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Big.  The fireplace needs to be big with room for a grate and hanging meats.  I did it once before but that was a long time ago.  I might have pictures here.  
I need a cooking  fireplace.
You have to pop them with something sharp.  That's all.
Will you be in a top notch hotel property?   The rules are a bit different in Bangkok and basically all of Asia.  You won't be getting overtime, you won't be getting your 30 minutes for lunch.  But you will work your butt off and come back with a lot of skills.   Learn skills you cannot learn in a traditional French style kitchen.  That's all I can say.
I would talk with engineering and see how they did last time.  Something is odd here.  How long have you been at the job?  If they've been passing all this time I wouldn't worry about passing, your job is to be as genial as possible to anyone and everyone who walks through the kitchen.  If you can't make it, fake it.
Keep it whole and use it as needed.  Otherwise you can uh, use a knife.  ;)  Just put the tip of the knife into the chocolate and try to break it off into blocks. Or use a hammer.  Hold it up in your hand and take a few whacks at it.
 In the context of playing nice with the rest of the club, I would try and work around their capabilities.  On your part however, do everything you can.  Some clubs shut down for two weeks every year.  Does yours?   Also important question as @Chefross asks, can they shut you down?
There are two muscles to the top sirloin.  One right under the fat cap is also called the rump cap.   This is the more tender part.  The rump camp you cook whole with the fat cap on or slightly trimmed.  The other just try and cut it 1.25" thick for grilling or roast whole to med rare.
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