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I have made this myself more than a few times now it has never been anything less than a total winner. You mentioned that it has to be a vanilla cake for your granddaughter's birthday and probably a vanilla cake it is, but......coming from a person that loves butter so much&thinks it should be a food group all its own as well as mayonnaise (but that's another subject) to me this cake is deliciously buttery in flavor > just my take on this cake. I will be making it...
well I guess it's time to try a new recipe and this one looks like it'd be good. thanks for posting it, will report back after it's done.
thanks for answers.  I hate wasting 4 sticks of butter and was hoping it could be redone, putting it back on the stove and trying again to do it so it'd turn out. but with the nuts on already on the top and the chocolate melted on top, I'm thinking that's why it can't be put back on the stove.  I got the candy thermometers (I have two that are almost identical) many years ago and they are basic glass globes with wooden tops that contain a sleeve that states the temps. ...
I made an English Toffee recipe from another foodie web site. Made it a year ago, it was perfect in every way. Made it a couple days ago, it didn't set up as hard at all plus didn't get that dark rich color or flavor although my candy thermometer registered at the specified temp. Was the thermometer touching the bottom of the pan and that's why it registered as high as it did maybe? Don't know, seeking answers. Also what can be done with this other than using it for...
well musik, although I am not a real frequent poster on this site, think you can learn here. hope you enjoy it. do you have a favorite recipe that you love and would like to share? jump in...the water's warm
boy I'm stumped. I didn't recognize what the # was for either but did wonder if it meant pounds. weird way to write then read a recipe. I've informed my husband we're going back to Edinburgh Scotland and redoing the tour on High street where the bus stopped in a small community for a break in the drive and scones. Ah the memories
"Anyone using pressure cookers out there? Has anyone tried the Iwatani? NSF" I've been using pressure cookers since I was taught (over years I might add) and love them. Think they're terrific. Love how they tenderize lesser cut meats, do vegetables in no time, and something like dried beans are amazingly made simple. But, I've never seen one that puts me into the NSF (non sufficient funds) category... What is NSF?
Ishbel wrote "We (perhaps, luckily) don't have Walmart here." yes true enough but you do have something very special that all good scratch cooks need. Treacle and Lyles Golden Syrup
" Its called The Screw the Consumerp rule!!!!! Manufacturer...who does this most is KRAFT and then on top of that they add more water to their products in particular Cream Cheese.If you notice some of the cream cheeses in the dairy cases now say cream cream cheese spread." Well I'll be. Imagine that. The Government trying to $(rew the American public/consumer. Tis a shame. I'll be on the lookout, thanks for heads up.
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