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He can't sign a contract yet can he?  Who will sign for the wine when it comes in?
Couple of things really made an impression on me.  The inventory manager.  That guy cannot screw up!  Also, all the different people and different languages you work with on board the ship.  And we complain about having to learn kitchen Sanish here.   
I'm watching this and I am impressed.  Very impressed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaAtUYi-pg4
 My man!  
"Ooh look at that oil painting"   That's olive oil. 
One thing jumps out at me.   You need to have the same menu every day of the week.  If you are going to be good at something then you need to have it on the menu all the time.  If you by chance become really good at one particular thing then there's no sense in making it available only on odd/even days.   As far as labor goes are you really opposed to a thermostatically controlled smoker?
Third vote for toss.
No I didn't make the cake.  My wife made the cake.  I've made it before though, it's just blackforest cake.
I would love to see 4000 souffles come out of a kitchen.  Talk about an awesome crew and exec.
I had cake.  
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