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 I said I did not recommend that, but if you had to, you would add the cornstarch to your eggs just like making pastry cream.
Poach the eggs, dunk them in a GI pan with ice water.  Assemble the muffins and ham and poached eggs, onto a sheet tray, reheat in the oven.   Hollandaise you either make a batch at a time or you make it and store it in a thermos or bain marie.  Keep ahead on this.   Eggs Benny at a buffet is a two person job.   Alternatively you can add some cornstarch to the Hollandaise.  I didn't suggest that.
 What's inside?  
For emphasis.  I mean, when it's the third time and you really mean it what else can you say?  I'll write you up for moving too slow.
Just go ahead and release some of that sunshine from last year's cannings.  :)  
This is my tandoor.  Inside the tandoor is lamb.  :)  I also made some tandoori rotis.  It was fantastic sitting around the tandoor and eating as the bread and meat fresh as they were coming out of the oven.  
@cape chef has forgotten more about sauce than I will learn in my lifetime.  I looked up Paloise and it does sound good.  I am leaning toward a Hollandaise variation for sure.  It does make sense.
I am inflexible on the sauce for the duck.  Duck demi on grits?  OMG Ross it's like... like.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity.  Since it will be coming up on Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere this month's challenge will be the TOMATO. 
  OK I accept.  :)  This month's challenge will me the common tomato.  http://www.cheftalk.com/t/86092/june-2015-challenge-tomatoes
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