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Cool. I'm all for clean water. Perhaps I was just debating myself...lol
This is absurd. Since when is mercury a man made chemical? Ever heard of volcanic eruption?...guess what those release into the atmosphere? The guidance on women and seafood is horribly misguided. ...and why doesn't the mercury kill the fish? Because these fish (mainly older bigger fish) also have high levels of selenium...and there is strong scientific evidence emerging that, even in humans, selenium allows the living body to pass the mercury through the system in...
The whole concept of organic is that there's a verifiable paper trail regarding every aspect and history of said organic item. Therefore, it's almost impossible to label a wild fish organic...you simply don't know what the fish ingested in its ifetime. Aquaculture gives the organic concept a platform at least. They can prove organic feed etc. The USDA does not yet have rules regarding organic seafood because of this dilemma. But they do recognize organic seafood from...
Galloping Goose Kitchen and Katerz
Welcome Write up a list of questions and ask away!
I grew up just off Queen west..Village by the Grange. Do you guys remember Lickin Chicken? By the Way Cafe...Bloor and Brunswick. LOL I used to run that place...seems like 100 years ago. What about The Wet Paint Cafe on Young and St Clair? Remember that?
sounds like you're a smart kid and a hard worker. reminds me of me. I think your next logical step would be day prep type stuff. That way you can learn your way around ingredients and recipes. This knowledge will help you a lot on the line shifts as well. Where ever you land a job, find a mentor. Work hard and learn always...you will be offered additional responsabilities, raises, promotions etc. But trust me, never stop learning...every chance you get. You want both...
Outback ony Jaccards some cuts. No pump or chemicals. Sam, what lines positions did you hold at OB? Your experience there might help to answer your question.
Just east of the Death Valley Parking Lot, I see. Never been there but the menu looks interesting. My fav Greek joint was the Athena a little further east...never had a bad experience. I'll have to try Lolitas next time I get back up there
Ed I have some indirect experience with this. As stated above, you're going to need to work backwards. That was the first I'd heard of each day part having a specific budget. You're experienced enough to do the math. (10% breakfast, 25% lunch...whatever) I recall one of the biggest issues being everything needs to be tender....make that super tender....then there's the nutritional requirement aspect. A friend of mine runs a facility, but it's high end. His food and...
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