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Good thing it was recalled!
 I got http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004ZRMJMQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1The range is 30-110 F. You have to wire in the 120/240 volts to the thermostat--It doesn't come wired. But the connections are simple if you know what you're doing (as I know you do, Luc).
Hair dryers have to be cool to the touch. The hair dryer has a built-in circuit breaker so that no one sets their hair on fire. I believe all of them do, in case something goes wrong. You do bring up a great point. A person should make sure that if they make something like this, the hair dryer should have a built-in circuit breaker somewhere since it will be left to run by itself. I believe all of them do nowadays, but best to make sure.
This works great for yogurt. I made a quart of yummy Indian yogurt, but I also could have made a lot more in one batch :) It's a big box that my new desktop PC came in.Thermostat goes from 30-110 F. It's a prototype but the results were great, so it might be a while before I make the final version. I put in the stuff to keep warm, on top of the inner box, set the thermostat which controls the hair dryer, close the flaps on top of the box, and let it sit. My final version...
This was a weed where I went to school in the Himalayas in India. Doesn't taste that good.
Looks like a coarse grind is common in Deutsche Wurst. Good to know! I like that.
Thanks, Luc! I will see if this one works when I get it next week. I expect it will. There is hardly ever a problem with a thermostat and I got unlucky. If it doesn't work, your recommendation will be my next try.   I chose an electric heating pad because it will cover a large area on the bottom of the container. That will help with even heating for better control.
After some grrrr over a thermostat that didn't work as I wanted it to ... 110 F is a very uncommon demand ... I 1think I will have a good setup soon. An electric warming pad to spread over the bottom of the heated space, plus a thermostat that can handle it. I bought the thermostat that MaryB suggested and right out of the box it was defective. Dangit! From ratings on Amazon it is hit-and-miss and mine was a miss.   A Dayton thermostat with a little electric blanket for...
I lived in Secunderabad, twin city to Hyderabad.
I love sumac. :^)
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