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I would do soups and stews.  Before I had a sous vide machine I used to sear my steaks, freeze them, vacuum seal them, and then microwave reheat them in the microwave.  The key is freeze and vacuum seal it.
First, can you cook good food?
To me it looks like onion mold.  Either way it's not acceptable.
What Pete said.  LOL!  But, many country club dining rooms close befor 9pm.
Your nights are going to be a lot nicer.  
Yeah, the guy runnimg this ship is indeed chef.
You have your prep area and the dish pit in the same room and storage as well?    You need to move the dish pit to the side so people don't have to turn the corner to get to the triple sink.   Next, 8 foot wide is enough for hot side on one wall and cold side on one wall.  You put the sandwich prep on the hot side as far from the sink as possible.  That will not work.   I would put the dish station on the outside wall, the drive through wall.  I would shorten the...
He can't sign a contract yet can he?  Who will sign for the wine when it comes in?
Couple of things really made an impression on me.  The inventory manager.  That guy cannot screw up!  Also, all the different people and different languages you work with on board the ship.  And we complain about having to learn kitchen Sanish here.   
I'm watching this and I am impressed.  Very impressed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaAtUYi-pg4
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