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Uh, petit fours, which you can even make with leftover cake.
 You don't even need those really.  Sifter?  That's just a plain kitchen strainer.  Piping bag?  That's parchment.
Everything is simple and easy to make with minimum tools if you know how.  You need to work in a good hotel pastry department.  You need to move your hands fast and be organized.   I worked in an independent pastry shop for one year.  We cranked out 50 baguettes twice a day, a couple cakes, focaccia, strudel, pithiviers, etc.  It took three people five hours to do full production for a store which did $300/day.  This was in the late 90s.   Butter, sugar, flour.  Three...
He should have been fired.  Back pocket is for tongs.
That would be cheating.  You're basically converting inventory to sales and then counting that money in inventory.   No no no.
Hollandaise takes just 2 minutes however.  You don't have to use clarified butter.  That's a myth.  
He means folded appropriately so it's useful which probably saves time and looks less sloppy.  
 Unless Filet Mignon.
She's a beauty!
 Bingo!  :)
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