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Argh dizzy just trying to follow it.  But cool man.  :)  
 OMG this!  :D :D 
Thanks for updating us @kokopuffs :)
So how was it Layne?  :)
Glad to see there are some entries coming in.   As for rules, you can do anything, but most of us will agree that pictures and guidance will win you more points than just a plain description or recipe.  :)
Do your job and do it well.   Organize.  Always.  At all times.   Clean.  Always.  All the time.
 How about longest in first place wins?  ;)  So far you're holding it!   Just kidding.  Come one cooks!  I admit I didn't scroll through two years worth of topics before deciding on tomatoes. 
Good job! :)
You need to have one job for yourself, not doing multiple jobs.  That's just insane.  You can jump in for five minutes to help run tables but that's it.
I'm sure you had a 2 week plan.  Just compress that ;)
New Posts  All Forums: