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@frankie007 please be nice and supportive.  You never know the circumstances.
Nice layers.  I love nice layers.  :)  This is raspberry/chocolate.  
I use the cooked meringue method.  In fact, for most things if I can use a cooked meringue I will.   My reasoning is because it is cooked there is no more change in state with the sugar.  Once you make it, it is going to give you consistent results.
 Desserts don't always have to be baking and pastries... Uh.. 
@bonbini has some good  advice.  Wish she posted more these days.  I love her work. 
Box of course. So I can fridge them?  Good.  THanks.
Hi guys!  :D     
County club, surf and turf.  Never fails.   You got the filet, do an 8oz, you got red wine, and you have demi.   Go get some pre breaded tempura shrimp, fry them up, hold under the heat lamp.  Teriyaki glaze in a squeeze bottle and stripe them with sauce just before plating.   Make some colorful veg, and a small twice baked potato.   Your boss will love you.
How long after filling does a Cannoli shell stay crisp at room temperature?
I actually figured this one out.  It's the racket club, or, racquet, if you wanna be posh.  
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