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Like stated above, adding extra egg yolks will help your mix. We make regular & Kahlua brule all the time.
That looks like straight up cooled (room temp) Ganache, once in the fridge the shine will disappear.
 My chocolate is for display only   so the above does not apply.... I did a video on taking apart and cleaning  a Wagner. It's a 3 minute job cleaning.          
yeah cocoa butter is great, recipe is 50/50  chocolate to cocoa butter. we used to buy it until we tried making it ourselves.  go to a hobby store for your airbrush I got a brush and compressor for 175.00
If if doesn't look good people are not going to buy it. It's that simple.
 pretty sure white chocolate is not in powder form. Cut your sugar down to a 1/4 of what you have and introduce the chocolate.
  I use wagner too
the whole effect of the water bath is to cook the cheesecake at an even temp thru-out the cooking time and to add mosture. no water bath will cause the middle to crack. HowStuffWorks "What is a Water Bath?"
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