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80 seats is one of those numbers where there are days you will get 20 covers.  Are you willing to be the chef/prep/dishwasher on those days?  If so, yes, you can turn a profit.
You are just a perfectionist my friend.  But yes, because you can't really do it without a whisk.
Joe's an old school Italian guy living in the right place at the right time.  I wouldn't doubt it.  :) 
Beef suet.
Which part of Asia?  Sometimes things that look good over here don't do that well over there.
I don't know but my mouth waters when I roast poblanos.
 I agree.  You can't lump all Chinese food into one category either.  You really need to identify what it is that's causing such discomfort.
You first need to learn croissants.  Have you ever made croissants?
The blender, food processor, mixer, all need to be a little better.  Robocoup, Vitamix, Hobart.   Instead of two half size ovens, I would go with one full size electric convection, one six top/oven unit.   And you will need a flat top.
What?  I add fat, I add flour, I stir it around until it feels right.  That's how I make roux.
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