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That is simply lovely, a work of art! Thanks for sharing.
You might want to try fresh coconut milk instead. Get the young coconuts from the Asian market, they're white, not the brown, fibrous type we see in the supermarkets. Yummy!
I like dark chocolate. I enjoy both the dark chocolate candy bars as well as a good dessert with a strong chocolate flavor. It's a toss up between the two but I think I probably favor the chocolate dessert. I also like chocolate flavored coffee. Ghiradelli makes a great double chocolate coffee.
I've had my Cutco for over 15 yrs. and they have served me well. They come with a lifetime guarantee. Cutco will replace anything that was damaged so it is an investment for life. My daughter, when she was about 13 stuck a Cutco steak knife in my champion juicer in order to push some fruit through the chute. The juicer mangled the knife. My husband reminded me that those knives came with a lifetime guarantee. I called Cutco and they told me to send it in. THey...
I've always pulled a leaf too. I found that works well. I think when you rely on the smell alone, it might be overly ripe.
I like my Emeril ware just fine. The weight is good and the handles are comfortable. TJ Maxx and Marshall's sell a variety of individual pieces of SS cookware. I don't know if they're seconds, but they looked good to me. About 7 or 8 years ago I bought a 12" SS skillet with glass lid for around $25.00 at TJ Maxx.
Thanks, Shel, for that information. I carefully read the ingredient labels but have overlooked which country the food originated, except for produce.
This makes me realize that the more dependent we are on other sources for our food, the less control we have and the more vulnerable we are. I love Trader Joe's. I've been a regular customer since they opened in our community a few years ago. Is it only their pork that comes from China, or other items as well? I don't eat pork anymore (pigs are scavengers and were created to clean up the barnyard) so that doesn't worry me, but am wondering about other food items. I...
I am sorry to hear of your wife's condition. You are on the right track. I know of a man who did help his body to heal from colon cancer. I took training from him at his center in N. Carolina. He has been cancer free for a few decades now. Here are some things I learned from him: The ideal pH for the body is just over 7 which is slightly alkaline. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. The trouble with our modern diets in this country is that it is an...
I use unbleached parchment. It withstands a higher temp and there is no chlorine to leach into your food. I am thinking of getting the silpat. Does Costco carry them? I have become a Costco fan since they moved to my town last Nov.
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