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 That was a few years back.  :)  I will try to take a current one.
 Uh... "look at what I have and I'm not sharing?"  Nice.  No I mean it.  :)
@ChicagoTerry I must say that looks like a magazine photo.  :)
 This is awesome.
 You need to warn us before you post that you are so good looking.  
Here is an old picture.  I have since grown my hair out (again)  
Those croquette makers are kind cool too.  You can squeeze them out in logs.
 Yeah, you are trying to make croquettes.  :D  Really good with cheese on the inside.
This wins today on cheftalk.  :)
How much is reasonable for one exec. to reasonably handle?  Common scenarios:   1 exec 1 restaurant chef, 40 seat. 1 banquet chef, max four rooms with one 600 banquet room.   Or   1 exec for one lunch and dinner dining hall for 2,000.   or   1 exec 2 restaurant sous chefs for fine dining dinner outlet, room service and family style cafe 2 banquet chefs,  One onsite, one offsite.   or??   I think even #3 scenario is a bit much.
New Posts  All Forums: