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Thank you for all of your replies my bones arrive today and armed with this expert knowledge I will now cook the sauce with more confidence :chef:
Yes thats what I would do. If you change the quantities it will be different from the original soup.
Thank you for your reply, with a name like that I guess I can take your advice seriously :D There is a lot of info there and as I suspected adding it at the end is better. I am using demi-glace and would prefer the showy ballsy thingy option. You see I am a lone chef in a small restaurant, I do all the prep all the cooking and all the cleaning. There is no need to tell you guys how hard the job is but the situation is so. I only have help in service and, inevitably...
Thank you for your responses I will have fun with this :)
As many of you will know, Borderlaise sauce requires bone marrow, I have never used it and want to make the sauce authentic. My butcher cannot supply the bone marrow but is delivering beef marrow bones next week. I need to know how to extract the marrow from the bones and how to store it. I am experienced at making sauces and usually freeze them in ice cube trays and store the cubes for use in service. Will the marrow dissolve in the sauce, or is it better to freeze it...
Garlic mashed potato is really good especially if you have got lots of butter in there.
Well first of all the whole duck is dark meat and unlike chicken, the breast meat is best eaten medium rare. Place your duck breast skin side up on a board and with a sharp knife score the surface all over in a criss cross pattern, this will help the fat to render into the pan. Try not to go right through to the meat, you just want to score into the surface. Now heat a dry pan, no oil, no butter and no smoke, just a modereate to high heat and place the fillet in skin side...
Are you cooking the whole bird? or just the breasts/legs? it makes a difference. The easiest cut would be the breasts for your first time.
Thanks for the link shipscook quite a few of those dishes are still being served locally so I have to be careful that I don't offend anyone. The ubiquitous prawn cocktail is definately out.
Ok so retro is making a bit of a comeback and I am planning a 70's night at the restaurant for May/June, the decor and the music will be the easy part but I am looking for ideas for the menu. I know that a lot of the food from that era was pretty awful but there were some good ones that are still done today like bouillabaisse, done well it is delicious. I was in my early teens at that time so I am in need of a little help for this project. I am looking for the crepes...
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