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Steep some whole star anise, allspice, cardamom and black peppercorns in cider vinegar for a couple of months.   Add some fresh garlic and some bottled hot cherry peppers (about the same volume of cherry peppers as spiced vinegar). Add some veg oil (I used soybean oil) and prepared mustard. Blend. Mmmm
Any suggestions for the beginner?
I just figured something out the hard way--people who get gout should eat very little fish sauce. It's very high in purines.
Luc, I think I will do something like that
I ordered some Red Boat through Amazon.
After all that excessive thinking, turns out the oven light will do it for bread, for my use anyway. Thanks, KokoPuffs! The oven light by itself is keeping my oven about 13 degrees warmer than the conditioned space outside of it. That makes it warm enough for bread dough to rise. A gas pilot keeps the oven warm too, but I'm not lucky enough to have a gas oven.   For yogurt, as Luc says, an insulated container will work fine. Also, ChrisBelgium's suggestion of an oven at...
Thanks, Mary. That's similar to what my plan B was   Luc, I've done almost the same thing as you have, making yogurt. Since the milk and culture (yogurt as starter) mix is mostly water, with a high specific heat, it is not as hard to keep it a good temp. range with some insulation--that, and yogurt can cool a little as it ferments, and it's fine. Yeast bread dough and pancake batter are the ones that I think will be trickier since I keep my place around 60-65 F (about...
Thanks, Mickey. That happens to be the same thing that FF suggested, from a different source   http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/bread-proofer
Thanks:) My oven's lowest setting is 170 F or 77 C. Since that won't work, FF's suggestion looks good!
I'd like to get something that will make a warm little environment that I can put containers in to keep them at a temp range of say 70-100 degrees F. I'd like to use it for making yogurt and for bread dough and yeast pancake batter to rise in. It has to be adjustable within the range of temp I need, and fit different-sized containers that I would use for different things.   I can make something like this myself, with some experimentation, such as a 20-gallon cooler with...
New Posts  All Forums: