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Nancy, my advice to you would be to just start the bakery.  A hot line built from scratch, especially one using gas, will put you back close to $50k.  You can have a simple bakery using an electric oven, a triple sink, a refrigerator, stainless counter, for far less.  Oh, and one induction burner. :)  (Edit:  also 2  stand mixers and a floor mixer)   During my junior years I did work in a tiny bakery like I just described.  We did baguettes twice a day and there were...
 Ooh ooh!  Can I have chef d'internet?  ;)
 That's not a good sign.  You should try and contact them.  It might be one of those "you are such a good cook you should open a restaurant" kinda things.
So I have this big new freezer now.  Is there a reason for me to can tomatoes anymore?  Why can't I just freeze it, either blanch and freeze or puree and freeze?  
 Shows how much you know, it's rocket SCIENCE!  Brain SURGERY!  ;)
It never occured to me that it could be broken down like that.  I just used my knife.
I think they folded.  Restaurant reality hits again.  :(  It's so hard to run a southern food place up north.   http://atouchofcajuncafe.com/
Yeah and I think you can reheat in a small pan placed directly on the teppan.
What is the function of the shallots in the dish?    If you cannot stand the taste of onion or other similiar ingredients, then if you get a substitute for the taste then you probably wouldn't like it either then don't bother substituting.
Either Carhartt or Dickies make durable pants.  They also make them in different cuts for different body styles.
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