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Hi All You Chefs, Ive Just written my christmas day menu and now need to write my new years eve menu any ideas on what to put on . its going to be 5 courses champagne reception and ending. Probably have to use lobster, foie gras, lamb or fillet as main course, maybe souffle as dessert want it to be hassle free so quality simple ideas would be appreciated. Cheers pompey XXXXX
Dear All, Haven't been on for over a year but im back has anyone read the Life A La Henri and what are the other great reads in the modern library food series thanks pompeyams
hi all not spoken for quite some time anyway any of you got a recipe for chocolate fondant I,ve got it on my new years eve menu but could do with a hand in finding a recipe for it thanks pompeyams
thanks for that i,ll give it a go
has anyone made chocolate st emilion know what it is ????
what a terrible thing has happened and yes I falt sick when i heard but this is a cookery site not some blow your own trumpet american tribute dont forget here in England thousands of innocent people have died thruogh terrorism from the IRA which is sponsored mainly from the states I know its sad and im as angry as you all are but please can we go back to food talk anyone cooked chilli pineapple ????
thanks shroom that sound wonderful shall look into it
thanks shroom that sound wonderful shall look into it
I cant thank you all enough for all your travel hints and suggestions . I should of mentioned how long i,ve got and the age of the kids . I will be closing the restaurant for two weeks it will be the first to weeks in march so call me shallow but I would love to go somewhere that will be comfortably warm to get over the miserable drizzly rain and chill of the british weather oh the kids Holly,s 8 and jack,s 6 they both travel well and eat real food so somewhere where I...
Hi all haven,t been on for a while lots on at work thinking of coming to the U S next march on Holiday with the wife and kids any suggestions where to go ( dont say disney please ) awaiting your thoughts love pompeyams
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