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 What do you mean?
Thanks @chefwriter I'd be totally into receiving input on the design and what we can do better.  I know we can do better.  :)
Rest it, slice it straight so you have 2-3 medallions, no bias!  Dab it with paper towel, stand them so you have the skin on the side.  Like you are serving petite veal medallions or something.  Only duck.  Also use a dishy kinda plate, something like this:  
Saute and finish it in the oven.  This is pretty standard.
Some of the final product and the final cake.  If you look at the cake I really messed up on the finish piping, I need bifocals.  But my wife fixed it afterward.    
Escoffier did this right?
This is one of the things where I just do it and it works and it's the old way and I have no idea why it works so I just keep doing it the old way.  :D :D      Just like a stubborn old guy.
I doubt it very much.  All you need is money, probably some kind of food safety training, and the ability to manage.  Good food is a plus.
Emulsion doesn't really explain it because there is water in butter, and if you whip butter it does not break.  It just become whipped butter.     Also, the butter stage is very quick.  You add all the butter in about 1 minute so it's not like a standard emulsion where you add it a little at a time.  The butter doesn't whip after you add it.
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