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This is where a Vitamix(prep) comes in really handy. If have one, use that. If not, put it on your wish list!
Even if you "don't have a chance" (and let's face it, you never know, your exec. might see something in you beyond experience) getting interviewed is never a bad thing. Giving a good interview is a skill in it's own right and practice in that department can be pretty useful.
Mary B, not snobbery, just accuracy. I can't think of a single kitchen I have worked in where that is acceptable use of the word. Obviously, regionality might come into play here.
Bob, my apologies, got you confused with the OP!
Bob, we went to the same highschool? You are right some people do "drop science" just to sound clever. But that has nothing to do with terms they use, just them. How goes the braising?
Bob, sorry if you feel picked on. Thing is you are just getting facts wrong (re: terminology) while calling out others for using the same terminology that you clearly don't understand. When I say don't understand, that's not a wise crack or a shot at you. There is nothing wrong with not knowing something, but it rubs people the wrong way when somebody has a poor understanding of something and acts otherwise. A roux is butter and flour that is cooked. That's it. No...
oh, I and do understand that I have killed, to use your words, my pets. Instead of having them languish in a suffering that they could not comprehend. Everybody who has made that choice understands that as well. And they likely are torn up for it. Do you not understand that?
Ordo, who wants to suffer? If you are a materialist at all I can not fathom how you can defer to a quantity over quality of life position. I would be happy to continue with you if we're to: a) answer some of the questions asked of you b) take it to PM
New Posts  All Forums: