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That would be cheating.  You're basically converting inventory to sales and then counting that money in inventory.   No no no.
Hollandaise takes just 2 minutes however.  You don't have to use clarified butter.  That's a myth.  
He means folded appropriately so it's useful which probably saves time and looks less sloppy.  
 Unless Filet Mignon.
She's a beauty!
 Bingo!  :)
I bought Omaha Steaks once and they've been sending me email ever since.  Can anyone see what's wrong with this picture?  
At this point you could have made at least a few batches of pasta.  
It's too little time for you to get the texture you want out of very low and  very slow, so by the time the steak reaches temp it should hold temp but not get more broken down.  I'm betting it'll get there under 2 hours.
 At this point that's all that's left!  ;)
New Posts  All Forums: