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Are you keeping it in the fridge overnight? If you are, don't.
The album from today is here http://www.cheftalk.com/g/a/148091/acf/
I uploaded a few photos from the competitions today.  This is Susan Notter's sugar piece.    
Word of mouth is great.  Where do you intend to have them?   Do one first, a smaller one, maybe at an affordable price point.  
 90 years Ed?  You have proof of that I see?  ;)
Also at some point too, like three quarters of the way cooked you get the spatula and press the potatoes down into the dish so you pack them nice and tight.
Hah  OK.  :)  
I normally use a bit more oil.  The cutlet has to "swim" a bit even while pan frying.   On the final breading step it's important that your press the breading into the cutlet.  Don't just coat and shake it off.  Firmly press it on with the palm of your hand.
Hey since you're from KC what's the best hole in the wall place in KC?   Or where do chefs eat on their days off?
You sure you're not thinking of the NRA show?  ACF has plenty of sponsors too, that's how we keep our organization alive.
New Posts  All Forums: