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Depending on the other elements of the dish (natch) I would first look at herbs.   Mint is a logical dessert flavour  (maybe too much so). If you can get your hands on some fresh Holy Basil that would be a winner.  It has an almost tropical fruit quality.   Either way green herbs can easily be blended into something like an angaise.  Or just sheared into a syrup, hit with some agar agar and made into a fluid gel.   Think about green beverages (Chartreuse?) that can...
Careme?  Yeah, he WOULD do that....with all his crazy custom baking molds and gimicky, hipster pipping bags.  All this fluff that keeps us from "real" cooking.
the version that really caught my attention featured a really intensely roasted flavoured sauce/paste that top garnished the noodles (that were in a really thin, more aromatic broth).  Almost reminded me of the "double dip" style of ramen.
Thanks Ordo.  Nice vid.  The basic elements of Dan Dan seem pretty consistent (except for a whackadoo Alton Brown...thing) but what people feel is "key" varies pretty wildly.  Time to play I guess...   Also, I think Mean Kiwi is quickly becoming the most over figure on the boards!  Waiting for her/his podcast in 2016! 
I have recently got pretty obsessed with Dan Dan noodles.  Unsurprisingly, online resources are all over the map with recipes/techniques involved.  Anybody here have have any tips, 'essentials", or thoughts on this dish in general?  Thanks in advance!
I know!  I was thinking Petite Crenn!
From my perspective the challenge (read; unfathomable roadblock) would be to accurately track salt content of menu items.  Unless you are operating a large scale commissary situation where everything is pared out the yazoo it is going to be really difficult to gauge the salt content  on any given plate without using guess work and voodoo.   If you are making sauces a la minute, especially reduction sauces, can you really say with certainty what the sodium content is...
I love the stuff but it is a highly variable product (duh).  I think either preparation you describe would work fine.  Essentially, it is like a pre made salt pickle and fills that sort roll on a plate.  Salt levels change on the season and local harvested, so check that.  The bottom "root" part on the trim can be really woody, so check that as well.  This is a long time to store them in a refer, I would check them daily and toss if they get brown or slippery.  Some people...
with the flavour scented vaps can you actually detect the smell if you aren't inhaling?  If this is the deal then vaping is less a smoking experience than a hyper internalized version of Glade Pulg-Ins.
Even if there is zero risk of second hand Vap (which, from the looks of things seems pretty likely)  I think the anti-smoking policies and public education have demonized even the appearance of smoking to the point where vaping is going to piss some people off.  Heck, I smoke tobacco and watching people vap unnerves me...I think its that uncanny valley effect, it looks so much like smoke but our other senses tell there is none present.     The stumbling block is the...
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