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Could be that a search term has to be at least four letters. Try searching on "hams" :o
That should thrill the "raw food" folks. Unless, of course, they are against all genetically modified foods as well as all cooked foods. Now all those scientists have to do is ensure that the water people might use to soak the rice is clean and healthy. That's probably a much bigger task.
"Cold" smoking is kind of a misnomer, since it actually maintains a constant temperature above the danger zone -- that's how barbeque is done. It does cook foods, just very low and veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry slow. Hot smoking, otoh, uses higher temperatures and shorter times. That's what I do in my stovetop smoker, which operates at the equivalent of an oven at 375ºF.
Why would you want to look anywhere else? :cry: I Googled "cooking forum" and got about 174,000 results. When I Googled it without the quote marks, I got 36,100,000. :eek: And you know which one came first? :confused: ChefTalk! :peace:
Actually, Marcella Hazan "popularized" the "no cheese with fish" rule long before Scott Conant did, probably even before he was even born. (Unfortunately, I can't find the quote right now.) But even she allows exceptions, such as her tortellini with fish stuffing, which includes Parmigiano-Reggiano. I believe "rules" are made to be broken, anyway. If it tastes good, it is good. So I mix ethnicities with abandon.
I find they work better for cream of broccoli soup (pureed) than the florets -- they completely blend in, without leaving tiny dark green specks floating around. :eek: Agree with KYH about peeling, especially the thicker "trunks." But they work well for any dish where you'd use broccoli, especially stir-fries. I never understand why anyone would NOT use them!
:rolleyes: Well, then, you're no help. :lol: I almost never turn on my cell phone.
My Polder Triple Timer/Clock/Stopwatch, which I hang over my desk, has died. Not surprising, since I knock it down a lot. It's maybe the third one I've had over many years -- they all suffers the same fate. I like it, but wonder if there is something else out there that would hold up better. What I need: 1. Clock, preferably 12/24, with a reasonably sized display (this one is about 1/2 inch high in a space 1 3/8 inches wide 2. Stopwatch (same dimensions) ...
1) Yes. No, but it will lose a lot of its crispness. (You can buy packages of cooked bacon -- for several times the cost of raw. :eek: ) 2) Yes. There are a couple of ways: thoroughly grease ring molds (or short cans, like tuna cans before they started making them with only one end to open), place them on your hot greased cooking surface, and pour in the eggs. Cook until mostly set, flip (with the mold) and finish cooking. Instant small round omelet. OR: if you have the...
One of my favorite memories of the years I lived in Detroit is of . . . Coney Islands. :lol: Hot dogs on buns with mustard, chili, and chopped raw onions. The chili had no beans, and was sort of like what I imagine Cincinnati chili to be like: finely ground meat, more than a hint of sweetness, maybe a little cinnamon or even curry -- a Greek interpretation. Or if that's not your mom's style, how about foods that were songs? "Do the Mashed Potato" is one I remember...
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