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I have always known that other consumer goods are produced by workers in extremely poor conditions.  Maybe at some point Nike was producing shoes in factories run by slave labor, but I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen anymore.   I can see how this can happen in the fishing industry.  Pirates, slaves, all can pass unseen by very nature of the environment.  I'm going to be even more vigilant about the fish I eat nowadays.
Have a read.   http://interactives.ap.org/2015/seafood-from-slaves/
Florentine powder.   Puff pastry sheets.   Couverture chocolate.   Pound cake.   Ladyfingers.   Chocolate cups in all kinds of shapes and sizes.   Make a huge batch of buttercream twice a week,, chocolate ganache, and pastry cream and you're totally set.     Get some fresh berries and assemble your dessert for the day.  :D :D    Better yet, buy some nice glassware and layer it up.  
You either need to emulsify properly, add an emulsifier, or do it daily, but, I don't think this is an emulsion.  You don't have two different liquids like oil and vinegar.  You just have a bunch of garlic particles you want to suspend in the liquid, so it's really more like a suspension, like a pesto.   I would say just do it daily in small batches and shake or stir it up when you need to use it.
@Justa Chef you must be thinking about @The novice's post.   In any case, I would like to ask everyone to please tone it down a notch.   Thank you.
 Beer is made of grain.  :D
Your menu does not require a pastry chef.  It requires a good saucier and a good setup on the garde side.
 It matters with cash flow.  Suppose you have five cans worth five bucks sitting in inventory.  Your 60 days is coming due.  You're short five bucks.  Your check bounces and you get put on COD basis. But you're still five bucks short on the COD order that came in.  Now what? You cannot deposit inventory at the bank. Lower inventories also lower the cost of doing business.  Imagine if need to sell those cans.  At the current rate you have to sell each can at $6 each to...
Before you do anything you should take a look at the following:   1)  How is food cost calculated?   2)  Sales.  See if it adds up.   3)  Invoices vs. inventory.  ie., who is checking in the order, did they really ship all of that or are you getting scammed?   Etc.
I would go with #1.  
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