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If you make a brown roux it will taste like fried chicken.  That's good or bad depending on your point of view.
That's a lot of ovens.  In my house the baking gets done in the morning, the cooking gets done when it needs to get done, just not in the morning when the baking gets done.   In reality, my wife makes the bread for the week (five days really) once a week and that is the only real necessary use of the oven.  The rest of it is pleasure baking or quick breads or biscuits which occupies the oven for an hour at best.   I find one oven cranked to 450F works for an entire night...
1)  Your kitchen must flow.  So, raw prep -> cook -> plate.   2)  Counter space   3)  Huge sink   4)  Easy access storage   5)  Small enough so you are not running a marathon every time you make dinner           You need an oven underneath the stove believe me.  You don't want to be running across the room to finish stuff in the oven.
@IceMan has posted some nice tips before.
 This is true.  I suppose they can install water filtration systems too but what good small restaurant can afford to do that?
I know, a bit political, but I would like to know how restaurants are doing it and basically just how people are able to even cook in Flint MI.   Please no politics, just if you live in the area or know someone, I'm curious.  I would go mad I tellya.
Agar agar for thickener!  Wow who would have thought!
Labor at 20% would be on site.  This is off site right?  Make that 30%.  Also on call labor is expensive if you don't have your own staff.  
The turnover rate is stupid at this place where you work.
On the bright side you don't have $60k in student loan debt.   Cheer up a bit, your salary will increase.  If the restaurant does well, if you find efficient ways to do things, if you schedule better, you might even get to sleep in, get 3 days off every two weeks.   Of course not all of them will happen all at once.
New Posts  All Forums: