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I guess after you've fried the outside of your hands enough it develops an armor?
 Vile stuff.  You better get better or grandma will make you drink more of that stuff.
Probably mangoes.  They sell them at the Asian grocer oh man!  I get the large bag.  :D
You should probably give your step by step method and see if we can troubleshoot from there.
 Since they started growing them to look pretty and taste like crap? 
I'm just annoyed that somehow we, as a society, believe that processed foods are our first option, therefore we need to fix the problem of processed foods by somehow fixing the processes and laws surrounding processed foods.   The solution is to eat as close to the natural source as possible.  There are people who believe that organic processed foods are better than just plain old chicken even though they are processed horribly.  Face it, 20 grams of organic sugar is...
That Starbucks stuff you get in the tube is pretty good.  I keep a few of those on me when I go travelling.
Just another one of these band aid solutions.   https://secure3.convio.net/ucs/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=4515&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=fb&s_src=socnet&s_subscr=facebook
What cut are you using exactly?  There is some opportunity here for what we now call craft butchery.   You can cook with the bone on and remove it to serve.   You can remove the cap like you said and use it as another cut.   You can leave the bone on _and_ carve at tableside.   You can offer a portion for two, bone on, and carve it tableside.   etc. etc. . . . etc.
When you do the stretch wrap, wrap it from the bottom up.  I mean put the pan on the wrap, then bring the wrap around the sides and up around the top.   Then insulated cambros.  This should be your go to transport for everything.
New Posts  All Forums: