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The famous Plongeur!  :)
Load the truck with the rest of the stuff.  Then fire the hot food, steaks last.  Cook to medium rare and straight into the cambro.  They will hold fine.
Because they are driven.  That's my answer.
Use the bag eggs but use a large pan to cook them 20 burritos at a time.  This saves cracking the eggs.  If you don't like those eggs then, uhm, you can crack them the cheater way.
This is seriously awesome!  But what is he frying?  
I don't know, I've been trying to figure it out myself.  So many people do it so well but for some reason I cannot find a good recipe or formula.
Glad to see advice from a few years ago is still paying off. :) 
Be willing to learn and work hard.  Get good shoes.  :)   Oh wait, that's construction.  Ah same thing!  
A bunch?  How much is a bunch?  Kimchi man.
It's reasonable.  He already said looking up standard Australian food is easy, he wants a bit more about the experience.     Yeah, sometimes I'm guilty myself, if it had been a first time post I would have been a bit leary.  :)
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