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Here is what you do.  It is not labor intensive.  It still requires oven space, but no more than if you had to finish breasts.   Get a half breast, on the bone, and use a paring knife to cut a slot.  Make a farce, use a piping bag and pipe it into the slot.     Finish it in the oven, pull the breast off the bone and plate.   In fact you don't even have to make a farce.  Just pipe sausage into the pocket and it will be a nice surprise.
 That's the main thing right there.  Cleaning the blender.
Without knowing what size the roasts are I would say allow 2 hours.  If you have to then do it in two batches.  Cook them to 130F, wrap in foil, put it in a coleman cooler or something.  
Do it table by table, use a pencil to cross off.  Do not talk with the servers or food runners.  You let them know when you are ready to sell the ticket.
Whisk.  A lot faster.
I stole a lot from Wolfgang.  Midwest people loved it.
Wait I have one.  "Chinese" chicken salad.  Chicken salad, spinach, canned mandarin oranges, almonds.
Thank you KK!  :)  I hadn't really thought about that but I suppose most people do their omelets in a non stick.  I have non stick pans too but they are a bit scratched up.
What trimmings are you talking about?
And nowadays with the price of eggs at a quarter each you really don't want to screw it up.
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