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So I'm currently using a smoker from Menard's.  Not bad, but the grate is only around 500 square inches.   http://www.onepot.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Char-Griller-1224-Smokin-Pro-830-Square-Inch-Charcoal-Grill.jpg   I would like one at least twice as large so if anyone has any recommendations I'd like to hear it.  Ahem... @oldschool1982  ;)  Yes I am calling you out.  You owe me advice!  ;)
I hate judging and you know I like all of it, even the previous entries.   For good looks I have to give it to mise.   The scallops with XO sauce looked fantastic.   Beautiful presentation, unfortunately, not enough instruction.   For creativity, Cheflayne's tomato cookies.   I like Butzy's two attempts and I would eat it every day but is more of a contender for a dough category.   Anyway good job all.  The final two were both stuffed tomatoes.  Mike9's and KK's....
Thanks everyone.  I realized the next day that tomatoes weren't really going to be in abundance so sorry about that. Look for the winner tomorrow.  :)
You may have to rent a refrigerator truck.
Better late than never.  :)  (actually it's not even late)
Count everything twice. :)
Did you try for one?  http://www.cheftalk.com/t/79863/embed-some-content-and-win-a-cheftalk-coffee-mug
I know right?  :)  
After a few times I found this to be my favorite way.  You brown the chicken so some of the fat renders.   Keep the fat in the pan to make the roux.  This way you have a chicken fat and (other) fat roux which is totally different from just a butter or oil roux.  To me this makes or breaks the gumbo.   If you're using this method it's pretty much a given that the roux has to be made in the pan.   I actually add a bit more chicken or duck fat I have in the fridge.
The best turkey ever!
New Posts  All Forums: