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I cooked the sauerkraut then turned off the pot.  Put the steaks in there and covered it for about 10 minutes.  As you can see, turned out medium rare.   So quite good except I can't really take a bite of steak and sauerkraut at the same time.      
 I dunno, I might try it tonight.  Will it make the steak better or will the steak drips make the sauerkraut more tasty? Hmm...
Braised Short Rib. 
Salt/pepper, brown both sides, stick it in a vat of warm sauerkraut to finish cooking.  :D
Nope.  Studying cooking makes you a better cook.
Have you seen Deli Man?  There used thousands of delis in the US.  Now you can count them all on one hand.  I don't know why they're closing because the food is so good.  :( 
I just google searched dextrose.  It's basically sugar.
Actually you know what I haven't had since I moved out of the kitchen is a steak done in one of those infrared broilers.   http://cdnimg.webstaurantstore.com/images/products/medium/215181/963476.jpg
Yes, Chinese grocer stuff.  Very Chinese grocer.
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