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LOL!  You enabler!  At first I was thinking small but you're right, larger might be better.  Though I might be a bit hesitant to put it in the garage if I used it for a couple of 107s.  Imagine keeping that much money where someone could walk away with it.
I tasted a 100 day aged ribeye the other day.  Man was it good, it was just a taste but I want more!  Someone talk some sense into me that I should not buy a fridge just to age my beef at home.
Using firm tofu is almost like making a totally different dish. There's not much you can get into the tofu as far as flavor is concerned.  To me the dish is a blend of silky tofu with highly seasoned bits of hot and spicy pork.
Your menu looks like it would be cost prohibitive.  At places with eight meats on the menu there is always a line.  I mean always. I just got home from Kansas City and ate at three BBQ places.  There was always a line, and I mean 10-20 people at minimum.   Your place seats a hundred.  I would cut it down to two smoked items, brisket and pork, and then do your regular burgers and things.
I would think 2/3 the chef's salary or thereabouts.  
Right, seriously, if you don't have a bandsaw take it to a processor and see if they can do something for you.  They'll then wrap it back up, stamp it not for resale and give it back to you.
My pet peeve is setting a pan on a cutting board.
And you're not even working that hard because some places where the work is the hardest you stage for like months.  ;)
I would take a bandsaw to it.
It will be more efficient that's for sure.  And in most cases (depending on the insulation and control systems) the temperature fluctuation is less.
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