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Yes room temperature eggs are less prone to have their yolk break during frying.  The reason that the membrane around the yolk, like all living tissue membranes, is made of polyunsaturated fat.  When cold the membranes are more brittle and when warm, more pliable.Before frying eggs, I let them soak in a bowl of hot tap water for 5 minute or so.  This way I control my time-temp (although leaving them on the counter for 1-2 hours is not that risky). Luc H.
Washed and sanitized eggs can be contaminated post process.  The shell is more porous after the process.  The danger is when the cold chain is broken: a cold egg left on the counter to warm up then refrigerated may become contaminated by aspirating surface bacteria through the pores by contraction of the air pocket in the egg... I know a long shot but it is one reason washed and sanitized must be kept in the fridge until ready to consumed. Luc H.
Funny, that is what we are told here in Canada about the USA. I monitor food recalls in Canada and in the past 15 years, since I have been monitoring the Governments food recalls via e-mail alerts, I never seen salmonella recall of fresh eggs.Mandatory practice in Québec for laying chickens include routine medical check-ups each bird and removal of birds when infected.  More and more farmers are vaccinating against salmonella now (a common practice in Europe). Luc H.
why the potato sweetens is not clearly understood but it has to do with 2 enzymes: Unless it rots, a potato is living tissue in stasis.  It's actually a battery of energy to start a new plant in spring. When the plant prepares for hibernation a starch making enzyme takes over assembling glucose (sugar, monosaccharide) into starch (saccharide polymer or polysaccharides). To be ready for the next spring, another enzyme is activated which breakdown starch into glucose...
I Agree with @BrianShawI would add tomatoes as out, I would add whole melons as out.citrus fruits for juicing do well when frozen (no need to bag) then release more juice when thawed.  I leave citrus to eat out.Eggs must be refrigerated in the Americas because they are washed and sanitized (the cuticle is removed), Europe and most of the rest of the world they can stay out.general rule for any packages foods, you should follow the manufacturers instructions: Mayo out if...
Great point on elitist. as for your carb equivalent comparison, it is always important to feel good after eating (obviously) but unless you have calculated the carb (fat, protein and calorie) content of those three meals to be equivalent, you may have another problem than wheat sensitivity which is insulin resistance (a pre-cursor to diabeties). I would get similar comments/questions when I use to teach nutrition. Luc H.
thanks @cheflayne! Luc H. (humbled, takes a bow)
Apart from Celiac disease and any/all intolerance to gluten and wheat, the gluten-free lifestyle is a fad.   Going gluten free accomplishes many diet related positive goals: It reduces the ratio of carbs to protein which by default means less insulin secretion during digestion which leads to less diabetes related markers. The modern diet is very heavy in carbs so going gluten free usually means less calories overall in the diet. In other words it's a carb reduced diet...
Great observation @teamfat. I am guessing that many of this community probably share the culinary sensory vision talent as I call it which, is to being able to virtually taste a food just by reading the ingredients and recipe.  That's my case and I get frustrated when I try to develop a recipe from a sensory image in my head and can't get it just right yet everybody that try the said misses just loves it yet you know it's just not right.   Luc H.
Niiiice setup! So what thermostat did you end up using?   Luc H.
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