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Good grief no.  What is the reasoning behind seven days?
Not possible without holding boxes, plate lids, and sauce at the table.   And beef or braised red meat only.
 You can try acid etching the floor if it's quarry tile or something.
Can you put a cart by the fryer?
I'm pretty sure it comes pre cooked.  There's no way any fast food joint cooks anything except for french fries and rice these days.   Unless of course it's El Pollo Loco.  That's one of the other fast food joints I love and miss as well.
  Get the dishwashers to do it as they come in.  Peel them and put them in a big cambro full of water.
There's a grease trap right after the sink right?  Tell me there is a grease trap.
The wages aren't good.  I know of no cook who has a mortgage.
What kind of broiler are you using?   The pull out deck kind?
New Posts  All Forums: