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 It was good, very good.  I liked the consistency of the liquid part better this time.  This was 1c flour, 1c butter, 4oz frozen okra, 1.5qt chicken broth.  So right about there. It's tough to gauge how thick it will get, and if I can reproduce the same thickness next time I think I will call the liquid portion a sub-recipe.
 @JonPaul How do you pronounce clwyd in English?   It is so nice to see inspired cooks like you.  
Thanks people.  I appreciate the dialogue.   So many options.
I did it.  It's on my blog.  :)  I had a hard time with cooking the mirepoix in the roux though.  The roux was 1c butter and 1c flour.  Mirepoix was roughly one medium onion, one bell pepper, three sticks celery.
After all of this, I am still going to use seafood and chicken in my gumbo.   @DeepsouthNYC thanks, that totally makes sense.  That andouille looks fantastic.
I mean, it's a whole new set of different points of view.  
Start a new thread.
The difference between Chasseur and Chateaubriand is only tomato? 
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