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I'll do it for half.  :)  
And why didn't you come to cheftalk?     http://kickended.com/projects/595284110/
Kickended.com is an archive of failed kickstarter projects.  Check this out:   http://kickended.com/projects/1518778421/
K-Girl!  :)   See you're trying to do it all at once.  In the Midwest we have years and years of experience with this day.  Believe it or not, the same dishes are made each year, and if someone decides to do something different they better make the traditional family dish as well.  Like sweet potato casserole.  It is made one way and one way only, with the sweet potatoes baked, peeled, then layered up in a dish with marshmallows, brown sugar, and butter.  Thanksgiving is...
That's pretty much it.
You're bidding.  If you want to do that properly you keep a bidsheet.
 That's some funny stuff :)  
Like this one?           http://www.cheftalk.com/products/anova-sous-vide-immersion-circulator-black/reviews/4295
You might have to carefully craft a speech.  The key is in presenting your point of view in a way that will bring them to your side.  Not only will you get the day's sale, but you might gain a long term customer.   "Excuse me sir, we prefer you do not bring in outside food and beverages into our establishment.  We pride ourselves on providing a full dining experience for our guests.  We understand that you've already purchased your beverage, but we ask that in future you...
Nice Buba.  Fresh fish is like an oxymoron here unless we get them out of the live tank.  
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