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I don't know.  Where is it from?   Yes, google it for me, I could google it too but I just want to chat and see what people have to say about it.  I love the dish.  My wife is making it tonight (yes I give her a chance to use the kitchen too)
Measurements do not have to be exact.  We count 200 grams as 7oz.  In our kitchen we used 300 grams for a baguette, which was 11oz. (which isn't)
I don't know why this was deleted but it's back now.  Sorry about htat.
I agree.  We live in the suburbs here but we have woods all over.  We get wild raspberries and blackberries.  The flavor burst is just intense.  Don't even get me started on tomatoes, those big huge ones that are all water.
Yeah it's a shame.  :)    But we are obsessed with size.     http://lincolncountynewsonline.com/main.asp?SectionID=3&SubSectionID=73&ArticleID=59299
Ham.  Straight up ham.
I used to work with this guy, I can't even remember his name now.  He didn't give a care about the people at the country club because he was dying of liver disease anyway.  One day he was out on the carving station and one of the ladies was getting a little picky about the slice she wanted.  Bear in mind, this is country club, any member can boss you around.   Well he smiled at her and with his giant hands reached behind and grabbed a hunk of beef.  Then he started...
This is good to know.  :)
Exactly.  For me it's easier to tell if my hands are dirty than if the gloves are dirty.  At least I can feel stuff with my hands. 
Gloves create a false sense of security.
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