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Rent a container and put it outside the back door.
There is so much more you need to fill in, mainly, what is your position right now?
I just re-read his post.  It looks like he is doing 1/4"x1/4" dice.  If that were the case then I'd just straight toss them in the frier.
Wait, you are doing cubes?
What if you cook the liason first, then set it in the fridge.  When it comes time to make a batch just use the hot butter blender method.  Will that work?  Never tried it.
 yEAh?  Whu?
I like chopped up kielbasa in my sauerkraut.  
 *coff* Think he's talking real life where people want food cost down below 30 percent and don't pay overtime.  Ever.
Probably executive chef pay rate broken down by the hour, with a maximum day rate I guess.
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