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Hey thanks folks the quantity is "number of selections" and I do like the idea of some from the BBQ I also have a vegan assistant on the team. But this is why I joined this forum so thank you.
WE are trying some new territory a group in our community asked us to quote an appetizer menu for 200. We would like the challenge because it will open up a whole new fund raising road for us, but we have always done BBQ. So I would like ideas on types of tizers and quantity I would need for 200 people. Thanks Food Bank Freddy
We got a little experience with this here in Red Deer Alberta Canada. We are the BBQ CRUE and our job is to raise money for the Food Bank we are staffed by Food Bank volunteers and employees and have been at it for 10 years or so, as the name says we are BBQ Caterers run out of and by the Food Bank. We also do fund raising for other organizations, enough about us. As a charity we are always happy to have new events and ways to raise money. Your idea is great and I would...
I have volunteered at one of our local Soup Kitchens and found it to be a lot of fun. I moved on many years ago but still have friends from there that I see once in a while. I moved on to our local Food Bank 16 years ago and managed to incorporate my Chef skills into some amazing fund raising. We run what is known locally as the BBQ CRUE we work car shows store openings community events you name it anywhere we can set up and serve food we are there. The effort brings in...
My first catering job was before the internet. I had to try and find the information in a library or food magazines (and trust me there were not a lot back then) I lost my shirt the first few. I have been in this forum for a while and I have asked "what do you think of this" or "any suggestions for a kids party of 100"because I now know how to cost my menu but I like the opportunity to find out what the other Chefs/Professional Caterers think. If you are going to become...
Some nice ideas thank you all very much and if your ever in Central Alberta feel free to come take a turn at our grill : )
Hey Shroom we do BBQ favs burgers dogs and we rotate specials like wings tandoori chicken Sammy pulled pork smoked beef and whole hog. But I'm looking to use our flat top and get some healthy choices and some vegetarian stuff ideas. Quick "cool" hand food   
Our season is coming up quickly and I have decided to expand our menu. Im lookng for some ideas for an outdoor events. We use a BBQ pit that has 2 3X4ft flat tops on the side away from the pit. We have been doing BBQ for a long time ans now Im older and becomeing more health aware Im looking for new stuff to put out. If you dont know us we are the Food Bank BBQ CRUE in central Alberta and raise (net) over 60k a year withour caitering and BBQ service. We do a lot of...
Yummy Pork Porn I like a guy that can cook a good lookin pig.
I use eye of round. Pull at 125 wrap in foil then in warming blankets then into a cooler that has been warmed. This gives me up to 3 hrs before I need to carve. I use eye of round because we use our big slicer on site quik and even cuts to the buffet. For hand carve or smaller venues I like a 7=9 bone prime mmmmmm.
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