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  Get the dishwashers to do it as they come in.  Peel them and put them in a big cambro full of water.
There's a grease trap right after the sink right?  Tell me there is a grease trap.
The wages aren't good.  I know of no cook who has a mortgage.
What kind of broiler are you using?   The pull out deck kind?
 I have no idea.  It's been such a long time since I've seen it I can't even guess.
The cut of beef they use is interesting isn't it?  There's a lot of connective tissue it seems.  It wouldn't be "right" without the correct cheapest cut of beef.
The Midwest is nice but sometimes I really miss Yoshinoya.  I've never really thought about trying to do it myself but I'm wondering if anyone knew how to make beef the Yoshinoya way?
Ban fire I say.  Ban heat.  :D
How many at a time?  A standard full sheet electric convection will work fine for about eight dozen at a time.
Liqueurs work because they are essentially extracts.  IMO people say things like "Jack Daniels BBQ sauce" or "Oatmeal Stout gravy" just for marketing.  It never tastes like Stout or Whiskey.   You can make a good creme brulee using extracts.  For VD I'd actually go with something like Amaretto.   If you want to use malt use malt extract or malt.   If you want hoppy go get some hops and infuse your cream.   Etc.
New Posts  All Forums: