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I have never done carrot tuiles but I imagine you would need some flour, butter and egg whites in there, usually equal quantities of each. To get the carrot flavour I would add finely grated carrot and a little sugar. It's worth messing around with, sounds interesting. Alternatively you could do carrot crisps which are much simpler, shave em with a peeler and deep fry them, they are very tasty.
Waitstaff walking into your kitchen when you are in the middle of doing a thousand things and calling out their ticket. Especially when there is a table of twelve having two courses and they expect you to listen to every word AAARRRGGGHHHH
If the wire strainer does the seeds, it should do the skins and the seeds. I would suggest using a stick blender to make it smooth which will be a lot easier than putting it through a food mill and then pass the sauce through the sieve to remove the skins and seeds. This is how I do a tomato soup, it is just a case of finding the right size mesh.
Its hard to define a particular fall dish but at the moment I am using a lot of parsnips, they are wonderful here. Pureed with slow roasted pork belly, curried in soup and honey roasted every sunday. Oh and there are fantastic mussels here too, we are cooking them Normande, mariniere and Thai steamed. I love September!
Dredge the fish in seasoned flour, skin side only and then pat the excess flour off with your hand. The fish will not stick.
I'd agree with Chris and co, more tomatoes!  If you take the three onions and two cloves of garlic as a starting point you will need much more tomato to balance this. Also, I would lose the canned chillis and the vinegar.
  I agree, unless you hit a certain level of seasoning the food will be bland, bland, bland. This is why when we go to restaurants the food tastes better (or at least it is should). Seasoning is one of the basic rules of cooking and one of the first things you learn as a cook. Yet when we have customers who don't want salt, butter or whatever we have to respect that, after all they are paying the bill.    To deny the customer salt at the table is a little pretentious...
Lol this thread is about Ego, or salt? We all have an Ego it just depends on how over inflated it is, mine happens to be HUGE    The salt thing is another subject but a very interesting one.
My favourite time for produce is right now. I am in the first week of my Autumn menu which includes mussels, wild mushrooms, butternut squash, figs, apples and pears. It is a wonderful season for produce and the wierdest thing is that I always do my christmas menu in the garden in the sunshine at the end of August, we are already taking bookings for December, strange but true.
Ha ha I like this Ed.
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