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So... I guess it's been awhile so I can make a joke now?  :D :D   
Kinda thinking along the lines of what would make the line cook's life worth it.  A hefty discount at participating restaurants would work.  I'm thinking something like you join for $50 a year and you get and ID with a barcode or chip which you can scan at any restaurant that participates. Would that be a worthwhile perk?
August.  Get your tomatoes from the farmer's market at peak ripeness, blanch, peel, freeze.   To me, tomato "flavor" includes the texture, the feel of the juice, how it flows, etc.   Also, add salt.  The V8 people figured that out and ran everyone's blood pressure sky high.  :D :D 
If you look up the specs on a fryer it will tell you how many pounds per hour of fries it will produce.   But, big BUT, never buy a fryer to spec.  You'll have to clean it more often, change and add oil, you will have downtime during the rush because the oil is not reheating fast enough.
I think part of it is the solution they inject?  It almost cures them, a bit like a ham.
Your dough might be too cold.   This might require extra shear pressure to sheet the dough resulting in a tougher dough that needs to relax more.   Your water content is too high.  This contributes to the formation of gluten.  Use a better butter.   Your mix cycle is too long, again, toughening the dough.
Yes, strong and smelly.  You don't want that.
What?   Go, nobody is going to fault you.   Next time you die, don't go to the morgue OK?
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