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That is thigh slapping funny!  :)
It has either two sides or many sides.  But most times the other sides don't count.  I mean, if it's round the liquid still comes up half way.
Well I suppose two is ok.  :)
One or three times is all you need.
I don't think it's so much what to eat than how it is done.  It tells us so much about ourselves as humans the way we harvest animals.  The one video that's on youtube where they fry the live fish for sport is disgusting, and I'm not above eating fish, and I know it's not human, but it's doubly disgusting to take the few traits that look human in animals and dehumanize them further.  Humans suck.
Don't get hung up on Alinea.  Any of the Trotter alumni restaurants are super amazing as well.  You know who is doing groundbreaking stuff, like taking what the cow eats and turning it into hamburger without going through a cow?  Homaru Cantu. 
Didn't he watch Princess Bride?  Mostly dead is different from fully dead.
3-4 days is quite long.  A good rule of thumb is one day if prepped ahead, one day if it's leftovers, but never if it's prepped ahead, used, and leftovers.   You will also have to check with your local health department or municipality or whoever regulates this sort of thing where you live.  You will definitely need a method of quick chilling the chicken and reheating that is safe.  (plus a few more things of course)
 You need to supervise a minimum number of employees in order to qualify for different levels of certification.  I think 10 people would qualify for CEC.  If you can afford them go ahead and take the exams.  Your local ACF chapter will probably have a schedule for the practicals.  There's no harm in talking to your local chapter.
How many people do you supervise?
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