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Something about grilled olive oil?
You don't need to replace the door switch. Just stick something in there so it can run with the door open. Then stick your head in there as it's running to troubleshoot the rest of it.
I made something tonight that's really good. It was my idea, but it must have been done before (only in the age of Bruce Aidell):   I chopped a red bell pepper, a yellow bell pepper, 2 carrots, one parsnip, 4 small red potatoes. I tossed them with some of my homemade ketchup, (spicy and not sweet), and with some ground smoked paprika. I put this all in a casserole pan with a package of Aidell's chicken meatballs (carmelized onion version) and baked loosely covered for...
Cook greens uncovered, and they keep a brighter color. If you don't believe it, ask the Vah chef. :)
I've ordered a bunch of small metal tins, 2, 4 and 6 ounce metal ones, with slip covers. I'll be using these at home. I was going to use the small ones for immediate supply at room temperature, and the rest of them in the fridge or freezer. Sound like a good idea?
I tried their comte and I wasn't impressed, but I don't know that kind of cheese so I wasn't going to say it was good or not good. I do like TJ's manchego anejo a lot.
(TJ's here has Comté)
Thanks. Great thread, huh? I think so, anyway.
 Give it to me, eh?
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