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Thanks guys... So these spots are actually bad for the pan, right? I ordered some bar keeper's friend yesterday :)
I only referred to bluing because i read it from this site when i was reading up on how to clean the pans. Care For Your All-Clad Cookware I could totally be wrong. I'm just worried because a some little spots on the inside of the pan turned a metallic greenish blue. I tried to wash it off but it wouldn't come off. Anyone have any idea what this is? All I cooked was chicken.
So I used my all-clad saute pan last night for the first time. After washing it,a few spots on the pan turned a shade of greenish blue. Is this bluing? I heard the turn but never knew what it meant. Is it a bad thing?
Thanks guys for the info!
Hello everyone, I'm new here. Not sure if i'm posting in the right place. I'm just an at home cook and I just received some all-clad mc2 cookware as a gift. A stock pot, saute pan, and nonstick frying pan. I was wondering how everyone cares for these. I want to use these things forever and i would think there is some basic cleaning tips for these. I did look on the all-clad site and there is some information but i wanted to see how everyone here takes care of their...
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