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 Cool.  I didn't think of using real flowers as a reference which should have been a no brainer!  Thanks. :)
 What do you mean?
Thanks @chefwriter I'd be totally into receiving input on the design and what we can do better.  I know we can do better.  :)
Rest it, slice it straight so you have 2-3 medallions, no bias!  Dab it with paper towel, stand them so you have the skin on the side.  Like you are serving petite veal medallions or something.  Only duck.  Also use a dishy kinda plate, something like this:  
Saute and finish it in the oven.  This is pretty standard.
Some of the final product and the final cake.  If you look at the cake I really messed up on the finish piping, I need bifocals.  But my wife fixed it afterward.    
Escoffier did this right?
This is one of the things where I just do it and it works and it's the old way and I have no idea why it works so I just keep doing it the old way.  :D :D      Just like a stubborn old guy.
I doubt it very much.  All you need is money, probably some kind of food safety training, and the ability to manage.  Good food is a plus.
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