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Seasoning can be added later since the size of the "grains" is very small. I found lemon pepper to be a good one.
I adjusted my diet to lower carbs but definitely did not eliminate them. I used the Atkins diet as a reference and I'm not following it at all strictly. Most of my diet is veges, eggs and meat. Cabbage, broccoli, spinach, kale, cauliflower, peppers, other veges, eggs, beef and pork are biggest in my diet. I am definitely not going extreme, and not going hungry at all, and I have lost 22 pounds in 4 months. Once I get to my target weight (just 8 pounds away), I will eat...
Am I late? Yesterday I made some corned beef, not cured, just pretty much beef brisket simmered with Penzey's corned beef spices and salt for 4 hours.   Today I used the broth from it and made soup adding a lot of mushrooms. I put some Tillamook sharp cheddar chunks in a bowl, added some of this soup and let the cheese melt. It's yum.
I looked up "brisket" and I found this :^)   Today I braised (for almost 4 hours) a 3-pound cut of beef brisket with salt and Penzey's corned beef seasoning and it came out great.  Mmmm  No curing, though that might have been better, not sure.  I'll make it like this again.
Looks like an interesting thread. I take it you rolled a joint with lamb in it. Just kidding. Marijuana is legal here but I don't know about lamb.
  Mmm sumac. Gotta try that.
I make it from scratch (except for using canned garbanzos sometimes). I also buy it ready made, but Sabra brand is the only one I found that I like.   Plain hummus bi tahineh, and sometimes put sambal oelek on top--yum. Pita or WW bread and cukes go nice. Or just a spoon of if plain.
About the same as cous-cous.
When I look at the list of forums, I don't see "Cooking Challenges" on the front page. I think it should be there since I think it's one of the best parts of ChefTalk. Maybe it could be listed under "Cooking Discussions"? I look for them more often than anything else. Just an idea. Just now I was looking to see if there was a challenge of cooking lamb. I could look some more and find out but I think the challenges maybe should be on the front page of the forums(?) They are...
Laurenlulu, how unbelievably sad. I am so sorry. I have two children and I can only imagine your grief. I'm glad that Josh Groban can take away some of the pain. :(
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