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Hi Viktor!  I hope you will get even more inspired around here.  :)
I was once new.  They sucked me in!  Welcome!
HI welcome and hope your time spent here is good time!  :)
It should be at least sous chef.
Ooh :(  So  maybe next year.  Right now I just cheat and add Myrcryo or equivalent.
200 bucks?
Can anyone recommend a chocolate machine for me?  I'm a rank amateur but I'd like something better than a double boiler.
It's 75 seats.  He has to be a working chef.
Here is what you do.  Lead by example and do it one thing at a time.  After a while, it will become second nature.   If you label a separate shelves for beef, chicken, and fish, and follow the system, people will have no choice but to do it because that's just where it goes.  People will get to know where to pull those items and where to put them up.  In time that will become the system.   Suppose your employee doesn't do it, and leaves, then you keep doing it and hire...
@frankie007 please be nice and supportive.  You never know the circumstances.
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