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To answer the tong question: Salmonella is one of the most heat resistant pathogen but it does not survive at temperatures above 74C after 3sec (165F).  When the chicken is placed on a grill or hot surface there is a gradient bubble of superheated air around the meat well above 74C.  Meat contains water which cools down the heat applied to it (bad conductor) but tongs are metal and will soak (conduct) the heat quickly.  Within seconds the metal will reach nearly the grill...
@Mike9   ATK is the best cooking show.  I enjoy the scientific approach they use. Great video, thanks for sharing. Now I have to find out how this works food chemically speaking.....   Luc H.
1/2 to 1 tsp of baking soda per 4L (approx Gal) of soaking water help soften the skin of any legumes, reducing soak and cooking times.   Luc H.
A combo of both ideas could be a good (and cheap) weekend project.   remember the EZ bake oven of the 70's (maybe not...) it was a 100 to 150 watt incandescent light bulb oven to bake premixed cake blend for kids.   I can imagine a incandescent lightbulb connected to a cheap home heating baseboard thermostat inside a cooler or insulated box.  Just set the temp, the light will turn on and off to maintain the temp.   This set-up is cheap and can serve for many...
@OregonYeti I have used a six pack cooler to make 2 liters of yoghurt easily in the past:   make sure you have a 2L glass or stainless steel container with lid that fits in the cooler when closed. Bring your milk to temp (using microwave for example) add culture, mix then place the container in the cooler.  Using a thermometer, adjust your tap water (cold + hot) to the desired temp and fill the cooler and close.  I rarely lost more than 5C over 5 hours.  Change water...
Where I come from (Montréal, Québec, Canada), we say Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015 like this: "Joyeux Noël et, Bonne et Heureuse année en 2015"   Little known fact: You can identify a Québecer that lives in your neighbourhood if his Christmas tree or outside lights have no colour pattern or is not colour coordinated i.e. they have random green, red, blue, white, yellow lights.   best wishes to all!   Luc H.
LOL!  @MikeLM and thanks on behalf of the Canucks of The Great White North!   Actually I believe singing the National Anthem is both languages is a Québec only thing.  I think (am almost sure) that is not the case for any other Canadian hockey team.   Joyeux Noël et Bonne & Heureuse année à tous en 2015!!!   Luc H.
During Montréal Canadians' games, the crowd is asked to stand and remove their hats. The American anthem is sung first by respect for the visiting team then the Canadian anthem which half is sung in French and English, second.   Luc H.
Milk is not shelf stable because it is only pasteurized which means that the heat/time applied kills 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria (in microbiology the is always uncertainty of large numbers) but not 99.9% of all microorganisms.Unopened milk may curdle after it's expiry date and may/will taste bad but it won't make you sick because all the pathogens are killed, only nuisance/souring microbes remain.  That is the purpose of pasteurization and why it is different than...
As with slow-cookers, I would never start with frozen meat for this technique.  It would mess the temp/time calculation. At the very least I would quickly bring the thawed meat to temp in warm/hot water then let it cool down to sous-vide temp. Luc H.
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