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Those croquette makers are kind cool too.  You can squeeze them out in logs.
 Yeah, you are trying to make croquettes.  :D  Really good with cheese on the inside.
This wins today on cheftalk.  :)
How much is reasonable for one exec. to reasonably handle?  Common scenarios:   1 exec 1 restaurant chef, 40 seat. 1 banquet chef, max four rooms with one 600 banquet room.   Or   1 exec for one lunch and dinner dining hall for 2,000.   or   1 exec 2 restaurant sous chefs for fine dining dinner outlet, room service and family style cafe 2 banquet chefs,  One onsite, one offsite.   or??   I think even #3 scenario is a bit much.
As self declared chief moderator I'm declaring this thread done.   Thank you everyone.
Since you are already a junior in college you should see if your credits transfer.  To get a two year AA in culinary arts you will need some gen. ed. classes which you should have already taken.     You have a few options.     You can take culinary courses at your CC while you do your econ degree.  So one class per semester and see if you like it while keeping a 12 unit load at the University.  Take two summer classes to make sure you're still on track to finish in...
Glad it worked out.  :)
How did it go?
Good luck.
Poach them all a day before, put it in ice water.  Assemble them all on a sheet pan then reheat in the oven.  All at once.  Sauce them as they go out to the dining room.
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