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My condolences to Pete's family.  Pete, you were one of the best.  Thank you again.   Kuan
 He can't do that unless he's actually spending those $8.
Weird.   You can pay someone $8 for their meal or you can deduct $8 from their paycheck.   Which one is it?
It's the owner's money.  You should ask chef this:  How would you feel if you had $50 deducted out of your paycheck each week to pay the bills?  That's how the owner feels.
Use a sauce gun for sauce.  A salt and pepper dispenser like that shown.
 I would enjoy that very much.
It takes a long time to reheat in a water bath.  For safety reasons you would want to refrigerate and reheat quickly.
 In short, yes.  You will be.  When I was in charge of personnel I would allow the new hire one task to screw up.   I noted on another thread, a $10 steak that comes back to the kitchen is a $25 steak you can't sell plus an added cost of another $10 steak.
It's really about money.  People complain about CEO pay but people hold CEOs accountable for their investments.  Walmart's CEO got $20 Million in compensation last year.  Walmart sold $477 BILLION in goods and services that same year.    (just round that up to $488 Billion)   That means, scaled properly, he would have had to sell 24,000 Quarter Pounder meals to get one free meal.   When a steak comes back to the kitchen it's $10, plus another $10 to fire it again.  You...
 Yeah, two knives.  Or find a cook who can rock the knife with cutting action both ways.  
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