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On a couple of occasions I have given the servers tip to the bus person and telling the manager what and why I did it. I tell the busperson that he/she is the only one I see who knows what there doing........Cookie
I had the same thought as Bombay Ben. When I was young I was thrilled to go on trail rides. After I got a little older I was allowed to go on the all night ride and it is a memory that has me smiling now. I also agree she is to young for a personal computer,great for learning but for a birthday present,I think I'd rather have the rabbit.........Cookie:lol:
I place a pile of noodles or spagetti in a heated fry pan and pour a mixture of egg,vanilla,cinnamon,dash of half & half,and a pinch of salt.Just like a french toast batter.Let it almost set,lifting to allow the egg mixture to get to the sides to cook.Flip to finish cooking and serve with cinnamon suger,syrup or mixed berrie puree....Good Cookin...Cookie
At my old restraunt we served sherry on each table for those who want the alchahol and so they could controll the taste of thier own dish. What prompted this was a customer who was taking a court ordered pill that caused a adverse reaction to the slightest bit of alchohol.
Lentil,Phatch has everything you will need just follow the sites.I will give you a rub that I have used at my restraunt. Multiply it by 8. 3 tbl.paprika 1 tbl.garlic powder 1tbl onion powder 1 mill works great 2 pepper 2 tspn.white pepper 1/2 tspn.oregano or rosemary-ground 1 tspn.salt The ribs can also be finished,after bbqing,in a covered hotel pans in a 325* oven for 4 hrs. also.The most important thing I read is to take that silver...
Use Shallots.A mild onion/garlic taste...good cookin...cookie
I'm with Tincook on the reheating.I would put the hot coals around the outlide edges of the grill and the ribs on heavy duty alluminum in the middle of the cooking surface wipe excess sauce off the meat as it has already permeated the meat with flavor cook covered for about 30 to 40 min..You can serve the marinade on the side but heat it first for safety.I personaly would serve a different sauce may be with sauted onion and garlic in it...have a great cook time...
Go to search on the net.Type in recipeZaar.type Balti chicken with Tarka Dahl.They got 1 recipe...good cookin...cookie.That's about as complicated recipe that I have ever seen.Let me know if you find curry leaves.Just for grins if you make it tell me, hope you like it.On the right side of the recipie there is a rating from someone who made it and suggested some changes.
Hi Shel. I had a Misto and I did'nt care for it. It seemed to get gummed up quick. I ended up with a spray bottle from a hair product store and never had a problem with it...good cookin...cookie
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