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 Hahaha! NICE!!  
Do the shallot confit as part of a garnish with some starch or roasted veg.  Do some whole garlic cloves with it as well.  Tint the oil with annato to give it some depth.  Make a gastrique or herb oil  so you have contrast on the plate.
I can't wait 5 minutes!  I want it NOW!! :D 
I know I need a good scoop.  I have a Zeroll copy but I'm thinking there must be something better.   Any tricks? 
You will most definitely have to do them on a griddle.  The reason is you can really only make crepes efficiently and properly in one size.  4-5 small blue steel pans is just about right to make crepes production style.  In order to make a large crepe you will need of course a large pan and it takes a while to heat the pan and about half a minute to make the crepe.  It's time consuming unless you have the pan already heated up, but it also wastes a lot of energy.
Frozen chicken pot pie was great when I was broke.  Two for a dollar on sale.. 
I take it you don't have a flat top.   This is how we do it for mass benedicts.  Poach, chill in ice water, put it together with the muffin and ham and rewarm in the oven.   You might be able to ice water chill and rewarm the same way, though I've never tried it. It might take a more browning on the bottom though for it to stay together.
@Phaedrus Minneapolis Chapter is very active.  Awards banquet is tomorrow night at Medina Ballroom.  A bit of a ways for you but there are also other things to do like they were asking for extra help at the Ryder Cup the other day, etc.  Job postings, monthly meetings, certification practicals, culinary team coaches.  That sorta thing.  
 Yes, servsafe at the very least is required for certification.  It counts as part of your education units.
Roux.  You can use it for roux.
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