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One of my favorite leftover things is turkey meat put into a freezer container, covered with turkey gravy and frozen. A month or two after Thanksgiving I reheat it and have it with toast, rice or mashed potatoes. The turkey meat keeps really well in the freezer with the gravy around it.
Because there are no diamonds found in Switzerland. Just kidding.
 I would bet this is the main reason, and I think lemon juice on fish is for the same reason. But I'm no chef.
I was a line cook about 30 years ago and we used teflon pans for eggs and they were perfect. Silicone spatulas were the only utensil used, and cleaning consisted of using a paper towel to wipe the pans. With that heavy use, and not getting the pan too hot, they lasted probably 3-4 months before starting to stick, which is great for the price and the ease of use. We had no time for sticky pans. That would have been at least a few thousand eggs per pan.   Now I always use...
 Whew, that's spendy! But with your recommendation, probably worth the price. I'll buy some when I get a raise   
Fred Meyer, now under Kroeger, used to have my favorite tuna, yellowfin tuna canned with just salt and a little water. Now I can't get that Fred Meyer yellowfin any more. Having to choose other kinds, I use StarKist. It's pretty good. Insert a half-hearted smiley here. :^\
In India you could (and I'm sure still can)  find potato chips made from kind of thick slices of potato, about twice as thick as what we're used to, that were dried before frying. They are very crunchy. You can also get them pretty heavily spiced, which I love.
 Thanks! Gotta try 'em.
That reminds me. I have some lox, ends and pieces, that I haven't finished yet. I will mix that lox in with some eggs and some parsley for eggs and lox. Both eggs and lox will be cooked only 'til the proteins just start firming up.
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