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Three managers?
 Normally people eat something, they like it, and that's how they learn about flavor. There's only so much you learn from a book.  You have to experience it on your level to know it.
 I think your approach is borne out of fear.  Go out, eat, go into neighborhoods where people don't speak your language.  Be amazed and be humble.
I dreamt my knife was so dull it couldn't cut through plastic wrap.  
Hot pan cold oil.   How you going to achieve that if you wipe out the pans and it is still dirty?
 1)  You need to take the food down after a certain time.  Hodos start coming down before dinner or you will just have a huge mess. 2)  Charge per platter for cheese and crackers.  Same with fruit displays.  You have enough hands to pass the finger food so I would consider doing that as well.  This way you can go a bit lighter and control waste.   3)  The buffet items can be done on site and then transported.  Assemble the bruschetta and sliders on site.  You will need...
Hellman's here.
What a great adventure!
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