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YWhat?!?!?!  On the road and you're getting fresh oysters and chower?  Spare me the sob story.   On what road is it because it sounds like a vacation to me!
You can stick a wooden ruler in the soup before it starts boiling and then after.  Make up the difference with more water.
I remember thinking once that the ones which were easy to peel had some kind of shrinkage.  Was I mistaken or was it wishful thinking or hallucinating?
A good chef does things well.  A great chef influences the whole kitchen every level down to the overnight cleaners in the dining room even though they have zero contact.
 I wouldn't. I can roughly guess why.   Besides it's not just the GM.  The board of directors and some form of F&B committee has to be involved too. 
To do a thousand covers IN ONE HOUR?!?!?!   That is a restaurant, not a delivery business.   At a Mother's day brunch for example, 1,200 covers, my sous chef would start the roasts at 3 or 4am.  2 breakfast cooks come in at 5am, I come in at 6am, six cooks come in at 7am, dishwasher come in at 8am.   70 hours minimum labor.
Then start applying for exec. positions elsewhere.    You didn't get passed over.  You're fine.  Four years as sous is good experience for running a kitchen elsewhere.
There must be some layer of flesh still under that skin, and maybe the point is to then debone the loin and use other seafood to stuff the shell?
Yeah?  Right?  What do you think?
Which kinda makes me wonder.  Say you're in the US and the trendy stuff on both coasts haven't made it to the midwest in ten years.  Do you think they'll get there ever?
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