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This is my tandoor.  Inside the tandoor is lamb.  :)  I also made some tandoori rotis.  It was fantastic sitting around the tandoor and eating as the bread and meat fresh as they were coming out of the oven.  
@cape chef has forgotten more about sauce than I will learn in my lifetime.  I looked up Paloise and it does sound good.  I am leaning toward a Hollandaise variation for sure.  It does make sense.
I am inflexible on the sauce for the duck.  Duck demi on grits?  OMG Ross it's like... like.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity.  Since it will be coming up on Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere this month's challenge will be the TOMATO. 
  OK I accept.  :)  This month's challenge will me the common tomato.  http://www.cheftalk.com/t/86092/june-2015-challenge-tomatoes
Thank you for the honor.  I will acknowledge and thank you, but I will cede. :)  So sorry, but you will have to pick another winner. 
Well I'll use a golden or brick color gastrique to finish the plate too depending.  So colors can be adjusted.  I do like the Romesco-pesto-hollandaise idea however.
That sounds good too.  You guys have me thinking in the right direction now.
I can't even begin to tell you what Romesco tastes or feels like, or the texture, or anything!  
I got these two courses as part of a standard multi course meal.   1)  Duck breast, grits, Duck demiglace, (some other garnishes)   2)  Lamb Wellington, Asparagus, (some other garnish)   I don't want to do a demiglace/glace type sauce with the lamb because, well, it would be two of the same kind of sauce.  Any thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: