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I yield.  :)  
Think if you browse and read the threads here for a bit you'll get a few answers to your questions.
This might be a sneaky trick though.  :D
 Beef Tartare?
You could make a powder that turns into chili sauce.
  Yes it is!  OK, I have never made this or had this.  I just opened a random cookbook and found some a recipe.  It's called Lumpia Ubod with Escano sauce.  The sauce is chicken stock, soy sauce, constarch, sugar, garlic. You're up again.
Spread out a bit from Vietnamese or Thai.  
Nope, not stir fry.
OK I'm sure I'll stump you guys with this one.     Oil Onion Garlic Pork Butt Hearts of Palm Sugar Fish Sauce Shrimp Scallions Cornstarch Flour  Eggs  Chicken Stock Soy Sauce
New Posts  All Forums: