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And I don't know about everyone else, but I've had my moments similar to the OP as well which included a lot of complaining and asking for advice.  In retrospect, I could have used the wasted time to better myself.   That's my advice.
Let me step in before it gets too heated.   I've had employees who thought they could do their job better than me.  In fact, I'm pretty sure at some point the whole kitchen knew better.  But the place ran, the owners made enough, and we were all paid on time.   There are a lot of aspects that people behave the way they do, and if you see things and don't ask (I don't like calling out) then you can only make it up as you go along.
Director of sugar delights?  :D  
What kind of dishwasher is that?  Looks pretty convenient.
The lower grade of filet will be more beefy and still be quite tender.  Try a "no roll" PSMO or cow tenders.  No kidding.
We call this Hotdish in Minnesota.  :D :D 
Duck, grits and bacon, glace.  
Three managers?
 Normally people eat something, they like it, and that's how they learn about flavor. There's only so much you learn from a book.  You have to experience it on your level to know it.
 I think your approach is borne out of fear.  Go out, eat, go into neighborhoods where people don't speak your language.  Be amazed and be humble.
New Posts  All Forums: