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Those are great little machines, gives a depth of smoke you don't find in many electric smokers.  Makes a pretty good holding oven as well.  
Yeah, but would that be an open faced sandwich? 
Yeah, "fresh" and "anchovy" in the same sentence really doesn't scream quality to me.  The whole thing with preserved (oil, salt, what have you) is that preservation and aging changes the essential character of the fish into its own category.  As long as they are stored properly, aging improves these sort of products.
I don't know if there are too many restaurants opening, per se, or if there are just too many basically interchangeable restaurant concepts being churned out.  I get this feeling that people have this weird idea of wanting "maximum choice" while maintaining "total consistency."
Vann,   I think the low wages and working conditions are a result of the over reliance on temporary/transitory workers with no intention of making hospitality their career.  If even 80% of these guys and gals were committed to making this field their career priority things would change.  But if you are working a line to get you through college, nothing more, then you aren't really going to be concerned about the over all state of working life.     Skill, experience,...
Kuan,   One of the pop-ups I did last year was to open an urban art show.  We did one course, basically a composed salad, where all (er, most) of the ingredients have been sources for tattoo ink and dyes.  Came out similar to your scenario above!
Pan,   I agree that there is a certain "toxic" quality  within the workforce itself but I think management culture is equally (if not more so to blame for many of the staffing quality issues.  There certainly are driven, talented, and serious cooks out there.  These are the folks who really want this to be their career.  And you also get a bunch of the workforce who think that they want it but learn after a time it is not the life for them.  Can't blame a person for...
Thanks for the examples, very interesting indeed!  I will be happy to share more about this venture as it gets closer to being to being an actuality.     In the meantime, any further thoughts from the community are more than welcome!     Al
Not to sound too twee about it but the one thing to know that will lead anybody to be better at cooking is; to know what you want the end result of dish to be.  That is to say, know what you want to eat and why you want it to be that way.  Nearly anything can be reversed engineered from that standpoint.  
Yup. RM is as close to all purpose (again, from experience) and will work anywhere it comes into contact with protein.  There is another that is better for slurry applications (will remain active in slurry form for extended times).     Sealing after forming is a good idea, to a point.  I would pop some tiny holes in the plastic wrap first, just to allow the pull a good chance at pulling out any air pockets.    Is your plan to form your roll, then cut and cook?  Or are...
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