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It's the owner's money.  You should ask chef this:  How would you feel if you had $50 deducted out of your paycheck each week to pay the bills?  That's how the owner feels.
Use a sauce gun for sauce.  A salt and pepper dispenser like that shown.
 I would enjoy that very much.
It takes a long time to reheat in a water bath.  For safety reasons you would want to refrigerate and reheat quickly.
 In short, yes.  You will be.  When I was in charge of personnel I would allow the new hire one task to screw up.   I noted on another thread, a $10 steak that comes back to the kitchen is a $25 steak you can't sell plus an added cost of another $10 steak.
It's really about money.  People complain about CEO pay but people hold CEOs accountable for their investments.  Walmart's CEO got $20 Million in compensation last year.  Walmart sold $477 BILLION in goods and services that same year.    (just round that up to $488 Billion)   That means, scaled properly, he would have had to sell 24,000 Quarter Pounder meals to get one free meal.   When a steak comes back to the kitchen it's $10, plus another $10 to fire it again.  You...
 Yeah, two knives.  Or find a cook who can rock the knife with cutting action both ways.  
How does one become the executive chef without working knowledge of pastry?  Unless you are an avant garde cutting edge restaurant doing pastry is much like being a saucier, only with a steadier hand and a more careful attitude.  If any of your desserts are built up using traditional methods the chef should be able to figure it out.
Restaurant experience teaches you to tricks of the trade.  There are short cuts to frenching a rack of lamb, short cuts to peeling potatoes, and quick ways to make puff pastry.  You also get a chance to find your style, your strong points, and your personal work and organizational strengths.
You know it is just practice. :)   I can help you out but you might end up cooking like me.
New Posts  All Forums: