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Last minute, previous post run down. Yellow tomato water infused with lovage oil. Injected into chicken barded with slices of salted and honeyed red tomato. Cooked over oak. Pressure cooked stock of chicken and tomato trim. Final results in less than ten minutes
"Don't mistake ten years experience for one year experience ten times."
About $200.00
I tried a paleo diet, but the cops frowned on me clubbing and eating my neighbors.
I guess it is similar to the microwave, but I am huge fan of pressure cooking a dark roux.  Pressure cook a pomade of butter and flour (with a pinch of deactived baking soda, if you have it) in a sealed mason jar on a rack.  You can push it really far dark and I even after an hour I have never had a hint of burning.  Use small jars and you have several batches of a nice pantry item.
I adore mine!  I do really like fine purees, and once you use a Thermomix, even the punchiest conventional blenders fall flat.  Also makes brilliant ice cream bases and curds.  Just having one around opens up options.  Quick infused oils and vinegars, spice blends, etc.  
I suspect that the what they meant to tell you was "The cheap, pre cut, vac sealed portioned lamb steaks are always tough."   What is really unfortunate here is the kitchen, knowing that this product was going to be tough, didn't do the right thing and present it pre sliced (nice and thin) out of the kitchen.
CS, she is not talking about cooking a burger, she is talking about cooking burgers on a line, in her first job!  As an LCB grad myself, I don't really remember the extensive short order classes you must have had...   Seriously, what cooking school grad has come out of their school fully formed and ready to do everything?  None.  And lets face it, its the recent grads that do act like that lead give culinary grads a bad name.
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