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 Frankly you can so tell when you're slowing down.  Adjust accordingly.  SV and other methods are basically doing the same thing except you don't have instant control over how much you do.  You have to do cook a lot of it and hope you don't run out since you can't do SV on the fly, and then you have to chill your extra product and then reheat it back the next day if you want to use it again.  Safe but not exactly tops on quality. If you really do not believe you can gauge...
You throw it on the grill the minute you see them walking in.  That's all.
You need to let them dry out in the oven.
Looks like the cone you use for slaughtering fowl.
Oh boy!  :)  
The other cook is a pair of hands.  Adjust your expectations.   These kinds of things will sort themselves out sooner or later.
 80?  Really?
I always bring my dark couveture chocolate to 120F.  Is there any downside to 130F?
Excellent!   All the best and may you go far!
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