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jstin you could also brush the pastry circles with a light coating of white choc when stone cold to also prevent the pastry from becomming soggy when assembling. hpoe this also helps you.
well i loved the country and i have to say i worked in some lovely establishments. One being ARIA , you should all try it if you get to sidney, id highly recommend it.Long hours but great boss and people.
Well im having a ball of a time:chef:. We ate in the east of 8th and i loved it, so did the boyfriend and his sister. We ate really well, the food there is mixed flavours. We all rated it with excellence. The boyfriend is going there again in September with an other irish friend thats visiting. Im really jelious. Last night we ate in db moderne, wow it was really good. I have to admit that i loosen't my clothes from over eating, i just couldnt stop the flavours where...
Suzzanne Thanks for that . If i can convince the boyfriend to come ill try the L' Ecole. We have a simular type here and also it's a hit and miss at times. Im getting more and more excitted about the thought of going to NYC mostly for the eating i have to add. I'll keep you posted. What do you both think about a magazine called Pastry and art / Chocolatier. Im going to purchase them if i can get my hands on them. Any other mags that would be good to get????
thanks for your feed back. Catman, it was really looking for the health and safety rules for working with sugar. Ive submitted my report and achieved a good result. Thanks anyway. IM on another report now designing an assembly kitchen. I could be asking for some advice on this one also, he! he!
M2K let me know how you get on with the dessert. An added suggestion ,why dont you make the mousse fist, only fill it half way up and the sides, freeze , then do your parfait and pipe into the center, freeze , and fill up to the top with the remaining mousse and freeze again. Try get a photo of it ,im interested.
i really oppreciate you advice on this matter, im going to take you up on your reccommdation to dine in east of eight. Im so looking forward to it. Ill let you know how I get on. ciao for now.
Here in Ireland, and in Dublin we would x 5. And get away with it.
some advice needed, Im going to New York, and i really want to dine in good restaurants. At the moment iv book a table at DB moderne. Has anyone got any ideas. look forward to hearing from you all .
hi there, this is an old recipy of mine and it always works. it sets well and the flavour is grand. white choc mousse ingredients; 400g Vanilla Pastry cream (home made) 800g White choc ( melted slowly, to prevent grains in the choc) 2pts Cream - semi-whipped method 1- Melt the choc and cool slightly, whisk in the pastry cream. 2- Fold in the cream. 3- Pour the mix into your mould and freeze. Always easier to demould. And shelf life longer also. hope thats...
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