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Ah was worth a try at least.  :)  
You look at the times where you will get busy and you roast them according to when you will need them.  A roast with foil over it will hold in the oven at 200F for at least 3-4 hours before you cut into it.  After you cut into it the amount of time you can hold it will depend on how fast you use it up, because of course a small piece of meat will cook faster than a large piece.
There is no way to reheat sliced roast beef properly.  Sorry.  The only way to serve roast beef is to carve it to order.
Even worse is how everyone in marketing wants to claim that some chef is behind their fantastic product.
  How long did it take? I have a friend who buys Trade Joe's steaks, puts them in a cooler and takes them camping.  Then he just finds hot water and puts it in the cooler, covers it, and a half hour later it's done.  :)  
What a wonderful gift.  :)   . . .     Psstssst hey sukita.  I have a secret.  I am your father.  I'll save you the time.  PM me for my mailing address. 
That would make it a Roman salad?  ;)
And also, I thought that knife was pretty awesome.
Yeah but still you have to do more than one batch and then the leftover flour gets burnt.
Yeah, you kinda can't do more than one batch at a time.  I dredge and brown in two pans and then combine.
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