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Well, first lesson is to not be snarky and perhaps see that chefbuba might have a point?
You could have added more potatoes.  This is what the chef is there for.  To fix things such as these.  Things go wrong in a restaurant, and making a cook pay for something like this is definitely illegal in the USA.
You made pie crust out of foie gras?  
If you're going to cut and make display platters for pates and terrines you really ought to at least brush it with aspic to keep it from drying out.   Other than that chaud-froid and aspic now known as gelee right?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbAQgJF3d7E   In reality it spins off the runny part of the white and leaves the more compact white close to the egg.
Oh man that's nice.  I can do the normal watermelon, you know, the rose that everyone does for brunch.  :)
Use the self rising whole wheat bread flour.  Use a scant 2 cups and cut the baking soda and baking powder in half.   Or just use the regular bread flour but 2 scant cups.   That is all I can do without actually knowing how much soda and powder there is in your flour.
Yes, use old rice. Two days is fine.  Three?  As long as it's not fermented.  
The way the steaks are made for Applebee's and other family restaurants is they're brined.  That's the marinade.   I do not like it, it makes the texture, well, ham like.
Your cousin is Steve Austin?
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