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See?  Can't think of any can you?
OMG I imagine those jobs are pretty ugly.
I guess besides factories.  In what industry to people move as fast and with as much precision?  Not to be all smug and all but I can't think of any.  Construction workers don't, mechanics don't, anyone have an idea?
Fry scoop.  Use a fry scoop.
What do you mean by hot?   If you mean presentation platter with all your garnishes, and then tasting plates for judging., then yes, you have to glaze your food for the platter.  Each needs to be done individually and then set aside before arranging on the platter.  Do not do this for the tasting plates.     Also OMG this thread is 11 years old!  :)  And I replied to it before also LOL!
 I wouldn't say benefit, just different.  IMO the breast comes out nice and juicy and you can put all the skin on the crispy side.  ;)
Do the ACF certification or Prochef certification.  That's what most of us do who don't have culinary degrees.
Here's what I did last night.  Pressed chicken.  :)  Fully deboned and then weighted.  Cooked at 450F in the oven.  
Well yeah, try it out in this month's challenge.     But as far as recipes go it's just a description.
Why don't you just go by temperature?
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