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You gotta love the forearm burns though.  Never trust a chef who doesn't have forearm burns.
Ratio:  2 egg yolks, 2T sugar, 1c 50/50 milk and cream.  Vanilla..
http://www.jbprince.com/pc_combined_results.asp?q=cones   And oh wow I didn't know, they make cone molds these days.  Well I stand corrected, there you go.  :)
Service is pretty much like Layne says.    
Do you want to make them or buy them?  You can buy just about any kind of edible container you want.  Taste like paper, but you can.   There are in essence no molds for cones.  You have to roll them yourself like a tuile.  You can also make them out of vegetables.  Soak your carrot and cucumber slices in salt water and stick them together with eggwhite.
OH yeah, like chefross says, the finish garnish too.  When you put that fresh stuff on there, fresh oils, fresh aromatics, when they hit the hot beans it makes it a whole different dish.
http://www.cheftalk.com/t/79402/how-do-i-get-successful-souffles-for-service   The consensus is pre bake.  Apparently that is how it's done on Royal Carribean cruise ships.  I've never done it so ask someone with more experience.
Bacon, ;) and put them in a flavorful broth or gravy.  When you cook them, use whole mirepoix, add aromatics like bay leaf and parsley.  But really they're kinda like tofu, forget it if you want to get flavor into the bean itself.   So for example when I cook my red beans for red beans and rice, I will cook it with a ham hock, then remove everything and use some of the liquid and puree some of the beans with it.  This makes for a "gravy" of sorts.
 This.   Other thing is this sounds like the chef is trying to get his ego stroked.
95 is a little low for anything.  That's blue.  It has to be at least above body temperature to be rare.   
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