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FYI, I have decided to call this item "The Corsair."  Because when assembled they have a Pirate Cookie kind of vibe.  And french = fancy, ha ha!
That is really good...but might need to play that card another time!
That is very sensible...my internal pun generator has been ACTIVATED!   The resto is called Picnic, the gallery is The Dart, btw.
Quick set up:   I own and run a small, mid market causual-fine dining restaurant.  We are an adjunct to a popular and somewhat ecentric art gallery.  My food program is tied to the gallery and tries to to have a "populist" vibe, fairly sophisticated food that is approachable and not too precious about itself.   When it comes to desserts I am very much in the "cook's" dessert mode; icecreams, tarts, chocolate work etc.  We flip the desser options frequently.   I have...
Depending on the other elements of the dish (natch) I would first look at herbs.   Mint is a logical dessert flavour  (maybe too much so). If you can get your hands on some fresh Holy Basil that would be a winner.  It has an almost tropical fruit quality.   Either way green herbs can easily be blended into something like an angaise.  Or just sheared into a syrup, hit with some agar agar and made into a fluid gel.   Think about green beverages (Chartreuse?) that can...
Careme?  Yeah, he WOULD do that....with all his crazy custom baking molds and gimicky, hipster pipping bags.  All this fluff that keeps us from "real" cooking.
the version that really caught my attention featured a really intensely roasted flavoured sauce/paste that top garnished the noodles (that were in a really thin, more aromatic broth).  Almost reminded me of the "double dip" style of ramen.
Thanks Ordo.  Nice vid.  The basic elements of Dan Dan seem pretty consistent (except for a whackadoo Alton Brown...thing) but what people feel is "key" varies pretty wildly.  Time to play I guess...   Also, I think Mean Kiwi is quickly becoming the most over figure on the boards!  Waiting for her/his podcast in 2016! 
I have recently got pretty obsessed with Dan Dan noodles.  Unsurprisingly, online resources are all over the map with recipes/techniques involved.  Anybody here have have any tips, 'essentials", or thoughts on this dish in general?  Thanks in advance!
I know!  I was thinking Petite Crenn!
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