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Good job!  Now go be the boss you deserved to have!  :)
My wife and I are making a wedding cake for a friend.  No, we don't do this for money but I'm thinking maybe we should.  Here's a pic of some sugar flowers in progress.  
Pastry people are cleaner than line people.  That's my perception.
 Good for you.  Sometimes we forget the reason (part of) we are there.
A thin layer in a sheet pan, in the oven, baked until rubbery.  Cut, fold in three McDonald's style.
Oooh this is a disaster waiting to happen.   Chicken breast will get very mushy after holding that long.  Any attempt to serve it will result in the breast falling apart.   Is it too late to change the menu?  Is it a buffet, are you plating the chicken breast?
OK.  The mod says OK too.   Has anyone done this besides @chefwriter?
 If Chorizo is forbidden I'm sure other sausage is too?
I cooked the sauerkraut then turned off the pot.  Put the steaks in there and covered it for about 10 minutes.  As you can see, turned out medium rare.   So quite good except I can't really take a bite of steak and sauerkraut at the same time.      
 I dunno, I might try it tonight.  Will it make the steak better or will the steak drips make the sauerkraut more tasty? Hmm...
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