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Five or 6 places, right?
I'd say you're right, more flavor would go into the sauce. The vegetables almost blend in with the sauce, right? So you choose which you prefer.
Once I noticed someone made a mistake with the tag on some meat.  I got a while leg of lamb for about 2 dollars. I was ok with that I bet that got corrected pretty quick.
The veges would be cooked for too long, for my taste. I would put them aside before sauteeing the chicken so they aren't in there the whole time the chicken is cooking. But there's no one right way.
Cool! Maybe this would be a valuable trick for companies that produce frozen pie shells. I bet they could save a lot on packaging and transport. But then it also wouldn't look familiar.
Oh, kefir then, not yogurt. Or maybe both?
Cool, thanks all.   Mtullius, one story I heard about the origin of yogurt was this ... A legend has it that a messenger to Genghis Khan or the famed warrior himself had a skin flask, and a disgruntled villager that they had seized filled it with milk instead of water. The villager hoped to poison him with soured milk during his journey of conquest. Instead, the curdled milk became yogurt and strongly fortified the horseman.
 Mmmm, I'm with ya. Sounds like a GREAT dinner.
I humbly bow to your superiority.
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