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Just home from service. Tonight's menu was "western" inspired. This is The God, The Bad, and The Ugly. Pasta trio, Angel Hair in Preserved Lemon Cream, "Brigand Hat in Putenesca, Squid lasagna.
@ChefrossNothing to be sorry about, that was just my end run around the lionization of how this are in Europe. Things are screwed up all over. That said, I do think a public declaration, while not solving a problem, at least admits that there is a problem. Baby steps. And my fear is coming true, that this is starting to devolve into a "School" vs "Trenches" thing (again).
This is an interesting thread but there is one thing I am not quite sure on, what are talking about when we say Old and New school? Cooking styles? Work ethic? Expectations of career? View of what customer services means? These, among other things, have all evolved or shifted but I do not think that they have changed in lock step. It's not just a change in chefs either, there are massive shifts in restaurant culture, not to mention dinners. Many of us have commented...
I have never had any problems with browser hogging adds here, but I find it hilarious that a ton of Cutco ads are displaying today!
It's a small muscle, looks a lot like pork tenderloin in shape. It's a good eat, cooks rare nicely, but has way more flavour and texture than beef tenderloin. It's somewhat denser, so pickups are a little slower, but not much. One of the many "last straws" that made me bail on the steakhouse was the owner refused to let me add it to "my" new menu. I kind hate that it's catching on, prices are already way up from this time last year.
Well, I guess the other option is to work for the angry stressed out guy who is shelling out 1,000,000 to net 30,000.
Fresh oysters are one of the few seconds foods I can eat, looks killer!
Pet Semetary, ok this one isn't the prettiest, but that's kind of the point! The bowl is topped with a soil of Japona rice, truffle, rye and pumpkin seed. Buried under is veal braised in wine, maple and birch.
In The Whales of August, Vincent Price played an ex pat Russian fisherman living in Maine. This lobster cured in vodka, remoulade, sturgeon and trout roe, lobster butter and mayo, lobster scrambled egg in turnip.
New Posts  All Forums: