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Try posting http://www.cheftalk.com/f/20725/trading-forum
 I don't blame them.  I still think you're a bit nuts but since it's 20 not 220 it's just 200 fewer nuts.  :D :D 
I think you can if that's all it is.   Maybe you can get someone to deal with all the other logistics?  That would free you up to do the dinner.
 Only the bad ones!  
We didn't cater.  We just booked eight tables at a Chinese restaurant and ordered ahead the 12 course dinner.  :D  No dance nothing after. Just eat and leave already!  LOL!  Yeah I know, we were terrible but we didn't have money and the restaurant owner was a friend.  In fact the cake was also an industry favor.
Almost looks like you got some yeast in them or batter too thick or you have some leavening.   As for the heat get it too hot, then lower the temp by dabbing the bottom on a wet towel.  Pour your batter immediately.  It should take about 10-15 seconds for the crepe.
Oh I just tried it.  You enter your ingredients and it comes up with suggestions for what to make.
Stay away from the really large peach color fish.    That's the farm raised salmon fed with dye in the feed.
Huh what?  Use the side of your spat and roll them over.
In general you need to have at least one certified food manager on duty.
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