 I'm still in diapers...   :)   just kidding.
Hi lokken..   No stress to cut.. the cheesecakes used were new york cheesecake, which is a firm cake.
Hi lokken..   I've made something similar..  2 layers of baked cheesecake with 2 layers of red velvet.. and covered with cream cheese frosting (between the layers also).  I received positive reviews from those who had it.     Rob
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