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Hello all! I have some employees who have flat feet and they have to sit down a lot during an eight to ten hour shift. I do not know what this feels like but I told them that I would try to find something that would help their feet. do any of your guys have any suggestions on dealing with flat feet?
Suzanne, You crack me up!!!!!! I should send this letter to the teacher. Lol... I am not looking forward to teaching this part per say since I can not teach them they way I prefer writing menus. I really enjoy keeping it simple. For example: Pan Seared Talapia orange glazed aparagus, smoked tomato cous cous, thyme infused beurre blanc Of course, my GM doesnt really agree with me. Its one of those "No problem. We'll do it whatever...
I agree with you all. When I went through the menus class at the CIA, we had lists of words not to use. I beleive in writing menus that are simple however the teacher of this class and my GM do not really submit to this technique which is fine. i do think that if you can find a true voice to describe food, it can work. for example, a while a go the Food Network had this special show that would go to different restaurants. i cant recall the name but one restaurant they...
Hello all! I have been asked to do a class on cooking for a culinary school in my town and next week, we are covering how to write a menu and I was asked to brainstorm with my Chef friends (you all) and come up with a list of words to describe food. any suggestions?
Dear All: Well, it has been 5 months since I started at the country club as the chef. Now I feel Frusterated for a number of reasons and i wanted to know if it is like this at any other country club. The first thing is that it seems like the GM is screaming numbers at me about labor and food cost. So I let some people go and cut labor. Now i am running a skelaton crew which is ok i guess. i also have created a database so i can see what i am...
RF & Anneke, Thank you for your posts. Culinary school only teaches you so much and if you think about it, their job is not to teach you trends yet their job is to teach you fundamental techniques. And that is what the CIA has done for me. They have taught me the fundamental techniques both in cooking, baking, and managment. If someone asks for ideas on something, there should be no "hey... your a chef... you SHOULD know". That is BS! As Anneke and RF...
You know, i thought this place was a place in which you could bounce ideas off of each other and get some other ideas of stuff. Did i ever say i was going to "copy" anyones ideas? no! why do you flip through a cook book? to get ideas that you can build on. the same principal applies here. you ask a question... get some ideas..... and build from there. the underlining reasoning for the question was to simply see what other people have done in the past with steak.
I was simply just asking a question to get some ideas. Isnt this a place in which we all can ask questions and get ideas? When I posted that.... it was late at night... i had one to many glasses of red wines and I wasent thinking cleary. It was a simple question.
Hello all! I am writing a new menu for the told me that I HAVE to have a ny steak. a rib eye, and filet mignon. However, I need some fresh and unique ideas on things to do with a steak. In the past, we have peppered them, served them with caramalized onions, served them with demi sauce. served them with bleu cheese. any different ideas????????
Kuan: I AM concerned about my labor even though it is a country club. for example, service is over at 8 pm and a week or so ago, my guys could have left at 8:15 but instead, they got bombarded by employee meals and didnt leave until 9:15pm which sucks.
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