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Yeah I'd keep it at home too.  :)
Jump right in.   You are the kind of person any chef would love to hire.   Make the world your own culinary school.  I would search for a place which does their own stocks to start, move to hotels and clubs, on and off site catering, then a more modern restaurant.  Something like that.
El Pollo Loco does it.  Takes a big grill.
 Heh.. well the 4 hour rule.  :)  Maybe they bend it, twist it, a bit?
1)  Brine the chicken.   2)  Fully cook it and use a blast chiller.   I would not take a chance on partially cooked chicken.   Either that or use a double deck infra red broiler.
Is your pizza on a screen?  If so it should not be a problem.  You don't have to rotate deck positions and your bottoms will always be consistent.  The tops too.   Also pretty sure it doesn't take two hours to heat up.
I think you are a bit hung up on 80%.  In this type of situation, fast paced quick serve limited service it will be extremely difficult to comply with sous vide procedures.  The other side of sous vide is the HAACP procedures you have to follow to ensure sterility of the product while it is sealed in the bag.  You do not want anything incubating for hours while you wait for it to cook.  There will be different cook times and temps as well for different items as you very...
 Frankly you can so tell when you're slowing down.  Adjust accordingly.  SV and other methods are basically doing the same thing except you don't have instant control over how much you do.  You have to do cook a lot of it and hope you don't run out since you can't do SV on the fly, and then you have to chill your extra product and then reheat it back the next day if you want to use it again.  Safe but not exactly tops on quality. If you really do not believe you can gauge...
You throw it on the grill the minute you see them walking in.  That's all.
New Posts  All Forums: