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If anyone from Cheftalk places an order with us, we will slip in a pack of our hand filled honey straws. visit Sweet as can Bee Honey Farm
of course we will ship to the UK.. no problem!
SGM: Thank you for your advice. I didnt really go for the flash names for the sage or rosemary honey. Not sure why. Thank you though.
Our new product that we are going to release soon is our honey aged with a combination of coffee beans. Through the aging process, the honey takes on a deep coffee flavor without the bitterness. Also, through time, the honey candys the coffee beans, making them edible. They are great. This honey is awesome. I tried them on pancakes. Yum!!! We do have a web site.... Sweet as can Bee Honey Farm I would love feedback on the web site too. We are planning on a new change...
Not sure this is the right forum for this but I would love to know your opinion. My wife and I own a honey bee farm and sell honey. We are turning out a new product and we do not know what to call it. I would like your opinion on what to name it. Northwest Java Honey Java Buzz Honey Sweet Buzz Java Honey Sweet Buzz Honey Buzzed Java Honey what do you all think?
I used to use this savory tuile recipe from disneyland. Anytime I needed it, I would just type in "savory tuile recipe" in google and it would be right there Well... it is not there anymore. :( So, I am looking for a savory tuile recipe, one that works!! Anyone???
I have been "picked" to do the hot food competition in Atlanta using the ACF Hot Food Rules. I am a little nervous as I havent competed for 5 years. Any tips and/or advice?
bad: Thank you very much I simple asked a question. I was not expecting to get a "you suck, you shouldbt bee a exec chef, go back and be a sous chef" sorta answer. I was asking a question TO SIMPLE GAIN ADVICE.... as I am WILLING TO LEARN. I am not perfect by no means... I am young and have a lot to learn. However, on the other hand, ya all should be supportive of someone... not so freaking distructive with your feedback. After reading the pasts, I felt like $hit...
Suzanne and Food: I think ya all misunderstood what I was saying. Let me elaberate: She spread some rumors... she talked to everyone in the kitchen, the kitchen crew tells me everything. I ignore it. Kitchen drama... as always. She told more rumors.... said she strengthened my marriage with my wife. Sorry.... that is crap. How would YOU feel if a cook said that?? Anyway, two of my employees told me when I got in, instead of confronting her, I talked with HR. HR...
You can make a meringue cookie with them and serve them as a after dinner minarde (sp?) (after dinner gift). You can also make lemon meringue pies are tartlets. Floating islands are cool too.
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