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Hi Anneke, Welcome back from France. I hear the weather in Toronto is improving... The article turned out to be a short blurb in a San Francisco magazine (that I had never heard of) called 7x7. The blurb was written by Bruce Cole, owner and author of This is what he wrote: And then on February 29th I woke to find that my site was the Yahoo! Pick for that day causing my daily traffic to increase 10-fold:
A week ago, my brother was having dinner with some friends when they happened to mention that my web site was mentioned in a food magazine they were reading. My brother didn’t think too much of it, assuming that I aready knew about the mention. Yesterday, we were talking and I asked him to go back to his friends and get more information — like which magazine and what issue — it was all news to me. Today he emailed me to say that they couldn’t remmember the name of the...
I wonder if the use of the word praline is similar to the use of the French word croustillant, which is used to describe crispy items, often made as small disks, and are either sweet or savory.
I regularly cook recipes from old cookbooks. There are some examples that I published this year at Book Review: Gastronomie Pratique and Blanc-Manger: A Journey Through Time. I've found that I'm usually able to produce good results the first time I try an old recipe, or for sure on the second, using my experience combined with gut instinct. It is always necessary to try to think in terms of the time period in which the original recipe was written. What forms of heat were...
Not really. I'd like to have many, many more visitors. I do get a lot of nice comments sent to me that keep me going.
Currently about 75,000 visitors a year; down from close to 100,000 last year.
About a month, on and off, including all the research. I’m fortunate to have access to the humanities library at Stanford University. One of the books I found there is an Old French to English dictionary. This really helped with the older recipes. BTW, I just found a 5-volume cookbook by Carème there that I'm starting to “try” to read in a couple of days.
A while back I got interested in blanc-manger, which turned out to be at around in some form for at least 600 years. My research resulted in an article detailing the history. I hope you get a chance to read it.
In some ways, Massailot's recipe for crème brulée better represents burnt cream because in called for a burning the top with red-hot piece of iron! Salmanders and blow-torches didn't exist in 1691!
I have written about the theory and practice of meat cooking temperatures extensively in an article I published last November. One very helpful reference was Chapter 3 of the 2001 Food Code published by the US Public Health Service division of the FDA. One of the interesting aspects of this publication is a chart that shows that a 10-minute rest at 140°F is as effective as 15 seconds at 155°F. (I have rendered the chart as a graph in my article.) I usually pull my...
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