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That's pretty awesome.  :)  
 The dredging and resting step is so important. So in a skillet?  How far up does the oil come?
It's the fluffing part that's intriguing to me.  Is the fluff used or discarded?
Also there will be probably be more than roasties at the party so you don't really have to make thirty full portions do you?
 There is no secret to fried chicken. It just takes time and a watchful eye.   You will need more than one fryer.  Two is the minimum.  One set at 325F for the breasts, one set at 375F for the other parts.  Use a skimmer and forget about using the baskets that come with it.  Clean the fryer every day.  Filter the oil every day.
That's a method I've never even tried.  I might try it tonight.    So sorry, no advice.
Wet marinades have to be a bit briny.  
Here is my Thanksgiving meal.  It's a slight departure from the traditional style.  I made a galantine, mixed the dark and light so every slice got some of each.  Then roasted the bones for stock, and croissants.      
 Oh gosh.  I guess for the sake of peace you didn't tell him to F off?  ;)
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