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Glad to see advice from a few years ago is still paying off. :) 
Be willing to learn and work hard.  Get good shoes.  :)   Oh wait, that's construction.  Ah same thing!  
A bunch?  How much is a bunch?  Kimchi man.
It's reasonable.  He already said looking up standard Australian food is easy, he wants a bit more about the experience.     Yeah, sometimes I'm guilty myself, if it had been a first time post I would have been a bit leary.  :)
Well there are a lot of different kinds of dumplings.  I'm pretty sure every culture has their own kind of dumpling.   Help us help you by telling us what kind of dumpling, what kind of dough, or  providing a recipe. 
My wife's dad loves his pasta mushy.  Of course he has no teeth.
If the judges can't tell then what's the point of winning even?
 I know what I'll get you for you for your birthday.  In all seriousness though, this is why I like to move the microplane and hold the item steady.  But if have a box style microplane you just have to pray you don't get some extra protein in your soup.  ;)   
The people who grow the produce are not getting paid more.  The people who harvest and butcher the animals are not getting paid more.  The people who prepare the food are not getting paid more.  People who go to restaurants don't want to pay more but want more more more.   What's left?  ;)   Just because food is getting more costly doesn't mean an automatic rise in menu prices will fix things.  People just don't have the money these days.
You would want the opportunity to step up I think.  Chicago is a damn fine city.  Get in, do your 2000 people banquets, and then maybe there will be an opening for you.
New Posts  All Forums: