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You slice and serve.  YOU, slice, no one else.   You can hold this for a couple of hours in a hotbox, oven, or alto sham.  It just takes watching and temping if you've never done it before.  If you use an oven put them in at 180F.  They'll be fine.   Anyone this is something you should be able to do with your eyes closed, and believe it, it's not that difficult.  It just takes attention.
 Yep.  There is no substitute.  Your product will be better, your customers will like you, you will get three Michelin stars.  
I like okra, but I can't seem to get the proportion correct.
ACF Central Florida (Orlando) is one of the best chapters in the nation.  You should have no problem.   I always thought that the CC certification was school + concurrent working internship.  Maybe I'm wrong, they keep changing the requirements.   Anyway keep at it.  Get yourself some medals.  :)
One thing I discovered is you should brown your chicken and keep the chicken fat in the roux.  That way the roux tastes a bit like fried chicken.  :)
You will definitely overcook fish if you simmer it for hours.
The technique is:  Hot pan cold oil.   Next, if you want to truly season your skillet try this.  Coat you pan with oil and fill it with salt.  Put it in the oven at maximum heat until the salt starts forming a crust and browns.  Remove, discard salt, then polish the inside of the pan with an oil soaked rag.   To clean your pan use salt and water.  No detergent.  Sure the surface will feel oily but that's what you want.
I want to see a picture of these gigantic chiles. :)
Saline injected utility grade from the lower hind quarter.  Precooked.   OK, maybe not, but that's what a lot of chains use.  Chilli's, Applebee's, Sizzler... you name it.
Seriously people?
New Posts  All Forums: