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I'm sure @panini is on to something but I wonder how it applies to cooking.   I think now that it's a stovetop heat diffuser to keep espresso, melted chocolate or even a delicate sauce warm without scorching/boiling because the simmer setting is never low enough sometimes.   Luc H.
Fish (salmon) are naturally slimy:   This does not reflect on the quality of the fish like @Grande explained (good advice).   Luc H.
The slots look like they can hold several things is a ring or a flower pattern (like hold several coffee cups by their handle?!)   or it's a multiple beer bottle opener!   Luc H.
Autoclave is the term used in French (I thought it was also used in English). I looked at the picture instead of actually reading through the description. Now I wonder why they would say why an autoclave should not be used for canning? If anything a medical autoclave would be overkill for canning although both instrument do the same i.e. sterilize what's inside. even this discussion thread link cannot explain the difference and why... can't find any explanation for...
This would be for pastry flour.  I would recommend 3/4:1/4 cup of APF:cornstarch for cake flour. Up here in the Great White North, domestic commercial flour is mainly made from strong Canadian prairie hard wheat. So maybe my recipe would apply more to Canucks than southern available flour based on your comment. Luc H.
I know this is an unorthodox, non-Foodie culinary way, of doing the same but it wields similar results: Incorporating cornstarch to APF drastically reduces the protein content: for every cup of APF remove 1 or 2 TBSP of flour and add the same amount of cornstarch.   Luc H.
How long to you want your product to keep? at what temperature room temp (shelf stable) or refrigerated? Are looking into canning/jarring?   If you're looking for an extended shelf life, you will need to contact a professional Food formulator. Things you will need to look into is pH, acidity, water acitivity (Aw) and most probably accelerated shelf life studies.   Luc H.
yes autoclave is the same as pressure canner. Luc H.
I agree with everybody in this thread but not for the same reason probably.   @Phaedrus pointed out that your pork is basically canned, that is not entirely true because cans are sealed containers but the pressure cooker is not but rather a controlled pressure release container.  Once the pressure cooker it completely cooled to room temperature (as I suspect happened sometime early am), air can flow freely both ways through the weighted pressure release opening and...
Beacuse pasta is very dry since little or no water is involved (has little water activity) then it is not a potentially dangerous food i.e. pathogenic microorganism won't grow in/on the machine. The instructions are appropriate. Apart from potentially causing the machine to rust, using water would seep in nook and crannies which could lead to conditions for microbiological growth and contamination.   p.s. never use vegetable oil to grease kitchen stuff, it goes rancid...
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