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Ha!  I started doing this as "mother of invention" situation, busy brunch, short on pans, short on space, you know the drill.  Like I say, I found I got really good results with my "brunch steak", that being a marinaided sirloin tip.  Not much fat to render there, to the point where I brush more on to finish.  The broiler I use (a re-furbished chain propriatory thing)  is an over/under kind of deal.  I tricked the pull out grill with a thin rectangle of cast iron to boost...
I blow throw a bunch of top sirloin steaks on weekends using a similar method.  Its good.  Mind you, that comes from me working with the equipment and space that I have.  And practice!
If he had a way with cooking the way he has with words the world would be marginially different
Thanks pretty much what I do with my brunch steaks.  I do season pre-sear, and brush some of the same seasoning whisked into some oil right before hitting the broiler.  I do use an electric deck broiler that gets about as hot as electric will and has a top and bottom element.
Well, damn.  Now I feel like a punter.  Me being me, I can't help but wondering about stuffing the skin....
Average air temps in Halifax in mid-May are between 41F and 54F, so I am not super concerned with freezing lines.  Of course you never know for thanks for the warning!
Thanks guys...glad I asked!  Saves me power outlet and is a great excuse to get a turkey fryer!
I have a off site (but site accessable) event coming up.  I am considering doing something that would incorporate a fried element.  This would require me using a couple of tabletop deep fryers.  Anybody have advice/warnings for this sort of thing?  I am especially thinking about heat recovery in a Canadian May...I wouldn't even want to guess what the air temp is going to be.  Are there any sensible ways of mitigating these sorts of things?   Thanks in advance,   Al
Happy International Woman's Day everybody!  Good grief, is this even a question?  
Feel bad for you there, to be hired on basis of your strengths and then have to work contrary to them!  If you have to use the rig (and what set up do you have, btw?) maybe use it for veg cooking and do the meats and fish as you prefer?  Your venting/hood issues are going to be a problem either way.  Hard sears might not be in your future.  
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