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Tiramisu two ways....
Wow everyone...so many wonderful looking plates with all around vibrancy. Mexican Sea Bass aka Corvina, grilled with roasted garlic butter, topped with tomato, basil and white bean relish. Fresh harvest squash ravioli with lacinato( tuscan kale)...the fish was so beautiful when it came in so i wanted to keep the dish simple. Dessert special was tiramisu which i will post those pix on the dessert thread. joey
Thank you Ordo..it was all in a days work, but it was fun.....my motto is and has always been to 'play with your food'
A few dishes from the past few days..... Scottish salmon with martini sauce(vermouth,gin, olives, lemon juice, & green peppercorns standing in for juniper berries) atop tricolor israeli couscous and red quinoa with arugula and baby spinach an 'approved'? 5 meat ragu bolognese( beef, pork, veal, italian sausage, pancetta)with fresh egg fettuccine Scottish salmon with mango ginger glaze,blueberry-ginger relish.... fresh yakisoba noodles,seaweed, kale and snap...
Got an over the top peach pie recipe? Before my dear beautiful friend died last year she peeled, sliced and froze peaches from their peach trees. Her husband, also my dear friend gifted them to me....actually he gave me bags upon bags of frozen rhubarb, cherries and chokecherries as well....he is coming up to the restaurant for his birthday this weekend( 2 hour drive each way) and i want to make something special for him with his peaches....peach pie?tart?,cake?..i so want...
Thanks Terry and PP....its been a real hit so far.....the crust of lemon cream sandwich cookies makes it. PP....do tell, vhat is this thing called jewish apple cake? It looks maaarvelous as billy crystal would say!
@Cheflayne ....you know that i know that you know that i know it was very tongue in cheek....yes, they would be more than grateful for a night off to kick back,and who doesn't like fish tacos? Well except for the vegans and the allergic to fish people..too sad for them..more for us. @Teamfat.... make them anyway....one never knows who's gonna show up on your door step!...Now you got me thinking of doing an upscale fish taco dinner special with scottish...
If they 'can' and 'will' eat a nut crust which has lots of oil, i would think that you could use hazelnut, grape seed, hazelnut, avocado or even evoo oils in your crusts and doughs.....opens up the world of cobblers, crumbles, shortcakes, galettes, and pie!!!! Lots of switch a rooing for two though......aah,the life of the privileged and entitled! joey
@Teamfat....GOOD fish tacos are a beautiful thing. I never ever tire of them. Lots of colors, flavors, textures and FUN. Una fiesta en la boca!!!!! Make good drinks! The real deal margaritas with lots of fresh limes, maybe a white sangria. Ole! joey
Rosemary and blueberries.....nice...very interesting pairing. The blueberries are so big and plump and sweet and juicy right now and the price is soo right...$4.99 for a 2 lb container...can't beat that! beautiful galette chicagoterry....i so love simple desserts....did you serve that with whipped cream or creme fraiche? Looks like it would be perfect with a nice pot of tea.
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