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Hello to all members, My name is Jim Sherwood and I am currently the Executive Chef - R&D at a food manufacturer in Surrey, BC, Canada. I have over 25 years of kitchen experience, from dishwasher through executive chef. I enjoy the forum topics and will attempt to provide positive input when I am able. If you feel I may be of assistance with questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
Okay, let's all understand this. The title "Chef" is truly a term of respect. Really, we are all cooks; but with enough experience one can obtain the title of "Chef". No one goes to Chef School, we go to school to learn how to cook.
I had the pleasure of working in Europe and things there are a bit different. First off, my chef would have thrown out any product made if I pressed the crumbs into the product. Pressing is not a proper technique. My first suggestion is to try using a seasoned corn starch instead of flour. Second, incorporate some milk in the eggwash. Third, gently pat the product when it is in the crumbs, don't press down just lightly pat the crumbs on. Allow the product to stand...
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