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I'd agree with Chris and co, more tomatoes!  If you take the three onions and two cloves of garlic as a starting point you will need much more tomato to balance this. Also, I would lose the canned chillis and the vinegar.
  I agree, unless you hit a certain level of seasoning the food will be bland, bland, bland. This is why when we go to restaurants the food tastes better (or at least it is should). Seasoning is one of the basic rules of cooking and one of the first things you learn as a cook. Yet when we have customers who don't want salt, butter or whatever we have to respect that, after all they are paying the bill.    To deny the customer salt at the table is a little pretentious...
Lol this thread is about Ego, or salt? We all have an Ego it just depends on how over inflated it is, mine happens to be HUGE    The salt thing is another subject but a very interesting one.
My favourite time for produce is right now. I am in the first week of my Autumn menu which includes mussels, wild mushrooms, butternut squash, figs, apples and pears. It is a wonderful season for produce and the wierdest thing is that I always do my christmas menu in the garden in the sunshine at the end of August, we are already taking bookings for December, strange but true.
Ha ha I like this Ed.
  Hi and welcome. I have posted my recipe below. Lightness in texture will almost certainly be down to your technique and the recipe does not come with a faultless guarantee. I don't know how experienced you are but I went into a fair bit of detail for the benefit of less experienced readers.   Oh and I am from foreign parts so my measurements are metric.     Hot chocolate soufflé   Ingredients   200g good quality chocolate 100 g unsalted butter plus extra for greasing...
  Pete. You are correct, but we are being asked our thoughts on the subject of "knife skills" and not a knife's worth or working with a board. This all sounds very pedantic and in my opinion, if "knife skills" needs to be categorised  it should be done accurately.   the-boy-nurse Symbiotic, a very cool word. I'll google it one day.
    BDL I am a great fan of your posts but I have to disagree with you on this one.   I am not a knife enthusiast and I am certainly no expert on knives but when I think about the subject of "Knife Skills" I take the words "Knife" and "Skills" and I think about them. On that basis your categorisation is off the mark. Sharpening and board management are not "Knife Skills".   Sharpening may well be a skill involving a knife but that depends on how you interpret "knife...
As Ed B has already said, when you increase the batch size it alters the parameters. If you must cook it altogether have you thought about doing several smaller batches?
You are welcome   Looking at your method it seems that you are putting all of the ingredients in the pan together. To me, a cobbler has the fruit (or meat) at the bottom and the cooked dough on the top, similar to a crumble. If you have the flour mixture in with the fruit you will have touble trying to cook it evenly resulting in the problems you describe. I always cook the two parts seperate, it eliminates the soggy crust problem and makes service and presentation...
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