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Expensive or not depends on where you earn your money.
 All of that really has nothing to do with the chef though.  I admit, the day I was given full charge of a menu I was straddling the space between old and new emerging and the way I cook nowadays is still old school. From my observations, the older masters were extremely adept at fabrication.  Breaking down a bird, chopping shallots, making vinaigrettes 1 cup at a time,   They were all extremely skilful with a paring knife.    A lot of old school sauciers were also given...
I never liked wrapping them.  I also don't think putting them in a bread warmer drawer with humidity is a good idea.  Your best bet is making sure you oil or butter the skins before you cook them and hold them in a dry oven.
 Maybe you can teach us some too right?
Nice, until I bite your head off!
I'll do it for half.  :)  
And why didn't you come to cheftalk?     http://kickended.com/projects/595284110/
Kickended.com is an archive of failed kickstarter projects.  Check this out:   http://kickended.com/projects/1518778421/
K-Girl!  :)   See you're trying to do it all at once.  In the Midwest we have years and years of experience with this day.  Believe it or not, the same dishes are made each year, and if someone decides to do something different they better make the traditional family dish as well.  Like sweet potato casserole.  It is made one way and one way only, with the sweet potatoes baked, peeled, then layered up in a dish with marshmallows, brown sugar, and butter.  Thanksgiving is...
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