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MMmm...    I just picked up some Argentinian Red Shrimp from Trader Joe's.  Boy they taste like tiny lobsters!  A great first time experience! 
Allow me to be ascerbic.  To me, you are already making an excuse.  Even if nobody else cares or notices, you should.  You should be the one making sure you are there on time. So what if it's not an issue?  What next, you're tossing the last bit of salad dressing without scraping the pan?  Nobody cares, it's not an issue.  But it could cost you and your coworkers your jobs.
Cured meats.
I think your intuitions are telling you something is weird about the way food is sold in the supermarket, and it is.  The way produce is picked and stored, genetically altered for color and size, the fact that it is cheaper to import some foods says it all.   There is no true seasonality in the USA, except perhaps for Peaches, Apricots, and Plums.  :(
 I would just take his recipe and multiply by 150.  But you are trying in a weird way to ask us to figure out the recipe. It is rather strange, hence the strange responses.
Do you think it will survive the winter?  I plan to transfer some of my herbs indoors and plant some microgreens but this may be an option for me next year.
To do it right, reheating a large amount of pasta requires a steamer and a few perforated pans.  Reheating the "sauce" should be OK but that amount of butterfat makes it pick up real funky aromas.  I suggest precooking then quick chilling the pasta, reheat before service, and then making the alfredo the same day.
 Kaffir Lime indoors?
 This is the trick.
First, what type of Asian restaurant?   Next, what type of protein?   Then, what color was it?
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