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well musik, although I am not a real frequent poster on this site, think you can learn here. hope you enjoy it. do you have a favorite recipe that you love and would like to share? jump in...the water's warm
boy I'm stumped. I didn't recognize what the # was for either but did wonder if it meant pounds. weird way to write then read a recipe. I've informed my husband we're going back to Edinburgh Scotland and redoing the tour on High street where the bus stopped in a small community for a break in the drive and scones. Ah the memories
"Anyone using pressure cookers out there? Has anyone tried the Iwatani? NSF" I've been using pressure cookers since I was taught (over years I might add) and love them. Think they're terrific. Love how they tenderize lesser cut meats, do vegetables in no time, and something like dried beans are amazingly made simple. But, I've never seen one that puts me into the NSF (non sufficient funds) category... What is NSF?
Ishbel wrote "We (perhaps, luckily) don't have Walmart here." yes true enough but you do have something very special that all good scratch cooks need. Treacle and Lyles Golden Syrup
" Its called The Screw the Consumerp rule!!!!! Manufacturer...who does this most is KRAFT and then on top of that they add more water to their products in particular Cream Cheese.If you notice some of the cream cheeses in the dairy cases now say cream cream cheese spread." Well I'll be. Imagine that. The Government trying to $(rew the American public/consumer. Tis a shame. I'll be on the lookout, thanks for heads up.
Funny, I love Extra Virgin.  Watch it and even tape it if I am going to miss it.  Or watch several in one siting.  Love it when they go to or are in Tuscany.       And to comment on the program that "BIGSteve" likes, no wonder he likes it and I don't.
...lived in Hawaii Kai and attended Honolulu and the one on the way to Kaneohe
on wrong page now and don't remember who said they don't use tahini. too expensive, the person from Zambia {?} or Zimbabwai or or or.............sorry anyway, I didn't ever use tahini in mine until I bought some due to reading online how it was impossible to make a real hummus without the use of tahini. guess what?  I don't like it either.  I also think way too much is made of it's use. [where's the hiding behind a couch emoticon?]
ChefLayne, you got my attention with the date hummus   care to share, answer=YES   I loved reading on one of the posts here about saving your boiling water from the dried beans to add to the food processor. how long have I been making hummus and not done that.  no wonder my hummus is impossible to get creamy. DUH>.................
I can't add anything new because I like the standard way of typical Corned Beef and Cabbage, boiled potatoes, with maybe some carrots, Irish Soda bread and creamy horseradishy sour creamy sauce for dipping each bite into.   we love this meal.  so good
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