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Seems we were posting at the same time kk.......i love how small the world is sometimes and that you ran into the manager......imo you did the right thing by telling her.....i'm she knew anyway......total dysfunctionality(is that a word?) is pretty hard to cover up! joey
Places like that make you want to either pick the bottle up or put it down! Sadly, yes, places like that continue to exist, but what is both even more maddening and more disheartening is that they seem to thrive.....they win by some sort of cruel twist of fate and default. For those of us in food SERVICE who work so diligently to 'get it right' day after day, places like that give us such a bad mark. However, being an optimist i can only hope( with a little help from...
FF, That's what lists are for!!!!! joey
A little OT maybe but just curious, how does the food get itself out of your fridge and into your convection oven? is there an app for that too? What's next, kitchen robots that do all of our peeling and slicing and dicing? Then what, the shopping too? It's not that i dislike or dismiss the new wave of our food future and in fact i embrace most of it and find it fascinating,but sometimes i think that all of this technology just keeps removing us further and further from...
get outside of your house, your neighborhood,your strip mall after strip mall after strip mall of food landscape.....push and explore outside of your comfort zone....i know florida and there are still old florida treasure spots of a by gone age to be found and enjoyed. you have to hunt for them, but they are sooo there.....pm me, i will share my 'bestest' treasure spots. Quiet towns with small boondock restaurants, fish fresh off the boats, crabbing, fishing and small...
just plain good fun! http://youtu.be/plPRmANJF_w
Since we're practically kinfolk with you in boulder and me in durango i wanted to first say howdy.....don't you just love the colorado rockies? A rocky mountain high is truly hard to beat, although at the moment i am on the beach in california which ain't to shabby either! I don't have much advice for you but i do have a few thoughts....I am so sorry about your back condition at such a young age..sadly the physical demands and daily grind in a commercial kitchen is...
'Seasoned Greetings' All! joey
I'm with cheflayne on this one.....i always have several types of thai curry pastes in my fridge and they keep for past forever. As far as preserving the level of pungency and flavor, i think that pastes reign over powders. Consider yourself lucky that the bag of curry powder didn't explode inside your suitcase...that would have been not so bueno....merry christmas to you! joey
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