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I've just received a review copy of 1001 Foods You Must Eat Before You Die. I will have to tick off the ones I've already tried and see if I have enough time left to take up the challenge :-) It's being published here in Australia in March.
Me, too. I found it by chance at the secondhand bookshop at my local market last week. Quite delightful.
Marco Pierre White's biog sounds about as riveting as his latest recipe book which left me totally underwhelmed. It's titled Marco Pierre White in ****'s Kitchen but seems to have nothing to do with the ****'s Kitchen series. I've noted viewers complaining they thought it would include recipes from the series (which hasn't aired here in Oz yet). It's reviewed in the Books for Cooks section of my website but for some reason I can't post the url.
Definitely. A book that has found its time again. Grigson wrote some great books which are the backbone of my library, along with Elizabeth David's books. Good to see them being republished. Grigson's daughter Sophie Grigson has also put out some excellent books in the past 15 or so years.
CookWise by Shirley O Corriher. Teaches a lot about the science behind cooking, Excellent book.
I must have around 1400 cookbooks by now. When we did some house renovations and made a large study, we have a lot of built in bookshelves made and my collection as well as all our other books went there. And then... Husband got a new job 2 1/2 years ago which involved moving countries. Give away cookbooks? Would I give away my children?? We are currently in our second rental property here so moving that many books each time is a trial. However, we've bought a whole lot...
Enjoyed them both very much. An entertaining writer.
I hope if anyone attends they will post some pointers for those of us in the far-flung parts of the world who would love to attend but lack the dollars. I am a great McGee follower.
My son is an intern doctor working similar shifts (7am-10pm some days). He goes to the gym when he can fit it in. I know your hours aren't exactly going to embrace gym or other exercise. Can you walk to work to get ina bit of stretching? And have that shower at the end of the day. Gets rid of the cooking smell. Wash your hair while you're at it! Makes you feel fresher. No one likes looking into a kitchen and seeing greasy chefs with lank floppy hair... If you've got...
This is an interesting thread as I've rarely had good gnocchi. It's been gluey, heavy, doughy. I like the idea of gnocchi, just not the execution. Is it bad form to ask if anyone uses baking powder? I can imagine puffy pillows of dough but I've yet to meet them. Cheers Pat
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