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22 minute timer, presented just like Ed said, but sauced by the server is fancier than sauce on the side IMO.
Why don't you cook it in pork fat?
Make them temp. the steak man.  Calibrate that probe and temp. it.  Every freaking time.
It was really over the top.  :)
Filet mignon, truffle beurre rouge, black trumpets.      
Put it on the menu and do it properly.  You want to sell at $20 ribeye or a $9 hamburger?
I would suggest not cooking stuff that requires thickening.  I know it's not what you wanted to hear.  For sauces you can use simple reduction sauces, for soups make broth soups, etc.
I just looked and they are now twice the price!  Well, six years worth of vanilla for 30 bucks was a good run.  :)
I tossed pizza in the late 80's.  I was quite good too.     Guess I was a pizzareur?   heh.. 
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