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 Right, believe me, if the contract says kool whip on 2" squares of box cake then you do it.   You don't get to spend an extra minute hand whipping and stabilizing cream.
Sometimes you just need to let people strut for a bit, then you cook rings around them.   Fact of the matter is this.  The vision has changed, and as a professional you need to go along with this.  I know it's hard, but if the guy wants chicken stock then use chicken stock.  Believe me it is hard but after a few weeks you get used to it.  You cannot allow your ego to override your common sense.  
Chef de Cuisine is really the bomb job man.
Pretty sure we've all run into this kinda thing before in some form or other.  Sometimes a few beers after work helps.    
My guess is your mash potatoes are a bit loose.
That would be the way to go, and you would need a server as well.  A good way to sell it is to bundle it with other things, like frequent traveler perks or something like that.     But key is you have to do it well.  Run room service, have good coffee, use real eggs, etc.  You know how it goes.
I like it when the butter browns.
 But not refrigeration.  Never buy used fridges or freezers.
1)  Run a paring knife around the edge.  Check for metal shavings if you are using an aluminum pan.   2)  Warm the bottom over a low flame.  Move it around slowly.   It will come out easily.
 :D :D Ok!
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