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 Oh yeah.  :)  
Don't let the looks scare you.
Well hello.  Good to have you here.  :)
Welcome.  :)  Looks like you've trained for hell and landed in cheftalk!
You're a design student aren't you?  If this is for regular restaurant service then it doesn't work.  There is no place to set down the plates so you can serve.  Servers usually pick up the whole table and bring it out on a tray.  They put it on their shoulder and carry a tray stand with them.  The other way is to have multiple servers serve a table with each server carrying a plate in one hand.  The first method is Perkins, the second is a bit more refined.   You've...
Sorry France does not dominate those anymore.   The US has been cleaning up on medals over the last ten years.  There are scoresheets and your score is based upon   Sanitation Completion Taste and presentation   Every little thing gets a point deducted.  For example, if you have leftover mise en place a point might get deducted.  If you do not complete in the time allotted you are judged on whatever you present (which may still be really good)  You get fingerprints...
I have a video in case anyone cares.     In hi def 240p even.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2MbkEE8CQI
I would make sure you cook the sugar syrup until it reaches 120C.  You are making a meringue to stabilize the mousse and this step is very important.   Essentially you are making a buttercream with cream cheese and then making that into a mousse by using whipping cream.  You might have better luck thinking about it in those terms.   If it were me I would just use a high quality orange extract in the cream cheese/meringue mix and use the gelatin to stabilize the cream....
Brown duck stock.
5 sides is fine.     But really you should peel the potatoes first.  That way you can use the rest for mash.
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