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Exactly, it's not so much the piece, but where it is on the board.
It's not just feed, either. Just look at fuel costs. Shipping the beef is certainly far more costly than it was a few years ago and that winds up on the price tag too. Additionally, foreign markets have seen a huge increase in demand for animal protein. As more nations move into "first world" status what had been westernized luxury items or symbols of wealth are more sought after (and can be afforded). As goes Scotch, so goes beef. Our own consumption of Beef is...
Bavetti 3 liter is a good way to go. Fairly deep with higher sides than most counter top models. Good on space and decent recovery time. Cleaning the wires on the heating element is the only thing that bugs me about it but that is minor in the grand scheme of things.
Does it have to be either or? Some of the best crews I have had were a mixture of both, plus a wide grade of this spectrum in between.
Gotta love "line salt" or "Chicken salt". The B ' s are still in play, just having shifted things around a bit. They do this every few years, divest, retool, repeat. It is funny to watch the trickle down, it's like at least four generations of cooks now. As for Martin he "retired" quite a few years ago. It was complicated. I use the time there as an example of how not to do things. That said, that attitude of mine is a little exaggerated. As much as I am not...
rbrad, oh dear, are you are a survivor too? Want to start a support group?
Years back I Sous' d for a guy who absolutely demolished his sauces with salt. Catch was, almost all of the reviews of the place raved about the sauces. Every single one was made to order as well (so many pans...sigh). It took me about a week to realize what was up, he made a point of underseasoning just about everything else. Starches, sides, all were bland and pretty fatty. No wonder people loved the saucinhg. I am not recommending this strategy, it seems a huge...
I have said it before it's not the concept of Yelp that bugs me it's more the quality of review. With print reviewers (of any stripe, food, film, etc) you get a sense of their thought process and the concerns that drive their opinions. This is of more value than thumbs or down. Many times a critic will clearly dislike a restaurant, but knowing how they think will give me the idea that I might actually enjoy it. When JR Butts32 says "service is lacking" it tells me...
By afford I mean the toll on morale and extra effort to police staff getting undermined and brow beaten.
I think we can all agree on that
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