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I found out that an old friend went and became a cheesemaker in Vermont.  He was telling me once a cave is used for blue cheese it can't be used for anything else.   I wonder if storing blue cheese in the same drawer as my other cheeses will make them moldy?   Better yet I wouldn't mind if it all became blue cheese!  
We don't really know the menu.  I would get a lot of 8" aluminum skillets.  They are about 10 USD each. 
My initial reaction is no.   I say this because chocolate port is, well, port, with chocolate.  It's like eating beef wine with beef.
Before you do anything rash I would try and understand it from the exec's POV.   File it under growth and not cooking.  There are many reasons why people do the things they do, and in this case, the restaurant might be perfectly positioned to use premade items.  So please, don't be too quick to judge.
 I could live with that interpretation.
 Yeah hah.  The butcher block is awesome.  :)  I set up my kitchen to flow from prep side to plating side, and that huge sink man it makes life easy.
Those single induction burners are great for pastry side.  But remember if you have an induction stove there are tiny tricks you won't be able to do like roast peppers, warm the bottom of pans to release pastry, use a stove top grill, stuff like that.
We did our own kitchen.  I made a thread.   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/78413/old-kitchen-new-kitchen   We had to tear down the wall and soffit above the stove in order to get the ducting correct for the hood.  We also needed to add 2x4's for bracing.  It just takes time to patch, tape, mud,dry, sand, mud, sand, prime, paint. So figure three days for the patch job.   18,000 btu gas is fine for my needs.  I would say it is fine for most.  I still cook like I'm working...
I yield.  :)  
New Posts  All Forums: