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Another place to hunt for nice cookware at discount prices is Tuesday Morning. I have several Cuisinart copper pots (copper outside, aluminum middle, stainless inside) from there at excellent prices.
Are moon pies the same as whoopie pies? Here's a link to Paula Deen's version:,00.html She calls them Two Brothers Chocolate Gobs. I've never tried her recipes, but a couple of Southern cooks I know tell me that they almost always work. Here's another one in Whoopie Pies
I thought I responded to this thread yesterday, but it looks like it was just my imagination. Banana flowers are available in most Asian markets. Up in Chicago, I've seen it at the international warehouse place off the Pulaski exit (if you're on I-55). In St. Louis, I've bought the banana flowers at Jay International. They look more like large (size of a football), purplish/brownish flower buds than actual flowers.
There's a soup recipe I've been wanting to try, but I can't find stinging nettles unless I go forage for them on my own. I've read that stinging nettles are great for relieving hay fever symptoms.
I'm obviously not Wendy, but I'll add a few thoughts about Paris Sweets. The recipes start with very simple cookies to more elaborate gateaux. I haven't tried any of them yet because I haven't had much time; however, I do like that there didn't appear to be any hard-to-find ingredients. The most "exotic" item I saw was Odense brand almond paste. I'm fairly sure that I have similar recipes in other books but those books don't have vignettes about Paris patisseries....
I'm sorry to hear about all the things that have happened to you recently. I hope the doctors sort out your health problems so that you can be pain-free and back in the kitchen baking your miniatures.
DeLonghi purchased Kenwood in early 2001. I'm now wondering if that's why the prices dropped so much last year. As far as I can tell, they didn't change the mixer except for the logos and the blender is standard rather than an optional attachment.
Haven't read the book, but I just wanted to welcome you back. Did you ever go on your trip to the US with your family?
Back to Great Cakes. I love this book for its simplicity. It's the best book to have when you find yourself with a couple of hours free and need to bake. This book has more homespun sensibilities than RLB's Cake Bible. The recipes are for those cakes that you make for family and close friends or for yourself when you aren't too worried about appearance but want something fast and tastes great. The cakes do look good, but the big wow factors are the texture and flavour....
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