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What?  An argumentative circle on a sous vide thread?  Say it ain't so Joe...
I made puff with foie a few years (oh man, more like seven I guess).  It was good but probably not good enough to justify the cost, if I remember.  I made them into vol e vents filled with mushroom.  That likely didn't help.  Too much richness, needed a high contrast element. Mind you the customers raved, but I suspect that was more "shock and awe" than real appreciation, if you get me.   Now, you got me thinking.  If you used the foie in a sable type crust and used...
there might be some jockeying for that 6th spot...   http://www.livescience.com/5059-sixth-taste-discovered-calcium.html 
Some owners I have worked with seem to exhibit something like "F&B PTSD".  Lash out before all the facts are in, assuming that everbody on staff is either incompetent, lazy, crooked, or some combination of the above.     One of the many reasons I left the steakhouse a couple of years ago was because I, as Exec, seemed to be spending a huge portion of my time putting out fires with my staff that the boss had started.   I was, with out hyperbole, placing help wanted ads...
No, no!  He is in the "biz", in the indies, but follows all kinds of this stuff.  Kinda like how I might troll for stuff about Keller of Chang.  We had a nice chat over Thanksgiving about the similarity between the lingo in kitchens and rings.  Every now and then he sends me stuff he thinks I might get a kick out of.
I have a cousin who is a part time prowrestler.  He sent me this link this morning http://podcastone.com/pg/jsp/program/episode.jsp?programID=542&pid=525377   Gave a listen while forming some rolls and curing a ham.  There is a bunch of ads and such in the start, but its an interesting (and surprising) listen.
Foodpump, thanks for your last post.  You are correct, that is very much the formal concept of poaching, including use of molds, double boiling, etc.  As a broad "family" of cooking sv would fit comfortably in that realm. Glad you cleared that up, i really though you were speaking of the more common usage, and taking a shot at the same time.  Mia Culpa!
If you do agree to help them out, make sure it is on your terms. If there is a way to do this that is worth it to you, put that on the table. If they go for it, great. If not, not your problem. I was in a similar position twice now. My second go round I agreed to assist with continuity, but at an hourly rate substantially higher than what my salary had been. They called me twice, and in fairness, when they needed it.
The essence of poaching is flavour and moisture transfer. The poaching liquid flavours the piece you are cooking, just as the cooked material flavours the liquid. In a "traditional" sv environment (sealed with aromatics and seasonings, if desired) this is not the case. The end results are radically different, you don't get the hydration or "bloat" of poaching. If you were to define poaching so broadly to include this, I would argue that that definition (low temp...
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