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Back in the times when we lived on a sailboat we spent 8 years sailing florida, from st augustine to key west, around and up to pensacola so in those years i feel that i got to get a glimpse of the real florida...the 'old' florida, not south beach with all its glitter and bling. Not to say that miami isn't wonderful in its own right, its just not the slow pace of the 'crackers'. Real southern hospitality is real in florida. Most of our time was spent on the gulf coast( the...
So, not to sound too snarky, but does classic' mean 'your' way is the new 'classic'? You didn't invent it but you perfected it, right? Why is your way 'classic' and restaurants who have doing it for 100 years in old florida not? hmmmm, just curious here hoss..... joey
Sure i'm too late in time for you making a key lime pie this go round but i have been making and serving this one for over 20 years at our restaurant...people(even floridians) say its the best, and i agree...it's the perfect balance of sweet and tart and simplicity...we dress it up a bit with a mango coulis, fresh whipped cream and a few blueberries, but it can stand alone all on its own.....the recipe is from Joe's Stone Crab House in Miami, which has been there since the...
Last nights special.... Grilled lamb tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce, cucumber- kiwi relish... Fresh sweet pea and mint ravioli........really nice.
@ panini......hmmmm, jeff? Is this a cross dressing issue that we need to be concerned about? joey
This photo has nothing to do with me...i just liked it. Must be at least one food related tattoo in there somewhere. joey
Come on women,what are you waiting for? be a fashionista in your own kitchen! This has been such a burr under my saddle for quite a while now.....today, i just feel like sharing....yep, this is how i dress for the kitchen.....but a true fashionista would never forget her pearls!!! Wtfrenchtoast were you thinking Food Network when you were pitching this brand of snake oil to your board? Wtfrenchtoast were you thinking Rachel Ray while you were selling out? $$$hame...
Beyond sad..beyond words... RIP joey
I hesitated to post these photos as i can find 10 things i i would change but the scallops were magnificent, so here goes.... Last night's special....seared sea scallops(U10's and 12's) with a roasted poblano sauce, fresh black bean ravioli and roasted corn relish.....sold 1 1/2 gallons....big for us! ] At home tonight...seared sea scallops picatta style
A very simple dinner at home tonight.....chicken picatta with butternut squash ravioli with shaved rosemary asiago...simple romaine tomato salad tossed with balsamic fennel vinaigrette and a great bottle of wine.....tired but happy cook here. joey
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