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One would hope that the surface of the chicken is hot enough to kill Salmonella.
 You really should grind your own.  Use a chuck roast.  Go to the counter and ask for one that's "different' from what you can see on the shelf.  Make up an excuse, say you want more of this part of the chuck or thicker or whatever.  This way you get a fresh cut, fresh pack.  Plus all the other stuff everyone said here applies.  Heat, seasoning.
 This I gotta try.  :)
People who have fake allergies really ruin it for those with real allergies.
 I am firmly of this opinion.
Some places just use good canned tomatoes and fresh herbs.     In a lot cases tomato sauces require a lot of salt.  I'm sorry to have been the one to break it to you.
The scars last about 5 years.  Wear them with pride.  :)  They pop more after you've been out in the sun and get a tan.  And there will be more.  Just try and be careful.   As for the actual injury itself, depending on how extensive, you really have to make sure they heal well and don't get infected.  If they're larger than a large sized band aid I suggest you go to urgent care.  This really is a workman's comp case.  No you won't get anything by suing.  So despite all...
It's blistering and peeling?  I'd say this is a workman's comp case.  You should go to urgent care.
Almost like Chef Ed with a minor difference.    6oz double breast.  Plastic wrap the whole table, lay them all out, plastic wrap on top.  Pound them flat, stuff them, partially freeze them so you can flour/eggwash/bread them properly.  Into the fryer to brown, remove, chill, finish in the oven for service.
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