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Modern day critics would have hung me by the neck if they had seen some of the stuff on my menus.   Duck confit eggrolls, Oaxacan crepe souffle, bihun kugel...   :D :D 
Good grief not again.  All of us use fusion techniques, all of us borrow from other cultures.  So big deal.  Someone screwed up on a prop.  The constant barrage of detraction is turning me into a dull desensitized head nodder.  I could get on the side but why bother when everything is being shouted at us?
I would say soup dumplings but I know that's not what you want.  ;)
Creative euphemisms only when all else fails please.
Most people at home don't have a knife that will slice through the skin of a tomato.  
No.  I would keep the menu the same during the slower months but try and increase patronage during the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of the lunch and dinner rush.   During the busy season I would try and decrease ticket times in order to turn your restaurant 0.5 times more.   That's it.
I have done this before.   Line a ramekin with plastic wrap.  Prepare your farce.  Slice your scallops.  Assemble.  Poach in court bouillion, the whole thing.  Allow to rest and cool in the court bouillion.   For service, you need to clean the edges if you want to serve most of it.  If you want a more perfect presentation you can trim it.   Rewarm gently in butter.
Hmm I thought it was fine.    ???
Yes, welcome.  :)
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