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You can use even more wine than Pete suggests  The key is cooking the shallots because the little bit of starch will help keep the "sauce" together.  Also do not be afraid to reduce the wine until almost dry.  It should be syrupy.
Let me just say it will be very difficult for you to tap into the Chinese network.   Also what do you mean by "Asian inspired?"  Is it closer to Jojo and Chin Chin or are you looking at a three wok line?
Duct tape it down.
They would keep as long as a raspberry will keep?  That is my guess.  I would still make every effort to buy the freshest and make them as close to the event as possible.   Sorry for the non answer.  :D
Has this worked for you before?   I would worry about the raspberry breaking down and there's no way for you to tell.  Filling that raspberry might be a lot of handling, and raspberries do not like that much handling.  Plus the ganache is going to be a bit warm.  If it were me, I would go with your chevre and white chocolate inside a raspberry fondant.   But just in case you're going to go with your original idea I would just create them a few hours before the event....
I wonder.  Find an old stove, line it with oven tile, put a pizza stone in it, put a small firebox inside.
So have we or have we not differentiated bone broth from regular broth from stock?
Ayurvedic with beef?
 You mean stock?
I think you can just remove the thigh and wing sections and take the breast off.  That should give you a good amount of bone and also save the rest of it for other purposes.
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