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Well, I figure for the pains in the butt Yelp has caused, it could work for me for a change...
Rick, If I was to start an indie band, I think I would have to call it Squooshing the Toast Hole!
Grande, For the record, that was my first choice. I have been stuck with kitchens and open passes where there wasnt an option to do so.
Sorry about the pic quality, but this is my breakfast! Dashi poached duck eggs, with a soba noodle salad and samphire. Noodles are obscured by the eggs but are dressed in coconut vineager and chilies.
Honestly, that is thes best thing I have read in ages! That kind of dish rings all of my bells!
With regards to FOH messing with your plates, that's a battle I have fought before. If telling them "no" isn't working (and lets be clear, that ought to, and suggests a whole series of other problems) then its time to play mind games. In the first couple of monthes in of my last ex. job I was butting heads over just this thing, especially with three waiters who had been there forever and kinda felt entitled to do what they wanted. I made it very clear that their "help"...
So if I look at the food truck fad as an Itlaian Futurist experiment....ok that is somewhat less annoying.
Chris, I agree, that sounds like a clash. Mind you, I haven't tried poaching pineapple in red wine, or maybe putting with something like a salty/hot black bean sauce. It seems counterintuitive, so I haven't ever tried to make it work. Not to say that would either...
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