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Do the veg and remove.   Quick rinse/wash the wok.   On low, add oil, garlic.   Turn to high, add main ingredient and cook how you would normally do it.   Dump the veg back in and stir quickly.  It's done.   You need to cook using the convection and flame.  Some of the oil droplets need to catch fire a bit, that's what gives it the wok taste.
Oh I see.  I normally do the veg separate then combine.  The combining takes like 15 seconds, there isn't much cooking involved.
You have a carbon wok?  Start the garlic on low in the wok, then turn it up when you put your main ingredients in.
I meant to say his lunch for school, and convection, convection.  :)   I add the garlic after because it will burn in that hot pan.  If I were using a real wok with a real burner I can start the garlic on low and immediately raise the heat.  This is not possible with a standard stove.  
You would have to carry insurance, a lot of it.  Frankly, around me, I have yet to run into someone who could cook food I would pay for.  I reluctantly pay to eat because I have no choice.     But others may have different standards.  My neighbor will pay for my food but sadly I will not pay for hers.
Slow poach a whole chicken.
This is Palm sugar right?  Go to the Asian grocer.  
The potato will suck the salt either way.  Remember there's that trick where we put a potato in the soup if it's too salty.   Besides, I'm guessing after you cook and mash the potatoes it's all basically brine and potato so what's the point?
I don't know where you have your business but in the US we use temporary servers for all catering functions.
McDonald's is serving breakfast all day now.  Is that a successful brunch?   :ducks:
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