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Hi Petals,No I'm not a pro baker just a food science guy that enjoys all facets of food making, tasting and eating (oh and history). As for the salt issue, I believe that salt is a modern ingredient which was seldom used as frivolously in XVIIIth century.  Why it is not included now in recipes? probably because of tradition since recipes tend to be handed down like oral history.  I also believe it is not necessary to add because, as already mentioned, génoise are like a...
As I remember, a Génoise is a cake that has no leavening agents other than the air incorporated into eggs as per Panini and this reference: http://culinaryarts.about.com/od/glossary/g/Genoise.htm (adding butter is optional)   there is an interesting difference between the Wiki entries in French and English whereas in English a genoise is described as a sponge like cake but in French they refer it as a dry light airy biscuit (cookie/wafer) used to make layer cakes. In...
I found Dobzre's recipe on the web.... maybe easier to read. http://www.popsugar.com/food/How-Make-Caramel-Candies-21745974   Because of the temperature required to make and pour caramel, it would be difficult to make a soft caramel then trying to fill it with real chocolate while still hot but filling with chocolate caramel would be easier. The way I would approach making chocolate inside caramel (like an éclair) candy would be by making three layers: pour a first...
Éclairs! I found these:   Luc H.
 Caramel making requires precise technique and temperature control.  There are many variations of caramels out there from hard brittle glasslike to dripping flowy spreadable passing through soft chewy.  Each variation requires a different technique.can you describe the candy? was it a chocolate fondant inside a hard candy like caramel? Luc H.
Chris, that product is chocolate covered caramel, Alex here is referring to a caramel covered chocolate i.e. the reverse.Luc H.
Considering the high temperature required to make caramel and the reverse for chocolate, putting chocolate inside caramel is an interesting (and challenging) concept.  I never seen nor tasted anything like that. Would you happen to have a product name, picture and/or website you can share.  I would like to study the assemblage for such a product.   thanks Luc H.
if you added xanthan gum (found in health food stores) you can have add more water and it will still thicken.   Luc H.
vanilla is more heat resistant than one would expect for the main reason it is the result of a long fermentation (cooking) process.  The fermented vanilla bean pods are loaded with resin that are not very volatile and very heat stable. Their shelf life is also much longer than what manufacturers would let you believe. Vanillin, the main component that gives the distinctive taste of vanilla, has a boiling point of 285 C! (look no further than Wikipedia:...
as I suspected, this is a classic quatre quarts or pound cake. I will stick to my comments: moister than the original.  I don't anticipate any big change from the original recipe maybe a little extra tang from the sour cream.   by the way, adding cornstarch to all purpose is a substitute from cake flour so in essence your recipe is like using cake flour instead of all purpose flour.   Luc H.
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