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i like chinese food . i like grill duck
is it Thai food?
Do you know what is it?
yes im sure soy sauce is right. it is different from Nam pla. soy sauce is made from bean. if my English is not clear im sorry.
:p one more dish. prawns fired rice
prawns fired rice . :p
i ate banana and icecream after dinner all the whole last week.
well, put coconut milk to make good taste but i think it too fat.
thanks for you iders jim Have you ever cooked any kinds of fired riced? more over i like fired riced which is cooked with ketcup pineapple and ham.
Ingredients:chef: 500 g. for Water 10 large shrimps or praws 1 cup muchrooms 1-2 stalks lemon grasses chopped 3-4 kaffir - lime leaves 1/2 tsp. Salt 1 Tbp. chopped cariander leavers 2 Tbp. fish sauce 2 Tbp. lime juice 250 g. Milk To cook 1. Pour water in a pot. Add lemon grass and kaffir-ime leaves then heat it. 2. Wait until the water is hot then add shrimp and cover the pot. 3. wait 2-3 minutes remove from the heat 4. adding the mushroom and salt. let it simmer for...
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