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Hi, just read your post, I would be happy to share!
Thank you for your reply.  A friend found one for me and emailed it to me! As I said I just don't trust the bride, (even though we work at the same place) and I just wanted something to protect myself.  Thanks again.
I have a potential order for a wedding cake and a groom's cake.  I would really like to have a generic type cake contract.(I just don't trust the bride!). Can anyone help me out. I have looked on-line and they want to charge me for! Jeeze is nothing free anymore?  I COULD tyup one up myselft, but as you canesee I am not exactly an expert tyupist!!   I would appreciate any help.  Thanks,
Your reply made me laugh out loud and I really needed that today! Thanks! The Exec Chef came up with his own menu for app, entree and etc. Although he is expecting me to execute his cheese course. I have it written down at work, something about a cheese flan, and a cheese tart, can't remember exactly (maybe I am subconsciously blocking it out?) . Anyway, thanks for the tips.
I like the choux paste dipped in caramel idea. I would like to do frangipan, but the chef will not buy almond paste. I do not have a blast freezer. he expects me to produce these things without purchasing any "specialty" bakery items. Thanks for the tips. :bounce::beer:
this is a dessert substitute, cast in stone by my Exec. Chef. He is practicing for a competition coming up in October and he really wants to impress the people attending the function. Why? because they help pay for his trip to Budapest to compete. What a pain in my ***. Thanks for your reply.
I need three extra special , Knock your socks off petit fours for a dinner in September. Any help? And keep it simple please, I HATE making petit fours!!!
One more thing, we always use Callebaut callets. We are very limited in the brands of chocolate that we can order. Any experience and/or thoughts on Callebaut?
Thank you so much for replying!! I will check the fountain tomorrow for brand and size. Thanks again.:lol:
Has anyone ever used white chocolate in a chocolate fountain? My Exec chef adds about 1/2 gallon of veg oil to the dark chocolate when we use the fountain, just to keep it flowing. I was wondering if the white chocolate would get too hot and seize up and/or burn? It would be helpful if I had the instructions for the fountain itself, but God only knows if ithey are still here, I am guessing it was thrown out ages ago. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. :chef:
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