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If someone REALLY want's me to share , there is NOTHING wrong with sending me a PM Don't judge me. least ye be judged....:mad: I too have posted questions to this board and STILL waiting for answers:rolleyes:
Totally NOT being sarcastic or mean, I REALLY would like to know where this information was gathered from so I can answer with an "INFORMED" opinion. How can I answer if I don't know where the misconseption originated from? That's why I had asked if maybe it was misunderstood.. Maybe it was to "DECORATE" ( do detail work and accents ) and the poster misunderstood and read it to mean it was use to decorate the cupcake totally. Before you point a finger..make...
Where did you get this little "nugget" from?
or a little corn syrup. Are you sure you didn't read where you can use the royal to DECORATE ( in other words do detail work ) on the cupcakes?
lol, it's cheap ...maybe easy and best of all it's aready loaded into your computer!
I'm trying to figure out the pricing...
Calling them "Pretty in..." The photo is because it's a sample order..I was charging $1.00 per inch plus $1.00 for packaging..( yes, making profit) but these are more detailed than what I'm used to making with all the parts. I was going to start them at $7.50 without the personalization and $10.00 with the photo. ( these are about 7.5" tall,) I like the flatter flower, but that's not what I had available. lol
Hi, Tee hee double posted...removed.
you can make yourself an excel spread sheet. My son made me one.
This is how I learned to make them in the Italian Deli on E 106 Street in NYC in the '70! So, they were onto something They had a little hole in the wall triving Deli!
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