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It depends on what effect you are going for, something like cut oxtail, that you are looking for a long tenderization of, if you just tack an extra hour or two on the time. Like I say, I don't recommend it.
Aside from time and temp (where I would go high 60's, for a day, check and at that point) I would consider thawing first. Not for anything with to do with the cooking per se, but I have had issues with frozen meat thawing and wrecking the tension in the bag as they thaw. You might need to re pack
I used to do over 24 hr cooks at this temp range all the time, especially in the first two years of working with low temp cooking. There is an appeal to eating a braising cut that comes off as med rare, for sure. And to be honest, I will occasionally still do this for home use. That said, this sort (under 60 c) of cooking is the only time I have had failures of sous vide. That is, the meat coming off as, well, off. MY sanitation is solid, and my vac bags are stored...
Hey, Hey! Halifax population just doubled! Nice to have you on board. French Fix is a good spot, one of the few places I buy sweets from.
This sort of thing was done in the early days but I would amazed to see anybody recommend that low temp that long. Like I say, I would be really curious about who published that recipe. If you don't want to look to it, you might want to shoot that site a note of concern.
Yeah, I put a trusting needle through two of my fingers (don't ask), went to the ER, got two hours sleep and worked 11 hours following. I am still "proud" of myself for that, but I was Chef. If one of my cooks tried to pull that, no way, they would be going home for rest.
Wow, I don't think you need to hide that website name, that is crappy advice to cook three days under 60c. That is also some wonky temp Flux you got early on, that would have gotten my dubious bells ringing early. The other thing to consider here, in spite of my thinking you should just chalk this up to R @D, salting the beef for a long cook will, give you a quasi corned beef, so it won't come off as "fresh" no matter what.
The product description indicates it's a kitchen smoker.
Shouldn't be a problem as long as the smoke out take feeds directly under the hood.
@chefbuba up until last year I would have agreed with you a hundred percent. I got around to playing with the Momofuko style of fried chicken, which is based around steaming the chicken first. It is really, really good!
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