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Guess who I bumped into at the opticians yesterday... Everyone!
Overenthusiastic people
Wasn't there a muppet called the Swedish Chef? :p There have been sooo many threads on the credibility of calling oneself Chef, I have never encountered this before except on Cheftalk. In England almost everyone in the brigade is a chef of one kind or another, there is no stigma about it at all, I can only deduce that it is an American thing. There appears to be a strong opinion that unless you have been to culinary school you cannot be a "real" Chef, and in the OP's...
Ha ha this is going to be an interesting thread. This is an outrageous statement. :lol:
Although lots of methods will pass as risotto, a baked risotto to me would be a pilaf using arborio or a similar short grain rice instead of a long grain. In my opinion it is not true risotto. As said earlier I am a stirrer and yes Shroom it is nirvanha when done properly. Restaurants have to make the best of their facilities and it is common to par cook, it can be very good but will not compare to cooking to order, not many places can afford the chefs or the time to do...
Good post Chris, I agree with this although I had to google 'endosperm' The only way you are going to get 'gooey' risotto is by overcooking. 'Creamy' is, as you say the starches from the rice which I find are best extracted within the first five to ten minutes of stirring, after that you can ease off a bit. The technique of adding stock little by little is for a very good reason. Why not put all of the stock in at the begginning? Because that would be more like a pilaf...
With those salad ingredients I would definitely add pears, it would work very well with the cheese souffle.
Lol thanks, have a good one :p
Seasons Greetings from the Garden of England. I will be working right through to Christmas Day. I will have Boxing Day off and then back in on the Sunday 27th, then off again on 28th and 29th. I will spend Boxing Day with family, we have a new addition, my first Grandchild, she was born 3 days ago.
Medium high is ok but all stovetops are different as you say. The cooking heat is not that critical, use judgement rather than adhering to instructions, if you feel it is cooking to fast, lower the heat and vice versa.
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