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What trimmings are you talking about?
And nowadays with the price of eggs at a quarter each you really don't want to screw it up.
Another egg video.  OK so the omelet is not picture perfect like Jacques Pepin but it tastes good.  I like putting some herbs in the egg.  This is the way I like my omelet, scrambled soft on the inside and very little brown on the outside.  Don't mind me, just tucking in the edges a bit.  :D    
 Ooh good question. I would add, on site or off site?
Yeah, Wolfgang Puck!
Actually it was a yolk.  Eggs not too fresh but you get the point still.  I'll make another video tomorrow.
Butter.   If you know me I love cooking with butter.  Lots of it.
Stacked.  Everything was stacked.  The chocolate cups made of balloons.  Seared tuna.  Spiderweb sauce plating.  :)  Spice and chopped herbs on plate rims.   Mid level steakhouses started opening.  Vietnamese food was just starting out.
Thought I'd make a quick fun video.  :)  I know many people are a bit shy on flipping eggs but it can be done.  Start with a piece of toast.  Once you're perfect with the toast then try your eggs.  As long as they don't land on the floor they are still edible.  IMPORTANT!  PROTECT YOUR ARM WITH A TOWEL!    
A scorpion and an armadillo?
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