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I hate to suggest it, but maybe a low end burner? Just speaking from anecdotes I have done a bunch of film/tv spots with portable induction burners and they almost always reek havoc with microphones. Since I started using cheepy Salton burners I have not had this problem at all.
Nice! There are a lot of threads featuring our successes around here, a photo gallery of shame might be a fun idea...
Sort of a postscript to this thread that speaks to the perception issues we have been talking: This conversation got me thinking about what I might do for a cinco de mayo menu. I was driving with my wife and spit balling ideas. I was thinking on playing to a post colonial theme,and doing french inspired tacos, maybe on soca. I said something about a beef bourguignon style filling and got an "oooh, fancy" response. Um, really? Any more than a nice carneta? It's weird!
Let us know how the sausage ash garnish turns out! Remember, there are no mistakes with a Vitaprep!
Berndy, really simple. You just need the least sophisticated yogurt maker, like a plastic bowl with a lid and an "on" switch. Use whatever yeast starter you want, get it going in bowl that will inset into the yogurt maker, close it and turn it on. Let it go for 12 hours or so, or until you get some initial bubbling, then follow your recipes feeding regimen but you can accelerate it to likely 4 or 5 hr feeds. After a couple days, maybe three, it ought to be potent enough...
Also, Nadal is a terrible Bowler.
French style, not to be a dick, I am a frenchie at heart, but if you can't even lay out what these objective standards of good food are (and passing it off to the super magical awesome chefs doesn't count) then you are firing blanks here. I love the idea that you boost for french cuisine but by trying to appeal to bs standards you going about it all wrong.
Starters are much easier to maintain than their reputation may suggest. I only (Ha!) have three going right now and that makes me feel naked. The one tip I would recommend, get yourself one of those cheep 15 dollar yogurt makers. You can get a really nice ripe mother going from scratch in 2-3 days with no problem.
Bowlers are better athletes than basketball players because they routinely win more bowling matches. Got it!
@Pete, Bourbon is kinda my bag too. My nickname, in the way back days, was Goble Goble, based on my penchant for Kentuckjoy juice.
New Posts  All Forums: