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The problem you are having is the moisture from the fruit is preventing the topping from cooking. I would cook the peaches seperately in a pot on the stove top and bake the topping in the oven on its own. This will eliminate your problem completly and you will have much better control over how the topping comes out. You can assemble the dish afterwards depending on which kind of presentation you prefer.
I dont know what your method is but I always make sure the pastry is hot before pouring in the cold filling, this seems to form a seal. Also I never refrigerate the tart until it has absolutely cooled. On the occasions I have not done either of these it has cracked.
Mad Max.     You guys are good, try this one     Mikey, why don't you tell that nice girl you love her?
Exactly, and how much food hits the floor anyway? If you are that clumsy you should not be handling expensive product.
DOGS!! Are you kidding?    It is well known that these practises take place and people like you give catering a bad name. I am not in the habit of badmouthing others in the trade but you spoil it for the rest of us. It is only a matter of time before you have a food safety issue and believe me you will.    Success in catering is built on trust and reputation, I wonder who your clients are and how your food is recieved. 3 seconds, 5 seconds or 180 degrees aint gonna get...
Ah, you must have caught the bacteria napping! Another five seconds and you would have contaminated the food. Sheesh!!!
Home?? Where is home? is that where I sleep? Oh yeah, well the kitchen at home is not really equipped for any serious cooking, (Mrs Bazza hates cooking.) Most of my meals at home are quick and easy or convenience food.   This Saturday I am doing a dinner for some friends at home which means that I will most likeley do most of the prep at work and finish it at home on the night. This is a rare one off though, I can't remember the last time I did a nice meal at home....
LOL niice one Gunnar, like you said, it wasn't your kind of thing anyway.
Banoffe cheesecake (poor quality from a cellphone)       Tomato consomme with spring vegetables (amuse bouche)    
Only you have the answer to this one. Like Gypsy says, go with your gut instinct. I was in a similar position last year when I had had enough, I found another job in a new place but the prospects there were unknown. The old place dangled the proverbial carrot and I could not decide on what to do. After carefully weighing it all up I moved on, I figured that I had already made my decision based on XY and Z and that very little was going to change should I stay put....
New Posts  All Forums: