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Liqueurs work because they are essentially extracts.  IMO people say things like "Jack Daniels BBQ sauce" or "Oatmeal Stout gravy" just for marketing.  It never tastes like Stout or Whiskey.   You can make a good creme brulee using extracts.  For VD I'd actually go with something like Amaretto.   If you want to use malt use malt extract or malt.   If you want hoppy go get some hops and infuse your cream.   Etc.
Get a job in the field first.  Seriously.  Wherever you are at the moment.
Cooler will work for big hunks of meat.  They'll stay hot for 2-8 hours depending on how cold it is outside.  Really.
And I'm confident that can I speak for everyone on Cheftalk.  We are glad to have you back.  :)
You don't have to do school full time.  French Pastry School in Chicago does it in modules.
I use the kitchenaid attachment grinder too but I trim the sinew before I run it.
Just buy some from Amazon.  I just found 100 half sheets for $3.70.
One would hope that the surface of the chicken is hot enough to kill Salmonella.
 You really should grind your own.  Use a chuck roast.  Go to the counter and ask for one that's "different' from what you can see on the shelf.  Make up an excuse, say you want more of this part of the chuck or thicker or whatever.  This way you get a fresh cut, fresh pack.  Plus all the other stuff everyone said here applies.  Heat, seasoning.
 This I gotta try.  :)
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