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I think Grant had no opinion one way or another.  He was just putting it to the public, and some of them are true snobs.
Not mine.   http://firstwefeast.com/eat/call-bacon-wrapped-alligator-whole-chicken-mouth/?utm_campaign=complexmag+socialflow+05+2014&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
Garrett and I a couple years back out on the lake.  :)  
What do you mean run out?  The reason you run out is   1)  You are not using your dry goods efficiently.   2)  Stuff is in the fridge and freezer   3)  Theft   4)  Improper pricing   I suggest you come in one night and inventory all product in the kitchen.
 That was a few years back.  :)  I will try to take a current one.
 Uh... "look at what I have and I'm not sharing?"  Nice.  No I mean it.  :)
@ChicagoTerry I must say that looks like a magazine photo.  :)
 This is awesome.
 You need to warn us before you post that you are so good looking.  
Here is an old picture.  I have since grown my hair out (again)  
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