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I disagree with all this macho BS! What about the people who want to enter the industry that are not made of steel? With the right training and guidance they can be as good as anyone else. Being a big dick doesn't make your dick bigger, it just makes you look foolish and childish. How can you expect someone who is new to the kitchen to know stuff if they have never done it before? Its all about training, developing and mentoring. An apprentice who learns and progresses...
The ring in that picture does not look like sugar at all! Am I missing something? This is surely a chocolate ring.   In answer to your question, a simple sugar bowl can be made by pouring your melted sugar over the back of a ladle in a criss cross pattern.
Brits call it the "Walk In" or "The Office!"   A Cool Room is a bedroom in a designer hotel  
Thats a very nice menu. Congrats on your anniversary and a memorable meal.  
I was born talented and gifted, by the age of 10 months I was Executive Chef with a brigade of thirty-five. I was so gifted that none of my brigade could cook at all, they completely relied on me for everything.   Heck I was a musician, dancer, painter and sometimes I even cooked. We cooked gold, silver and platinum but nobody even noticed as we danced to our beautiful music. I was unteachable as I already knew everything there was to know about everything and...
It really depends on what you intend to eventually use the stock for. As a general rule I would agree that adding the veggies two hours before the end will benefit the flavour, but then I never cook a chicken stock for more than three to four hours anyway.   If it is a beef or veal stock I believe that stewing vegetables for anything up to two days is not going to give the best result, although the structure will be there, the flavour will not be fresh, I would add...
Well said Chef, I cannot believe this is still being done. I would not stand for this in my kitchen, not only is it risky, it is a disgusting way to cook an omelette.   To the OP, would you eat breakfast at your place? if not, change the procedure or go somewhere else where they handle their food safely.  
There are six basic key skills   Communication Application of number Information technology Working with others Improving own learning and performance Problem solving   Examples of what an employer may be looking for are     Communication Getting your message accross in the kitchen, eg running the pass, training and mentoring others around you.   Application of number Costing menus, budgeting, negotiating with suppliers,...
I am not quite sure about your question here. A ribeye steak will be cut from the outer side of the rib, otherwise known as the eye of the rib and that is why it is named ribeye. As for the eye of the ribeye I can only guess that it might be the fatty part that runs through it.      
Amen.....see you on the other side and good luck.
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