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OK someone needs to teach me how to work with dark roux because it looks like there is definitely a ratio of liquid to roux where too much will result in the roux breaking.  This is definitely out of my league.
Well I was kinda making a joke.
Just making some gumbo that's all.  :)   So I have a question.  When a cajun restaurant makes chicken gumbo do they cook the chicken in the pot or do they cook the chicken separately and then add the chicken to order?  Or do they just make the gumbo "base" and then cook the chicken in the base as orders come in?
I'm going to start a recipe with:   1)  Deep fry the flour in oil until dark brown.  :D   Because that's what it is right?   Edit: I have another question about gumbo.
 Yes, something like this.  Even if you have to make a lot at once and chill, do not add your cream and butter until you're ready to serve.
You really have to use flour/eggwash/breading.  Then you have to press the breadcrumbs onto the meat.     Alternative is to just use wet meat and seasoned flour, then the flour will become like a batter.
 Consider yourself lucky.  Chopped up brocolli, cauliflower, carrots.  :)
There are a lot more than four.
 My job is done.  ;)
See the key in communication is not in the words.  People want to feel, get the overall picture, understand there is a difference, subtle, a lot, etc.  They don't need to know very specific stuff, just stuff that puts them at ease.  When you can do that the whole world opens up.
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