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One thing I never did in the pro kitchen when roasting chicken was to dump the juices out of the cavity.  I do it all the time at home though and it seems the chicken turns out better this way.  Of course I'm only doing one chicken at home whereas in the hotel kitchen I'd be doing a whole case of chickens.  They never turned out with crispy skin when I did them in large amounts.   I wonder if the juices keep the temp a little lower.   Thoughts?
 Oh wait!  I got it!  Pickle!  
 I'm just speculating.  I only know Indian food from what my friends call it and what I see in restaurants.
Aloo means potato, Indian names are strange.  Like Aloo Gobi means potato cauliflower, saag panner means spinach cheese.  No mention of the style of preparation.  So translated into English that would be   Green Beans Cauliflower.  :)   But I'm sure there's an Indian name for it.
I'm pretty sure I've had a beef dish wrapped in lettuce leaves before, garlic and soy sauce and sugar marinade, fish sauce and sugar and lime for the sauce.
 A few years back I was in Moab and yep, you're absolutely right.  No food.
Your money, your call. 
So I wonder what kind of blue cheese home it is that I live in.       I hope it's some kind of cabrales-ish.  
I found out that an old friend went and became a cheesemaker in Vermont.  He was telling me once a cave is used for blue cheese it can't be used for anything else.   I wonder if storing blue cheese in the same drawer as my other cheeses will make them moldy?   Better yet I wouldn't mind if it all became blue cheese!  
We don't really know the menu.  I would get a lot of 8" aluminum skillets.  They are about 10 USD each. 
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