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I really like that idea. I'm thinking about par cooking the day before and popping on grill that day because my oven space is extremely limited. I could brush with sauce on grill and keep hot until eating time. One person to manage grill out back of church. I think that will save on staff as well. Do you think that recipe would work cooking day before. How juicy is it? Nothing is worse than dry chicken and chicken for a crowd is tough-much different than cooking for a...
The ham is going to be cold along with cold pasta salad. Hot foods are garlic potatoes, green beans and chicken. I don't want two cold meats. Thanks! Shelly
Thanks! Sounds delicious. I'll definitely try it. Shelly
I didn't think about the lemon. The walnuts I had considered. The lemon would definitely add a zing! Shelly
Hi Guys! I am going to be writing a weekly food column in our local paper along with a recipe of the week. I have an "idea bank", but interested in other's ideas. Not too fussy-this is a Southern Town whose busiest restaurant is the Western Sizzlin buffet. I totally want to bring a little bit of posh to it, but still need to keep that in mind. Also, thought about naming the column "Dishing with Shelly Anne" as I am able to advertise my name along with the column. I'm stuck...
Saw a recipe on food network. Soak figs in sherry. Add to sauteed onions and garlic and put in baking dish. Crumble goat cheese on top and heat through in oven. Served with toasted baguettes. The recipe base I thought was good but a bit bland. I added some crushed red pepper and it helped a great deal. It would be worth creating your own version.
How do you prepare chicken morengo? I agree- I think 2.5 pieces of chicken is too much, especially with ham. And we're big eaters in Alabama
I have longer set up time, but a breakfast that morning and will need to be there for presentation (it is the first of a monthly breakfast for a fru-fru sorority in town) So I must make a good first impression. What about par cooking in oven day before, then grill to heat and mark at site? Shelly
Thanks so much! I love everyone's ideas. I think I might go with the farming out or hiring a griller to grill out back of the church. I simply don't have the space or equipment myself on such a large portion. Love the idea of servers plating the food for portion control! Shelly
Help please! I am catering an evening wedding in October for 250 people. I have not fed that many before. I have a breakfast that morning, so will want to prep as much as possible the day before. The clients want chicken and ham for meat. They do not want a casserole or fried chicken, but perhaps a baked chicken (maybe breaded). The venue is a church, with a standard kitchen. Any ideas for moist and easy to prep for a crowd chicken? This is a southern style menu -green...
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