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Hi I am from the UK and frankly I am stunned by some of your replies. The only fish I would substitute for halibut would be turbot, however I am not sure of its availabilty on your side of the pond. It is a more expensive than halibut which itself is costly over here.
You could always state your terms on the website and maybe be a little vague like " this is a sample menu only" or "menu subject to changes" and the like. I love using websites because you can direct visitors to a lot of information without committing yourself too much. I know you need to get your message out there but you don't need to give too much away, especially to time wasters. Its all about designing the site to suit your needs.
I heard you can oven dry scallop roes until they are hard and brittle, you then grind them to a powder which can be used to impart flavour and colour to sauces and risottos etc. Has anyone any advice on how to store this and how long it will keep?
Poahed halibut with vermouth and star anise. Sweat off some chopped shallot in butter and add a star anise, add a splosh of vermouth and reduce by half. Add some chicken stock, bring to boil and simmer. Add halibut steak, season with salt no pepper, cover and poach for a couple of mins, turn fish for a couple more mins then remove fish and keep warm. Reduce liquor by half add a splosh of cream and bubble for a couple more mins. Serve with pomme puree and french beans. Yum!
Ok I just had to Google Robert Irvine coz I'd never heard of him either! Seems he is a top pedigree chef started out in the Royal Navy at 15 yrs old and was swiftly recognised as a culinary talent. Promoted to Royal yacht Brittania he travelled all over the world cooking for anyone Royal, posh and important, lucky man! As for Ramsey, don't pay attention to all that effing and blinding, its just TV. Gordon Ramsey is one of the greatest chefs ever and you'd better believe...
Have you tried Turners Fine foods in Goudhurst, Kent?
Hi I joined whilst browsing for ideas. I have always had a passion for food and wine, and at the ripe old age of forty-four decided to open my own restaurant along with my partner... with absolutely no experience!! Three years on the restaurant is flourishing, we have had to learn fast and I have never worked so hard in my life. I am loving it! I would like to learn from you and hope you can learn from me.
New Posts  All Forums: