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So, I guess this isn't really about food, but I seem to get different results every time I brew using a Chemex.  I find it gets worse the more coffee I try to brew at once.  What's your coffee method?  
 Hardly.  I think people should be accommodated fully at restaurants.  Most requests are not unreasonable.  It does not take much for a pro to accommodate a special request.
Heeey shroomgirl!  :D :D Missed you around these parts!
 I'm all over it!  LOL!  
Over a hundred bucks a pound.  I'd have to round up a few people.  Quite a few.  
They hold it under a heat lamp at Popeye's.  It seems to do fine.
Box wine should be fine.  At least that is drinkable.
Tough one.  Two people.  I would tell them to get 4-6 more people together.  :)
I can talk about hiring a consultant.   You don't.   You hire a real estate industry expert to figure out the location.   You hire a chef who has years of experience running successful hotels and restaurants.  One who is realistic about your food costs, one who is realistic about how much labor it takes to produce in the kitchen.  You pay the chef on a per diem basis just like a consultant to figure out whether what you are trying is a go or no go in that...
You gotta use the pre fried or pre baked versions of these.  So use pretzel dough par baked, then made into pretzel crumbs.  Same with Doritos.  You can use a chip that's meant for frying that is "pre-fry" and use that to coat your product.   Personally I like fresh bread crumbs either plain or with herbs added and salt and pepper.
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