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@Teamfat....GOOD fish tacos are a beautiful thing. I never ever tire of them. Lots of colors, flavors, textures and FUN. Una fiesta en la boca!!!!! Make good drinks! The real deal margaritas with lots of fresh limes, maybe a white sangria. Ole! joey
Rosemary and blueberries.....nice...very interesting pairing. The blueberries are so big and plump and sweet and juicy right now and the price is soo right...$4.99 for a 2 lb container...can't beat that! beautiful galette chicagoterry....i so love simple desserts....did you serve that with whipped cream or creme fraiche? Looks like it would be perfect with a nice pot of tea.
I adore beets and i always just feel so good eating them. the gold ones and the pinstriped ones ice cold simply dressed are among my favorites . Chris i have a similar preparation as yours with red beets and red onion but i use apple juice concentrate, balsamic vinegar, toasted walnuts and walnut oil. if i am big on craving but short on time and patience i buy the packaged cooked red beets in the produce section....'love beets' or melinda's brand. I am grateful for the...
But 'american' potato salad is purposefully humble....no great explosion of flavors....all ingredients work together as a symphony, not a marching band! .....its a tradition and a dish that is on every red blooded american's picnic table in the summer, from memorial day to labor day....like that 'little black dress' it goes with everything.....fried chicken, hot dogs, burgers, brats, ball park mustard, corn on the cob, brisket, ribs, beans, cole slaw, relish trays, sliced...
Resist the urge mimi of dill and pickle juice if you truly want your siblings to go down memory lane....maybe leave a bit of the potato salad aside and add whatever you want to it later. Sounds like a really nice get together..... Nothing screams 4th of july fare here in southwest colorado more than fajitas with all the usual sides of guacamole, sour cream, pickled jalapenos, diced tomatoes, salsa verde and pico de gallo..... grilled corn, chips with a few salsas and no...
So, i'm guessing no fresh peas either, right?......bummer joey
@flipflopgirl Just a thought....could her 'secret' ingredient have been miracle whip? Personally i abhor the stuff, but women of that generation adored and swore by it....still do apparently as it still remains on the grocery store shelves after all these years....as i said, just s thought. joey Oh, on doing a twisted chimichurri, i was thinking of a creamy dressing with mayo and either sour cream or greek yoghurt. Happy 4th whatever you make.
@flipflopgirl How about tossing with a chimichurri? Or a lemon vinaigrette......lots of fresh parsley. i find that usually people just simply under salt potato salad.....it needs salt and pepper imo The green sauce that kgirl is referring to i call 'asian pesto'...we serve it with our grilled ahi at the restaurant, but its good on lots of things.....haven't tried it with potatoes as yet but let me know how you like that kgirl if you do it....all ingredients in an...
A good,decent,kind man who was very knowledgeable and very funny. Thank you Pete for sharing your knowledge and your decency. You will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. RIP Chef
Thanks all for the info, and thanks cheflayne for the advice.....will look in nature's o next time i'm in town...is there any appreciable difference between xanthun gum and guar gum in case only one or the other is available here? koko, yeah i do use evoo for my dressings even at $31 bucks a gallon....ouch!!! joey
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