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Also how deep is the steam table?  You could just prop it up from the bottom
Do you have divider bars?
Besides if someone gets sick and decides to sue you you're basicall SOL.  If you haven't noticed, people always blame their illness on something they ate, and they're always quick to say food poisoning whether they know for certain or not.
They are called pop ups and they happen in actual restaurant spaces.  So you might run a pop up on a Sunday night in your friend's bistro.   But no, do not run an underground restaurant.  The risks are way too high.
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Most important.
Without knowing exactly what you are doing it's hard to tell.  But you can put the plates in the oven and preheat them, they will stay hot for a good 15 minutes.   You can also pre-plate some things.  If you are doing a composed salad, you can have some items on the plate way before.  All you need to do is dress the lettuce.   Same with crudo, ceviche, tartare.   Sauces in squeeze bottles, not ladled.   Same with gastriques.   Keep your proteins warm in a...
Yes but they will taste like refrigerated mashed potatoes.
Everything. That means what?
That's way too much water.  It should be anywhere between 1.25 and 1.75 water to each cup of rice.  The shorter the grain the less water.  1.25 for Japanese rice, 1.75 for Basmati.   Bring to boil, stir, cover, turn it down to low.
Wraparound extendable kitchen counter space.
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