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Well since you are working on a beef dish I think that the shellfish risotto would stand alone too. I know you want to make use of your local fresh fish and so would I, but a beef dish in my opinion should showcase the beef. Even a surf and turf would only be half way towards a beef dish in my opinion. The foie gras sounds good though.
Yes, definately if you think of things like pates and sorbets I would say chilling is part of the cooking process, but you do have a point, would preparing a salad be classed as cooking?
Oh and another thing.....THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT... that is something that all FOH people need to get their heads around. The only communication that the kitchen has with the customers is via the FOH people. They really need to provide accurate information and keep instuctions clear and simple, a chef needs to look at a ticket and know instantly what is required and not have to dicipher a load of irrelavent rubbish.
If all chefs have the same guidelines and temps to work to then that should not be an issue, I believe the problem is that everyone's interpretation of med/med rare/med well etc. is different. One person may say I want medium with no pink another may say medium with pink. Chefs are in a no win situation when this happens and they need accurate communication with FOH. I have orders sometimes which border on the ridiculous, something like medium to medium rare but more on...
There you go then...Ramsey rules!
As an owner/chef, a major consideration for me is cost. What I can charge for a menu determines how the sauces are made. I do make espagnole but only as a route to demi-glace. Mostly I use the stock reduction method which I find very satisfactory for 80-90% of the time. I always have demi in the freezer and I guard it fiercely, NOBODY is allowed to touch it. It is a long winded process to make it but undoubtedly a better way to a more structured sauce. I never use cubes or...
I do a lot of risottos and use carnaroli for seafood and vialone nano for anything else. My favourite rice dish is risotto but I do love a good curry too, with pulao rice.
I recently learned about this restaurant in London, apparently it follows the success of Dans le noir in Paris. The restaurant is set in total darkness and employs blind waiting staff. The concept is that being deprived of one sense will heighten the others, giving a new evaluation of taste. Also darkness will take away inhibitions and visual judgement and encourage free and spontanious conversation. Check it out, I think its wierd but would love to try it. Dans le Noir?
Come to think of it.... why don't you go French??? :look:
We have some fantastic seafood over here in the UK especially in the Scottish waters. Crab, lobster, scallops oysters, cockles and mussels. We also have some great salmon. Smoked salmon is a popular starter here, usually with just a lemon wedge, but for a dinner party you might want to try it with some capers, watercress and a light viniagarette, and maybe some red onion marinated in lime juice. For a main it has to be roast beef with horseradish, Yorkshire pudding and...
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