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My pet peeve is setting a pan on a cutting board.
And you're not even working that hard because some places where the work is the hardest you stage for like months.  ;)
I would take a bandsaw to it.
It will be more efficient that's for sure.  And in most cases (depending on the insulation and control systems) the temperature fluctuation is less.
And dump the jus that seeps out onto your plate back into the gravy.  ;)
Well something has changed.   First of all, we cannot guess your ability, experience, or recipe.  If you need help you need to provide a recipe.   Are you cooking by time or by feel? You need to cook the choux paste properly.  Then when incorporating the eggs you need to make sure they are not cooked.  My guess is the choux paste may be cooking the eggs.  Of the two technique steps I just mentioned, this is more likely to be the cause of your choux not rising.   Then...
Are you keeping it in the fridge overnight? If you are, don't.
The album from today is here http://www.cheftalk.com/g/a/148091/acf/
I uploaded a few photos from the competitions today.  This is Susan Notter's sugar piece.    
Word of mouth is great.  Where do you intend to have them?   Do one first, a smaller one, maybe at an affordable price point.  
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