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I just checked my Esscofier and found no reference to this, so it is not real.
I like doing table touches, but it has to be done at the right time.
I was kinda playing along
"...to value the customers they have and not worry about the ones they never will"
I am very anxious to see step two!
Lagom, here here!
Music drives me nuts while prepping, but I kinda like it on the line. Even music I dislike is ok on a line, the most tepid radio friendly pop crap can almost be like external clock for timing.
That's what I mean by narrow down, its s huge subject that contains many concepts that need to be examined on their own If you are planning on a piece looking at some of these issues you would be well served to target a specific area and look at that.
Can you Narrow down what you mean?
Speed like that with such a sawed blade kinda freaks me out....I think I would like a more up close look before trying that out myself..too much hand damage around here this week already!
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