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OG, sorry, I wasn't casting shade, I was really just unclear on your previous post.  I think we are coming at things in a similar fashion,just expressing things differently.     I guess I view technique (and if you look at my history on the board since 07 you will see just who much I love technique) as a means to an end.  But that end comes from your own self, your own experience in life.  The more technique you have in your trick bag the better you can express your...
I really don't get your point here.  You are kind of making oblique statements (like "typical", of what?).  Being cutting edge isn't an issue of name checking a series of buzz words, as you say "they are all just techniques."   No technique will ever make somebody "cutting edge".  Technique only allows you express your ideas  of food in as open ended way as possible.  But at the end of it all you have to be able to use those techniques to express delicious to your...
Not to sound like a jerk, but if you get an answer to how to be cutting edge, you aren't. What is modern today is kitsch tomorrow. And after that,  its classic.  Focus on what you know is delicious, and make that fit into the style of where you are cooking.
Koukouvagia,  one of the reasons to infuse salt is as a way to add just a whiff of a flavour.  Usually these are finishing salts so it will give that flavour up front, on the "fortaste" if you will.  This is often a quick and easy way to "bring a dish around" and give it that little something extra.     Fresh might be great, but fresh is also time stamped.  If I infuse a killo of salt with lemon, for example, that is going to last a heck of a lot longer than a lemon...
I like to have them around when I can, but supply is supper spotty in my area.  For a while Cosco sold them bagged and frozen and that was a excellent product.  Canned are pointless (unless you have a thing for off grey tinned peas, then you might be into it.)  Better for cold or salad preparations, imho.
This is where a Vitamix(prep) comes in really handy. If have one, use that. If not, put it on your wish list!
Even if you "don't have a chance" (and let's face it, you never know, your exec. might see something in you beyond experience) getting interviewed is never a bad thing. Giving a good interview is a skill in it's own right and practice in that department can be pretty useful.
Mary B, not snobbery, just accuracy. I can't think of a single kitchen I have worked in where that is acceptable use of the word. Obviously, regionality might come into play here.
Bob, my apologies, got you confused with the OP!
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