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I never liked cleaning them.  They are great if you have a floor drain.     Ours didn't see much use except for chicken stock and spaghetti sauce.  Even then nobody liked using it.
It depends.  Is it Robuchon or Perkins?
You need to leave then before you get caught up in all of this.   There is no excuse for unprofessionalism.
No, no tips really, use the heck out of them?  ;)  Congrats!
How are they sticking to the wood?  Is there a magnet behind?
 Oh yeah.  :)  
Don't let the looks scare you.
Well hello.  Good to have you here.  :)
Welcome.  :)  Looks like you've trained for hell and landed in cheftalk!
You're a design student aren't you?  If this is for regular restaurant service then it doesn't work.  There is no place to set down the plates so you can serve.  Servers usually pick up the whole table and bring it out on a tray.  They put it on their shoulder and carry a tray stand with them.  The other way is to have multiple servers serve a table with each server carrying a plate in one hand.  The first method is Perkins, the second is a bit more refined.   You've...
New Posts  All Forums: