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 I agree.  You can't lump all Chinese food into one category either.  You really need to identify what it is that's causing such discomfort.
You first need to learn croissants.  Have you ever made croissants?
The blender, food processor, mixer, all need to be a little better.  Robocoup, Vitamix, Hobart.   Instead of two half size ovens, I would go with one full size electric convection, one six top/oven unit.   And you will need a flat top.
What?  I add fat, I add flour, I stir it around until it feels right.  That's how I make roux.
Sometimes after being away from the line it takes a while to get it back.  
So basically all you guys are doing is the equivalent of standing around and laughing at me?  ;)  Hehe.
 While cooking it developed that broken look, like a cream soup in a bain marie for too long.  It seemed to come back together after stirring but it just had a weird feel to it.  The best I can describe is it is like choux paste while adding eggs, but in liquid, just not as thick, but it moves around like a big glob.
LOL!  I've read this somewhere before.  The details may have been slightly different but I'm sure I've read it before.  ;)
You also need to address how fast you can get your guests through the action stations.  For the sushi of course you can make ahead a few, and one roll will serve 2-4 people.  So one person will do for the sushi.  For the tri-tip use a heat lamp of course and you can start pre slicing.  Not a problem.  The tomatillo cakes might take a while to cook on a griddle so maybe pre cook a few, make them small, make sure you can put 20 on your griddle, or something like...
In general, anything to do with food will go into food and cooking.  If you have professional questions like costing, menu development, it goes in the pro forum.  If you have a question about scaling up in a pro kitchen then it goes into the pro forum.
New Posts  All Forums: