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Perhaps i misread, but i didn't get the impression that there would be a buffet set up...more that there would be platters and trays set up in various places around the room(s). my mistake..... joey
Ah yes, a spoon. Bear with this slightly twisted but plausible scenario...first guest steps up...Spoon goes from bowl to palm.....nuts get eaten out of palm with fingers from other hand, repeatedly going from fingers to mouth. Spoon gets put back in bowl...next guest puts spoonful of nuts in palm and eats with fingers of other hand. Spoon goes back into the bowl for next guest and so on....so far so good until first guest comes back for more nuts....puts spoon in palm that...
Love the very soulful voice of Lizz Wright..... http://youtu.be/Ll_G4QFYVhA
KK, Both the pork chop and the spinach gnudi look fabulous.....really good job, and you should take a bow. Ouch on the price! living where you live you should be able to scout out a better price....or wait for sales, if you can wait that long! maybe Zabar's?....wholesale here in colorado is $8.99/lb for Kurobuta tenderloin. So glad you found and tried it though despite the price. Spoiler alert....it will be hard to go back to eating regular pork now. Again, nice...
one more...this one just chokes me up every time...sad and happy and strangely optimistic at the same time....wow,such great gifts in those two...just to see Pavarotti's smile is priceless. I miss him. joey http://youtu.be/5_OHAkzfT_U
@petalsandcoco.....this is for all but especially for you my friend……i dare you to sit in your chair.....goes without saying, turn it up! joey http://youtu.be/WBmZtF_avQchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4OXrmxDp44& You do have the cd with eric and bb,right?
@Chrisbelgium That's really amazing! Wow..... joey
....and speaking of bacon, this recipe for porchetta sounds DIVINE!.....not especially healthy, but divine nonetheless. joey http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Porchetta-367138
OUCH! Wishing you a most speedy recovery Kgirl.......hope the doggie got sent to school! joey
forgot to mention that i sear the stuffed loin before roasting it and pull it at about 140....brief rest before slicing. I agree with others here about cutting some of them into chops and freezing them or at least cut the loin in half and freeze half til you decide what to do. At 10 lb's that is a lot of pork to have to cook and eat at once unless you are having a big party! I haven't done this recipe for a while and although it is for heritage pork tenderloin, i think...
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