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Stay away from the really large peach color fish.    That's the farm raised salmon fed with dye in the feed.
Huh what?  Use the side of your spat and roll them over.
In general you need to have at least one certified food manager on duty.
RIP chef. 
I agree.  Please call a truce.   This thread reads as if the both of you have something against each other.  You may start another thread about Shun knives consisting and argue there but a lot of good information from a thread can be lost in all the noise.
How many items are there on your station?
1)  350 if bone in.  375 if boneless.   2)  Just salt it.   3)  Even layer on all sides.   4)  You are dry brining so there is no marinade.   5)  Garlic powder is nasty when it burns.
You can use even more wine than Pete suggests  The key is cooking the shallots because the little bit of starch will help keep the "sauce" together.  Also do not be afraid to reduce the wine until almost dry.  It should be syrupy.
Let me just say it will be very difficult for you to tap into the Chinese network.   Also what do you mean by "Asian inspired?"  Is it closer to Jojo and Chin Chin or are you looking at a three wok line?
Duct tape it down.
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