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As far as I know, the only degree-granting culinary schools are CIA and Johnson and Wales. All others give diplomas or certificates.  Le Cordon Bleu has a Masters program, but you have to already have an undergrad degree or a Grand Diplome for that, I believe.   What is your professional cooking experience to date? If you have never worked back of the house, I suggest you do that at any level before you proceed with culinary school. A culinary degree is no guarantee...
Once again, I have to say that it all depends upon the market you are in. It might be possible to purchase a beautiful wedding cake for 250 people in New York for $600, but I have no idea where. These days $6 per slice is low-average for a wedding cake. And that would not be an ornately decorated one, or one done by a celebrity chef.
$3 - $7 per slice would be low for New York. The market you are in dictates the price in large part. It's a bad idea to undercut the competition.
Dan, our favorites, and the most requested truffle of all the varieties I make, is a dark chocolate ganache flavored with Grappa. Looks "ordinary," tastes extraordinary!
That cake looks VERY appetizing. It has a beautiful crumb. I will have to try your recipe. :D
Mushroom is pretty much the "poster child" for Umami. The flavor and aroma you get from mushrooms is very different from that you get from, say, asparagus or string beans. What are you looking for in a wine?
Interesting menu... when you're printing your menu, don't forget that "e" comes before "u" in BEURRE.... :) and Bon Appétit!
Your analogy of smoking cigarettes -- anywhere -- is a very poor analogy. If I eat foie gras in front of you, you may feel uncomfortable, because YOU don't care to eat it for PETA reasons. HOWEVER, if I smoke a cigarette in front of you (wouldn't happen, I quit 34 years ago) that exposure to my smoke could cause you to get lung cancer and die. My eating foie gras would only aggravate your questionable moral standards. and I'd be surprised if you ever saw ducks or...
Interesting. I believe, however, that the oldest restaurant still operating in Paris is Le Grand Vefour. However, its food no longer gets any better reviews than La Tour d'Argent, so I'm a bit curious what your fascination is with the "oldest." Personally, I'm more fascinated by what is likely to be "the best," at least in someone's opinion. :smiles: However, in Paris, how bad can any place be? ;)
but Gerard, that is the whole point. SKILL!
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