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Here is my Thanksgiving meal.  It's a slight departure from the traditional style.  I made a galantine, mixed the dark and light so every slice got some of each.  Then roasted the bones for stock, and croissants.      
 Oh gosh.  I guess for the sake of peace you didn't tell him to F off?  ;)
And after braising is it done or do you remove, pat dry, and crisp it up in a pan?
I suppose if it's just a matter of terminology then someone should come up with a way to label the garbage that's McFood and the better stuff that comes out of a roach coach, err, I mean taco truck. 
Maybe owner will change when he figures out why all these people are leaving.
As good as can be given that it has to be held for 2 hours?
 Because.  Different needs.  Don't judge.
Chef Ed doesn't need a strainer.  The lumps in the gravy turn into liquid when they see him.
MmMmm yeah... :)
I'm trying to picture that pitchfork.  
New Posts  All Forums: