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Ice bath, and if you're doing it at home throw in some ziploc bags with ice in them.
 What Chefross said.  You already served the food, you cannot serve it again.  Even if it was legal you wouldn't do it in good conscience.
He was a bit before.   My wife actually taught him how to use coconut cream.
Uhm, forget the wok, can we see pictures of your whole kitchen?  
Why didn't you just can the beans?  I suppose if you've already cooked them and need them preserved a long time then you really have no choice.
Well I thought I saw it there.  Maybe it was another similiar blog.
Freezing cooked veggies and beans for example.  Blanched and frozen veggies yes, canned cooked beans yes.  There's a best method for each type of food.  Sometimes blogs like these forgo the best methods for their own convenient methods.
Ugh it's killing me to read stuff like this:   http://zerowastechef.com/
Low fat mozzarella is going to be rubbery.  More rubbery if you layer it thicker.  I would look to a whole milk mozzarella or whole milk cheese.  Don't go out and pay $11 a pound though, that's highway rubbery.
I don't know man, all I can say is good job.  It's hard to tell without feeling out the place you know?
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