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Hahaha!  Nice!  :)
OMG!  :(  
He needs a better editor. :)
 The matzo meal is the breadcrumbs in this case. Also most recipes for salmon cakes, or croquettes, or crab cakes, have mustard, mayo, some sort of Old Bay type seasoning, salt, pepper, lemon juice
For veal osso bucco I use  I know exactly how you feel.  :) 
Form them, bread them, freeze them.  Then flash fry to blonde, fridge, then finish cooking in the oven.   Edit:  I didn't see this was today.  You won't have time to freeze so I'd do them like you're thinking.  It might be OK if you just fry them to blonde, fridge, then finish them in the oven.
 I don't count, I just use every pan!  :)  
 Either that or just run the roast as a special.  When it's gone it's gone.
 In certain situations yes, but you can't really argue with the chef/owner about how it is in his restaurant.
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