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I like to eat a grapefruit as I do an orange--peel, then eat the sections whole.
Tomorrow's lunch will be egg salad from the eggs of local chickens that peck around at the blueberry farm. The yolks are dark yellow, mmm. Some Hungarian half-sharp paprika mixed in with the egg salad, whole wheat bread, sliced cucumbers and thawed blueberries, and maybe an orange or a grapefruit. Simple, but better than cafeteria food. This is the kind of thing I usually have for lunch.
Best to you, Chris. Seems like you are fine with criticism, as long as it is with repect and to help you do better.
I almost always take my own lunch. And yeah, I have given that cafeteria too many chances.
I bought this type about 10 years ago. Very effective for average knives and a low-cost sharpener. Not the new model you guys are talking about.
Wow, with all the razor sharp knives you guys have, I don't want to mess with any of you.   I would say that for cheaper knives the Edge Pro I have is great.
I don't remove the husk. I see no reason to do that, even with hummus bi tahini, which I make often. I grew up in India, the capital of channa/garbanzo beans/hummus/chickpeas/ceci beans/chhole, which are different names for the same thing. Hummus bi tahini is what India needs to make its channa repertoire complete. Maybe some Portuguese dishes too.   The husk is essential to the texture for me. Maybe some dishes should have the husk removed, but in my opinion not in...
Lucky for me, it's only my taste buds affected so far.
I agree. I know I'm not speaking for everyone. It seems I'm in the minority when it comes to sugar.
I had the "taco bar" at the HP cafeteria yesterday, and someone added sugar to the salsa. ^%^%(%  I wish they would at least be consistent so I could know what to ask for and what not to. Sometimes the salsa is great, to my taste, and other times I wish it was never put on my food.
New Posts  All Forums: