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Saline injected utility grade from the lower hind quarter.  Precooked.   OK, maybe not, but that's what a lot of chains use.  Chilli's, Applebee's, Sizzler... you name it.
Seriously people?
 Yeah this is a bit baffling.  Where is the owner involvement?
Your first job is to control the inventory.   Write everything down and have stock levels for everything.  Take control of purchasing.  Not too much, not too little so you run out.  This is a fine line.   Then control quality at every step of the way.  Start with, of course, the inventory.  Then what happens to the inventory one step out of storage, ie., you say the coatings, take control of that.  Make sure you're not doing too much and throwing away a lot, or doing too...
 What I mean is how come Chicago locals seem to think Geno's East is for tourists.
You would pay the daily rate plus extras for people you need to hire or the person the chef needs to hire.
Ah works now.  :)
My favorite is Neapolitan pizza.  Unfortunately I'd have to build a brick oven to make one.  The regular oven just won't do.   Sorry Ice but explain this.  How come Chicago people don't eat Chicago's most famous pizza?
Wait wait... Chicago has the best pizza right?  Is this some kind of a rivalry thing?
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