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It's a good thing you're asking now instead of day before.  ;)
I just made myself a really good combination the other day.  Lamb curry and Injera bread.
1)  Add all the butter   2)  It will pull back together
@panini OMG did you get on a ladder for that?   I guess you're right about it.  We have way too much going on to be involved in wedding cakes.  We were lucky to have friends who said yeah, anything you do will be fine, so we didn't have anything to sell, any phone calls to make, no in laws to deal with, etc.  :D   But thanks for your input, I was a bit annoyed at not being able to get the piping right the first time.  I guess I'm not meant to be in this part of the...
 Cool.  I didn't think of using real flowers as a reference which should have been a no brainer!  Thanks. :)
 What do you mean?
Thanks @chefwriter I'd be totally into receiving input on the design and what we can do better.  I know we can do better.  :)
Rest it, slice it straight so you have 2-3 medallions, no bias!  Dab it with paper towel, stand them so you have the skin on the side.  Like you are serving petite veal medallions or something.  Only duck.  Also use a dishy kinda plate, something like this:  
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