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Hot wok, save your oil.   Those two things will get you close.
I think you should get a job in the industry.
Paul Bocuse.  
We probably have no idea.  Ask about the kitchen.  :D
For reference and educational purposes.  I hope you can read them.    
Looking at Fritz Sonnenschmidt's book:   Furst ;) incubation phase, 2 days at 70F, 75-85% humidity.   Second is 50-60F, no humidity given, and can take up to 8 months depending on the type of Salami..  Wonder why he doesn't give the humidity.
Freeze the block and put on slicer if you want quick.    But it's ugly.
I still believe bidsheets are better than contracts.
Was anyone surprised?  I must say I was, but it is very conceivable that this kind of thing happens.  I'm not saying other things don't happen which are just as bad as slavery in the fishing industry, I'm just pointing out my surprise.  I am also going to be very careful about where I buy my fish from now on.   I am not approaching this issue as any kind of activist, but I realize I do have a stake in this, and I will do my part.   And yes, if you don't mean to derail...
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