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5 sides is fine.     But really you should peel the potatoes first.  That way you can use the rest for mash.
I don't know exactly what that means (I suppose I could Google it) but I'm glad you don't have pain anymore.  Have a great recovery.  :)
You know the KFC slogan finger licking good?     Yeah, the guy left his hand in the oil a bit long.
 New word day for me. :)  Thanks!
Ouch man.  Both?
I cannot absolutely tell you for certain what is wrong but I can tell you this.  You are trying to make a quick brioche.  In normal circumstances brioche is made using a sponge.  If the sponge is good, meaning very alive and robust, the brioche is good.  Your "sponge" is in step one, or yeast proofing, so to speak, which brings me to the next point.   Rich doughs like a brioche require more rise time.  Note that whenever you read that something requires a longer rise...
I guess after you've fried the outside of your hands enough it develops an armor?
 Vile stuff.  You better get better or grandma will make you drink more of that stuff.
Probably mangoes.  They sell them at the Asian grocer oh man!  I get the large bag.  :D
You should probably give your step by step method and see if we can troubleshoot from there.
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