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I recall once seeing quite a pretty table with wine glasses full of trifle.  It was probably premade cake though. Bought from the grocery store or something.  Probably good for people who don't have too much confidence in their baking.
Mod stepping in here.  Please be respectful.  Even though this is a pro chef forum there is no reason to perpetuate the myth that chefs are foulmouthed egotistical OCD ADHD primadonnas.
Unless you are eating the ginger there's no need to peel it.     Is there?
I suppose it depends.  A "normal" dough is just like bread. . You poke it and if it springs back then it's done.  But that's just a basic pizza crust, not the best you can do.  .   You then portion it, chill it,  bring it out to proof for a half hour while keeping the dough moist, and then toss to order.  One raise is all it takes.
Nice.  I use scissors to cut the fins, then pull the skin off with pliers.
I do like Charlie Trotter.  If you had talked to the man you would see that not only was his cuisine extremely progressive, but you would be impressed by way he thought about the world, his cooks, and the people around him, and the people who visited his place.  He really put people first, and everyone felt like an important person when they met him.
 Pretty much what I was thinking.  Puree a gallon of root veg. soup?  Sure.
Your mascarpone is broken.  There is nothing you can do.
Nothing new.   http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/bone-broth-is-hot-ham-water-1693220333
You can not mix rice because different types of rice will require different amounts of liquid.   Chinese restaurant rice is a normal medium grained rice.  It is like Jasmine rice without the fragrance.  I would just buy a new crop Jasmine rice.  Get it early in the season, which is now, and don't expect the new crop to still be new come September.  The fragrance is the best.   So 1.5 cups of water per 1 cup of rice for Jasmine rice.   Use 2 cups of rice because 1 cup...
New Posts  All Forums: