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Yep white wine for me too :thumb: and key to this dish is a good beef stock.
If you add hot liquid to hot roux it will become sticky very quickly and be difficult to work with. That is not to say that it can't be done, with a lot of whisking and a bit of hard work it will eventually become smooth. This is why it is advisable to let them both cool a little or to add one of them cold, a cooler mixture will slow down the thickening process and give you more control.
LOL I like this :thumb:
Ha ha you are so right there. :rolleyes: I have a rule, table salt is only to flavour the water that veggies are cooked in, otherwise use sea salt, except on potato chips I always use table salt.
Customer > waiter "Do you cook your roast potatoes in the deep fat fryer, or are they done properly in the oven?" Waiter>Customer "Hold on, I'll go and ask" Customer>waitress "I have an allergy, are there any nuts in the syrup sponge pudding?" Waitress>customer "Hold on, I'll go and ask" Customer>waitress "Can you tell me what's in the chicken and mushroom risotto?" Waitress>customer "Errm well it has some chicken and er mushrooms" Customer>waitress "So what is the...
Guess who I bumped into at the opticians yesterday... Everyone!
Overenthusiastic people
Wasn't there a muppet called the Swedish Chef? :p There have been sooo many threads on the credibility of calling oneself Chef, I have never encountered this before except on Cheftalk. In England almost everyone in the brigade is a chef of one kind or another, there is no stigma about it at all, I can only deduce that it is an American thing. There appears to be a strong opinion that unless you have been to culinary school you cannot be a "real" Chef, and in the OP's...
Ha ha this is going to be an interesting thread. This is an outrageous statement. :lol:
Although lots of methods will pass as risotto, a baked risotto to me would be a pilaf using arborio or a similar short grain rice instead of a long grain. In my opinion it is not true risotto. As said earlier I am a stirrer and yes Shroom it is nirvanha when done properly. Restaurants have to make the best of their facilities and it is common to par cook, it can be very good but will not compare to cooking to order, not many places can afford the chefs or the time to do...
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