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Lack of experience, server got sidetracked, bad relationship with the FOH, too busy to care?   Sometimes you can bring one plate and forget the other.   Honest mistake but it should never happen.  The whole table should be served at once with runners if a server can't do it with one person.   Lack of experience?  Not knowing that these kinds of things can cause problems, not reading the ticket properly so by the time they read the ticket both portions have been fired...
 Donut shop would be around 5am though.  :)  It's a bit simpler.
Yes you can, in a small town, where rent is very low.   Electric ovens.   One triple sink.   Wake up at 2am.  Work, close at 11am.
Careful with the fish sauce!  
Good, cheap, fast.  :)  Although people seem to be OK with not so fast if the food is either very good or very cheap.   But good food is really important.
I would return it.  I've had chicken drumsticks taste very weird before and I've returned them.  But of course it's not likely that they will taste it.  They'll just refund your money.
I would look at the receipts and start your inventory by listing the major purchases.   That will get you 80% of the way.
Soak in cold salted water.   Blanch at 300F for a minute.   Cool.   Fry at 375 until golden brown.
Will those baby bell cheeses last?  The ones dipped in wax?   I guess it's possible to eat very well if you know how to cook.  I guess something was blocking my brain for a bit.
Suppose you had a nice little cabin in the middle of nowhere.  You would have to live there two weeks at a time without a fridge.  What would you stock as provisions and what would cook so you're not stuck eating military rations and freeze dried camp food the whole two weeks?
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