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A lot of times people who have a poor employment history will continue that way.  Do your best and never respond to rumors.  
Spectacular might be a bit much, but Thank you anyway.  :)
How does she have the authority to sell a ticket?  That's the expo or line expo's job.
Here's the quick rundown.  I just blogged this on my site in case you want more details.   Two loins joined still joined together, two tenderloins.     All rolled up.      Dinner.  
Chefross, how large was that lobster?
:)  haha   No seriously, I had it all planned and then an idea struck me.  What if I roast it stove top, the whole thing.  Is that a viable technique?  I was actually going to bone it out and do the normal thing but...     Looks good no?  It will fit in a rondeau pan easy.
Hand tossing is the fastest.  You can toss the crust in 15 seconds when it's proofed correctly and the right temperature.
 True.  So true.
Slow oven.   Wrapped in foil.
You might have reheat in order to have some kind of consistency.  I would smoke all the way, wrap in foil and reheat, but I _know_ that is not as good as fresh out of the smoker hot.  And definitely slice to order, even the pork.  Maybe you can have the kitchen open for these items until a certain time, after that it's hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. (or whatever)
New Posts  All Forums: