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 I used to have a shirt which said "life is short.  Eat dessert first."  :D :D 
OK, I actually read the thread this time.  You want to start a business.   A processor doesn't cut.  It shreds, pulverizes, purees.  Even if you get it to make a julienne shape it will have rough edges.  You are better off using a mandoline for julienne.   If you cannot affod a prep cook then you must make it work in order for you to stay afloat.  You would probably need to figure out how to scrape together enough cash for your startup to afford precut veggies and...
Hah!  No, a food processor is just for processing stuff the way you need it processed.  All other cuts can be done quicker by a good cook.   Just look for some youtube videos.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWsFNORwDnU
Did you get rid of your Kenwood?
Yeah but you have help.  
Make the duck into a gallantine.  Heck make anything into a gallantine.  :)
 Haha yes.  :)
Anyway, no advice on the other part, but I love kugel.
Stock is like kitchen magic.  It smells great, tastes a bit sweet, then you add a pinch of salt and it blows your mind.  Every time!
No no noooo...
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