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That's what I mean by narrow down, its s huge subject that contains many concepts that need to be examined on their own If you are planning on a piece looking at some of these issues you would be well served to target a specific area and look at that.
Can you Narrow down what you mean?
Speed like that with such a sawed blade kinda freaks me out....I think I would like a more up close look before trying that out myself..too much hand damage around here this week already!
Chris, G + B were perhaps my all time singing duo!
Uh, I am with Phatch on that one. Looks fast, but those are not cut even by any stretch.
Agreed, The Cape Breton Lamb that is the local standard here makes Australian look tepid and entry level. But from what I have had of Welsh, to heck with local!
I turned this on with the audio off by mistake. Thought I was witnessing the birth of gastro reiki. I am sure she is a lovely girl!
SB every province is different, and within that, every inspector has their own bugbears.
Burgers, man that is another great example of the same type of psychology, should have thought of that! We are about five years behind the curve in my area, so boutique burger places blew up like crazy here in the last few years. And, by and large, they aren't very good. At least no better than some of the pubs that have been quietly freshly grinding their own meat forever. What most of these places have done is gotten infatuated with toppings and cutesy names, which...
Kuan, it's just really good. The meat is incredibly flavourful, definitely on the gamey side but also kinda sweet, reminds me of citrus. The fat is sorta waxy but renders lovely. This is all based on four racks I was given as a sample, mind you, but what I had has me craving more.
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