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@panini He looks so right at home....he is at home! What a beautiful boy Who rescued who? What name did you finally decide on? Does he go to the Ronald McDOnald house with you? a true win-win there. Wag more, bark less 🐾 joey
One more...Nobu in Malibu. joey
Welome home norman henry(who says a dog can't have two first names?)......who rescues who? God bless you panini and your new best friend....Many,many happy days ahead for you all...amen! Wag more, bark less 🐾 joey ps....He is a very handsome boy...looks very kind and those goldens!
Chez Panisse in Berkeley The boardwalk amusement park in santa cruz for the kiddos and stagnaro's on the wharf for fried oysters (very short beach walk away). If you're an oyster man swan oyster depot in san fran is died and gone to heaven good. Passionfish in Pacific Grove, Casanova in Carmel, Nepenthe in Big Sur So many great, great restaurants serving great, great food its hard to go wrong.....Good luck choosing! joey I have other recommendations but you don't have...
I am truly sorry for your loss panini....there are just no words to fill that hole...... but there are the memories wag more, bark less. 🐾 joey
Sincere congratulations eastshores for not only a job well done but a passion well served. Kgirl...what a wonderful,warm and welcoming hostess you much aloha! Thank you. To everyone else who entered, brava! joey Of course for the 'month of love' as mimi coined it, there is always love food like chocolate and oysters...'love food' perhaps? 💘
Close on the heels of mimi, another late for the sky entry( i promise its people food this time nicko!) This is total soul food for me and my go to comfort food. 'Green Chili Pork Stew' with roasted corn, black beans,poblanos & sweet potatoes. Condiments i serve it with are crema mexicana with chopped cilantro...diced tomatoes with slivered red onion...smashed avacado with salt and lime...white and yellow corn blended tortillas Bravo everyone for some truly great... joey 🎅 🎄
@SpoiledBroth... Perhaps you'll like one of these plates better....if not, i have more! thank you chefbuba. joey
@SpoiledBroth i don't understand what your comment means but i am assuming from the frown icon that you don't like the dish. I get that you might not like the dish, i just don't get the bleach remark. Can you elaborate please. joey
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