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Err... congrats?  ;)   Nah j/k.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that at least some things remain constant.  Familiar names on cheftalk make me feel good when I come here.
 The trick is to do it without the pressure cooker.
Excuse me waiter my beef tenderloin is tough.   Sir, you ordered it well done, it may be loin, but it will never be tender.
Make sure it's from the head section.
 Excuse me chef.  You are a peer.   A bit different from someone looking to get a first job.  Your perspective is different.
I would call.
Especially with equal parts sugar and salt.
Whatever you use as a replacement is bound to be good eaten alone, without the white, so forgo the hard boiled egg with yolk substitute and just make whatever you like to eat.
Wear shoes that breathe, like Danskos or Sanitas which have some kind of way of letting moisture out, or Crocs.   Wear wool socks, Smartwool socks are very good.
Nothing gets a discussion started like bacon.  :) You guys are getting me thinking, and it's dangerous when I start thinking.
New Posts  All Forums: