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Why don't you just go by temperature?
 Yeah.  32 college boys.  :)
Uh, nope.  More like 1.25lb per person.  ;)
There is rare and there is blue.  An tiny sliver of blue in the middle can be considered rare but come on man in general you want it above body temperature!
Uhm, commentary please?
You mean wine.  Marsala wine?
Since you're in London I'm sure you can find plenty of Indian style roast nut recipes.   I roast mine, toss them in a mixture of sugar/salt/sambal.  Spread them out on a sheet to cool.
Probably put a sheet pan over it too.
Heh here's one:   Slamming a bag or box of frozen stuff on the floor will break it apart.
You should call the starch or gum manufacturer and get the specs on the starch or gum.  They have technical sales staff to help with exactly this kind of thing.
New Posts  All Forums: